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Is the BAA Blog on the Wrong Track? Not for me ...

What’s Up?

The two new crane chicks continue to be amazingly accepting. They do, however, spend most of their time hanging out in ugly places. Coming tomorrow: Mother’s Day Miracle Crane Chick V-log.

There have been a few folks who have not been happy that I have been talking and asking about freedom of speech and the pandemic. Very recently, Bill Webb wrote in a comment: I am dismayed that this formerly enjoyable bird blog post and advice site has descended to Facebook levels of political animus and discord. I will check back in a few weeks to see if it has recovered.

The truth be told, the first time I began working on the Freedom of Speech/Plandemic blog post I deleted it, in part out of concern for massive blow-back. Two days later I realized that it was something that I had to do. So I did it. (Note: I would never post this stuff on Facebook as there are far too many haters and idiots there. Two haters did leave comments this morning.)

For the most part, I have been amazed by the quality and the civility of the ensuing dialogue. I have not seen very much discord. Accomplished doctors and attorneys have chimed in along with some simply brilliant folks (like Cliff Beittel). I have learned a lot. Interested folks may wish to re-visit and read the comments on the two relevant blog posts, here and here.

On the More on the Plandemic Video blog post here, Kathy Kunce commented: I watched the movie – now I don’t truly know what to think.

After reading the original rebuttal here and If You Found That ‘Plandemic’ Video Convincing, Read This Too here — I too find myself scratching my head in confusion. Thanks to David Policansky for the link to the latter article.

This is an excerpt from that article:

Does wearing masks make us more susceptible to the coronavirus?

No. The video says that masks “activate” the virus. Where’s the evidence for that? There isn’t any. (This, by the way, is a specific claim that Facebook cites in removing the video as misinformation. “Suggesting that wearing a mask can make you sick could lead to imminent harm, so we’re removing the video,” the company told the New York Times.)

The above is totally inaccurate. COVID-19 (and other viruses and bacteria) thrive in moist areas. If you are wearing a mask for more than a few minutes, moisture builds up along with bacteria and viruses which will now have the time and a great environment in which to establish themselves.

Am I positive that everything that Judy Minkovits says in Plandemic is 100% true and accurate? No. But I can say the same thing with confidence about many of the statements in the rebuttals. Am I positive that some of the things that Judy Minkovits says in Plandemic are 100% true and accurate? Yes. Do I trust Dr. Fauci? No.

On the same blog post, Mike Johnson wrote: How does this discussion relate to “BIRDS AS ART?”

I have always felt free to go off-topic on the blog, discussing things that have nothing to do with bird photography (like my health, my family, and my early life to name a few) at length. Freedom of speech and the Coronavirus are topics of great interest to me. As BIRDS AS ART is at least $30,000 hole as a direct result of the pandemic, it is very much my business. And over the next year or two, that figure may increase four- or five-fold. (Note: other tour leaders who lead many more international trips than I do have been hurt financially to a much greater degree.)

Some may find this article of interest: Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic. It asks lots of good questions. You can read it here. And you can find the Reuters Fac Check article (partly true claim) here. From where I sit, the article seems to be true (rather than partly true).

Lastly, do know that I have never taken a flu shot and never will.

I hope that you and yours are safe and well.

34 comments to Is the BAA Blog on the Wrong Track? Not for me …

  • avatar Marianne Dent

    I’ve enjoyed your images and blog, but I don’t come here for your medical advice. Refusing the flu vaccine and scientific facts is just plain irresponsible. I’m sorry that you’re buying into the conspiracy theories. You’re an excellent bird photographer….all around photographer, but you’re not a scientist. I’ll check back at a future date to see if you’re back on the photography tract. ~Marianne

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Well, I disagree on the flu shots but only 100%. From my response to Tilo, below:

      If you feel that it is important to be injected with carcinogens, toxins, aborted fetal cells, animal DNA, parasites, antibiotics, fungi, insecticides, and disinfectants, that is your choice. Do understand that at present there are ZERO approved vaccines for any of the previous coronaviruses. Heck, maybe you’ll get lucky.

