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Apple 15 point 4 inch Macbook Pro Notebook Computers with Retina Displays

Apple 15.4″ Macbook Pro Notebook Computers with Retina Displays

Though the exact model I have fallen in love with is no longer in production the items in the logo link above are quite similar. The $3149 model is pretty much a slightly updated version of the machine I am currently using. Though it took me more than a month to comfortably transition from a PC to a Mac I can only wish now that I had switched a decade ago…. artie

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  • avatar NancyP

    Yep, that’s the one I have my eye on. I upgrade hardware (laptop) every 5 t0 6 years, and mine has had its 5th birthday. Now you have to max out the RAM, nothing is user-serviceable, unlike the old machines. I have an SSD boot drive in the 2010 MBP, easy-peasy to change over.

  • avatar Peter Noyes

    Artie, I just ordered the computer you recommended from B & H through your BLOG site. I also ordered a Hard Drive. a DVD player/recorder and a mouse. That’s a big leap forward for a 76 year old person who has never used a Apple Computer. Should be here Thursday afternoon. I for see several days getting it set up and then the Lord only knows what.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Many thanks and good luck. My article on switching from PC to MAC is on the back burner till I get home. Sorry. a

  • avatar Henry

    Hi there,
    So, forgive the lack of knowledge for this question, but did you start a new with software on the MAC? Did you transfer over everything from your PC when you switched (is that even possible) or did you leave everything as is on the PC and keep the PC for whatever was on it?
    Basically, just how would you switch from PC to MAC? Thanks.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      No worries. I was just there 🙂

      I pretty much transferred everything that was on the PC to the Mac. I will do a short blog post in a day or three outlining the details as best as I remember them for you and for the rest of the gang…. If I forget, shoot me a reminder. artie

  • Well, me too, even though I didn’t own a retina. In fact, my laptop, bought more than two years ago, has been chosen for my primary job, and for that I needed some degree of customisation of the hardware; most notably, I’ve replaced the optical unit with a second mass storage unit; unfortunately, since a couple of years Apple decided that hardware cannot be upgraded any longer. That’s why I opted for the previous, non retina model. Probably it won’t be a problem when I’ll have to buy my next laptop, in 2017, since it looks like they have enough mass storage today.

    While Apple has got its own problems and there are many things that I don’t like, anyway I made the switch ten years ago and the thing is clearly much better than any alternative. Windows, for sure. As a software architect and developer I could do most of my job with a Linux laptop; unfortunately, the latter is not a satisfactory option for media and photography in particular.

    I think you’ll enjoy your Mac a lot.

  • avatar Paul Mckenzie

    I also switched to a Mac a couple of months ago and like you, am wondering why I didn’t do so years ago. The reason I switched (as I am hearing from many others) has been the inability of Windows to communicate with Adobe which pretty much makes the new high-res screen PC/Windows laptops redundant with Adobe products and various plug-ins (yes there is a work-around to this with CC 14/15 but it’s only a partial work-around and a number of Photoshop features and most importantly, many plug-ins, are still reduced to unusable microscopic font size). Anyway, I can confidently say, that once you go to Mac, you’ll never go back.

  • avatar Chuck Carlson

    This is my link to the blog post that has the MBP 15.4 item top center.

    I’m currently hooked on MacBook Air. My wife and I each have one.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Still confused. That is a link to the page on which you left your comment 🙂 a

  • avatar Charles Thompson

    Mr. Morris

    Was expecting a page link on the Apple, but didn’t find link to purchase (ie, B&H)

    All the Best


    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks Charles. You should be seeing a large B&H logo with links to six different Apple models most like the one that I use. You can click on any of the laptop symbols…. If not, it is a browser problem. You can try another browser, or simply start a search with the B&H Photo Gear and More link ear the upper right of each blog post. Many thanks for thinking of using our affiliate links. artie

  • I think you are among a vast group of PC folks doing the same. Being ” Graphic’s/Photography ” oriented and always an ” Apple-Person ” … it’s hard to imagine being other then that. Glad you made the transition, Artie … Apple is so much more ” User-Friendly ,” and when it comes to Displays, there is no comparison. I am still waiting for a replacement 30″ HD Cinema Display to hit the street … as well as such for Aperture 3.

  • avatar Charles Thompson

    Folks — got duplicates but no link in either

    All the Best