      As for great bird photography stuff, be sure to see the 13 MAY blog post 🙂

      with love, artie

  • Your blog…do what you want…it’s your choice. Heck,
    write about the little green men on Mars. Fine with me.

    I’ve never had a flu shot either. I know too many
    people who get one and still get the flu.

    Maybe if they ever call it the anti-flu shot, I’ll get one 🙂


  • avatar Matt

    Keep up the good work, Artie. I appreciate the links you’ve posted, and would not have heard of Plandemic or Minkovits unless you had because I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else. Even if it isn’t all accurate, summn’ ain’t right with this thing. And keep watching Tucker Carlson; I agree he’s asking the tough questions, and I have become more and more impressed with him the last couple months. Thanks.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks, Matt. First thing every morning I watch Tucker on Tivo while working on the blog. Just like I am doing now.

      with love, artie

  • avatar Bob Sanders

    Hello Artie, long time reader first time posting. Actually enjoy others view points especially those concerning cameras and related equipment. May not agree but but respect others right to their opinion.
    Same in regards to the current virus situation. As another posted they researched and then decided on how they would handle the virus. I also spent considerable time researching, and not surprisingly, came to a bit different decision. At 70 I have never taken a flue shot and don’t plan on any in the future. All of the box store masks are not designed for protection from a virus ( very loose fit, material to porous, do not have eye protection ) so no mask. Presently live in a western county that has had three cases of virus with no deaths. People spend a lot of time in outdoor activities, very seldom see anyone wearing a mask.
    Instead of staying in quarantine waiting for a vaccine that might work/or not, I grab the camera and chase the abundant wildlife in our area. The cactus are blooming, birds are nesting and the weather great. Just my take.
    Question for Artie and others, I shoot mostly stills but looking to expend to limited video. Have you ever used a fluid head that would work for stills and video? Also suggestion on tripod for fairly tall person (6’5″). Main camera is the canon 5div with the 100-400 ii.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and great photographs over the years.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks, Bob. You are a smart man and I am glad that you are able to keep photographing. I will answer your gear questions via e-mail.

      with much love, artie

      ps: thanks also for your kind words.

  • avatar Richard Currie

    Ron Sprunger is right on. I am amazed that you have bought into conspiracy theories. Also, bragging about never taking a flu is amazing. As a child did you refuse smallpox and polio vaccines? I will be back later and hope you return to your area of expertise–photography and post-processing.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Children do not have a choice and my understanding is that the virus vaccines are a completely different animal (from the polio vaccines).

      I would suggest that you read the response by Terry here …

      with love, artie

  • avatar Terry

    Mr. Morris, I have spent many years of my life in medicine. There is one thing I am sure of, the doctors, as my family doctor said to me, a short time ago “When it comes to cancer we don’t know half of what we think we know.” That made me start thinking and researching and I have come to the conclusion that the main thing that drives medicine is MONEY. I have seen too many things happen in medicine that should never have happened, because many not all doctors really care about is MONEY. I don’t know for sure if Dr. Judy Minkovits is totally correct in what she says, but I know for a fact that if she went against the powers to be as stated, she is lucky to be alive. We will NEVER really know the truth behind this pandemic, and even if JC himself stood next to Dr. Minkovits and told the people she is telling the truth, more people than not would not believe, as we have been brain washed for many many years. I do not understand how the person who is supposed to be [ in charge ] and giving us direction to get the country thru this, acts more like a child the some children I know. I applaud you for taking a stance and putting out there what you believe! You have done the same when it comes to photography so why should it be any different now. Maybe if people would take the time to read article and stop to think, maybe there is more to all of this then meet the eye? Keep doing what you have done and if you loose some people, they may not have been worth you time in the end.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks, Terry. I agree that there is too much about the virus that nobody knows …

      with love, artie

      ps: perhaps they will add a category to this year’s presidential ballot: nobody!

  • Hi Artie,
    I would like to send you two e-mails that will put all of this virus
    into real life on what happened to lives 100 yeas ago up to the present, Both are rather short and will give all of us something to really thank God for what we have and what is important in our lives today. If you would like history and facts I will sent them to your e-mail address.
    God bless,

  • avatar Tilo

    you don’t subscribe to flu shots. Will you also avoid a covid19 vaccine, should it become available?
    Wearing a mask protects others, not the wearer. See Andrew Cuomo’s daily presentation.
    Why don’t you trust Dr. Fauci?


    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Hi Tilo,

      The only way I will get a COVID 19 “vaccine” is if I am chained down. If you feel that it is important to be injected with carcinogens, toxins, aborted fetal cells, animal DNA, parasites, antibiotics, fungi, insecticides, and disinfectants, that is your choice. Do understand that at present there are ZERO approved vaccines for any of the previous coronaviruses. Heck, maybe you’ll get lucky.

      with love, artie

      ps: And the jury is still out on masks. If you remember, the CDC originally stated that nobody should wear masks. Right now I believe that all folks should wear masks when they are in fairly close contact with others as when shopping). Do understand that I have gone shopping four times in two months.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART


      ps: I missed the part about not trusting Dr.Fauci. See the short blog post tomorrow inspired by your question.

      with love, a

  • avatar Paul

    We are all entitled to our own view – free speech and all that, but as my old granny used to say, there are two things you should always be careful talking about, religion and politics and this coronavirus thing is one hell of a politcal issue, as well as being extremely life threatening, especially for people of a certain age! Some things are perhaps better left unsaid. For me, locked down in self-isolation in the UK for over 6 weeks now (by law), my preference is to listen to the mainstream scientists and what has worked elsewhere around the world.
    It is a very long time since I stumbled across your web site. It was you who taught me how to master Photoshop. It was you who inspired me with so many of your brilliant images and it was you who taught me so much about exposure. I am a little disappointed these days, however, as you seem to take most of your photos to make an educational point. I want to be inspired again, master photographer, where are the brilliant images? I am really not interested in your views about the pandemic, we have enought misery to put up with listening to our own media here in England, but I accept that you are entilted to your own view and that you are entitled to express it on your own way. Only, do not be surprised if some people disagree with what you have said.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Jeez, I thought that thee three Cattle Egret images in yestrday’s blog post were pretty darned good not to mention somewhat amazing. As my old granny used to say, “disappointment is a choice.”

      with love, artie

  • avatar David Policansky

    Hi, Artie. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We are your guests here, just as if we were guests in your house. It is not appropriate to be rude. What Dagny said is right on target. If we don’t like your blog, don’t come here. If we don’t like a particular blog post, don’t read it all the way through. Now others have raised a point that’s beyond my expertise, and that is that you might lose readers and BAA customers by posting such material. That’s your area of expertise, not mine, and I trust you know what you’re doing. You’ve gone off topic before, to music, baseball, your family, and other things. As far as I’m concerned, you post what you want. I’ll probably keep reading, but only you can decide what to include. You’ll find out from your readers what THEY like. 🙂

  • avatar Byron Prinzmetal

    Artie, As you said this is your business and web site. I suspect people come to YOUR site and read what is on it, buy used equipment and go on your trips because of your expertise in teaching us how to take bif photos AND nothing else. If you deviate too much from this you risk perhaps losing customers and thus hurting your business even more than what the virus is already doing. And as you said your business like others in the same business are hurting also. Perhaps as a business strategy this is the time to try to pick up customers from other similar businesses that are failing by providing what you do even better and more in depth than you normally do? Somebody is going to come out of this as a winner, why not that be you and your company while a bunch of photographers and related businesses are going to fail and go bye, bye. The choice is yours.

    PS I can find out about the virus a billion different places. I can only find out about Zebras on your web site!!!!

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Best to learn about Zebras in the SONY e-Guide! There have been exactly three blog posts out of 3019 dealing with freedom of the press and the virus. Please do send me a link to a site that does (and has done) what I have done here for free for too many years. I will save you some time. There ain’t none. Not even close.

      If a few folks want to bite their noses off to spite their faces I am fine with that 🙂

      with love, artie

  • avatar John Johnson

    Artie, Being a Finn from Brooklyn, I have been social distancing all my life. I know that anything you do is done with total commitment and thoroughness. Hang tough. John

  • Artie

    In this world there are only a few things more important than Freedom of Speech, Expression, or Thought. I am sure that you know what they are. Don’t be censored by shallow minds that don’t share your ideas and values. I love your blog. Layton

  • avatar Dagny

    With BAA, and other blogs, I read about what interests me and leave the rest behind. This was way I get what I “pay” for – not with $, but with my time and attention which have value.

    I come here for bird photography info. Artie can write whatever he wants to. If an article is not of interest to me, I move on.

    How simple is this?

  • avatar Ron Gates

    Artie, I come down on the side of those who come to your site for information on bird photography. I feel the posts you’ve made on your life history and some personal health issues and family issues help me to better understand you and for that I’m fine. There is more than enough stuff circulating about the pandemic from both sides for me and I’d prefer your site not be one of them. Keep up your good work!

  • avatar Kevin Hice

    Artie I didn’t read the responses,but the way I figure I can handle anything tossed at me. I am the one that usually offends with my political stance. The time you become an adult one should be able to handle others opinions.I don’t have a clue what to believe.In Nd we pretty much socially distance naturally. I listen to all the so called experts lots of disagreements out there especially if the President weighs in. For me I have been sick the last few days and went to the local hospital in Bismarck Sunday morning. Worse part of it was the ten inch Q tip that reaches farther than one would like .I wouldn’t have tested if not for living with a nurse where five tested positive last week.I received my results yesterday and all is good was negative. By the way hospital called this morning and asked how I was doing? Said If I had any problems to call first and let them know I would becoming in. Message was you know tests sometimes are inaccurate. Boy I feel really good now. So Artie keep marching along. I don’t think you can upset me. Enjoy the blog Kevin.

  • Hi Art,
    I guess I’m not certain what your intent is in posting this material. Is your intention to promote our freedom and right to free expression? Is it to advance your personal stand as to whether or not there is a “plandemic”? Is it both? In any case, wouldn’t those stances and the ensuing “dialogue” they generate be better suited to a link to take your fans and readers interested in that topic to another platform or site (set up by you) so that we can come to the Birds as Art blog for just that, i.e. to further our interest and expertise in bird photography rather than “other stuff”?
    Personally, I come to your site as a form of respite from our present situation and not to be further immersed in it all.
    Jim G

  • avatar Ron Sprunger

    I’ve followed your blog for years, enjoying the fine images and helpful tips. I’ve even spent a few dollars with you at various times. But I can’t see how spreading dangerous misinformation is going to help your business.

    Corona virus doesn’t thrive in moist environments (quite the opposite), Fauci doesn’t hold millions of dollars worth of patents, Bill Gates is not gleefully spreading disease among African children, and I doubt that the worldwide medical community is out to get Dr. Mikowitz and kill the rest of us by promoting bad practice.

    My wife of 50 years and I get our flu vaccine every year, wear masks in public, and know that we will need to remain quarantined long after world economies “open up”; probably until a known effective vaccine is available.

    Good luck with your approach, but a few hours of serious research inform my conclusion that this is baloney, plain and simple.


    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Hi Ron,

      I’ve resisted the urge to post a nasty reply but I would suggest that you read the response by Terry above.

      with love, artie

  • avatar Bob Handin

    Artie. Keep doing what you’re doing. It is heartfelt and appropriate. Also enjoying the lake saga and your always helpful tips. Bob

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