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Bill Lloyd's Save Your Butt Tip...


It is 5:26am on Monday, August 24, 2015. I have been up for a few hours. The boat’s generator just came on and we will be departing to the south about 1 1/2 days late for our Inside Passage adventure.

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Bill Lloyd Save Your Butt Tip…

In the blog post here, where I mentioned the posterior pain that came with 20 hours of travel and much too much sitting, Bill Lloyd who had so much fun on the UK Puffins Trip that he immediately signed up for our Namibia IPT, was kind to leave this potentially pain relieving solution:

I mentioned this briefly on the UK Puffin IPT to Denise: the ThermaRest Travel Cushion really has made a huge difference in my travel comfort. So much so, that I use it while driving long distances as well. It weighs only a couple ounces and is self-inflating; the key is that after it fills you need to let out the air until it is only about 1/3 full> It rolls up nicely and will easily slip into the top of the great Think Tank Urban Disguise bags that you both use. If you don’t try it, you’ll never know how great it is.

If I have to get some sleep on a plane, the ThermaRest cushion, foam earplugs, and even those silly sleep mask blindfolds are a must. And they do work.

You’ve got my sympathy, keepin’ the nether regions happy is a top priority for me when I travel! Bill

Following Up With Bill

Not being one to part so quickly with 30 bucks I had a few more questions for Bill. I sent him the Amazon link and asked if I had the correct item. He responded:

Yep that’s it. It’s self inflating. Open the valve and in a minute or two it’s fluffy. Close the valve and sit on it, then slowly open valve to let air out. You want it something like only a third full, your butt almost contacting the seat. If you’re perched, rolling around on the thing, that’s too much air. Bill

Then I wrote back as follows: Am I correct in thinking that it gets down to almost nothing when you squeeze all the air out?

He answered:

Pretty close. I open the valve and roll up as tight as I can from the opposite end. Close the valve and it stays rolled up. I’ve got an Urban Disguise like you guys, it can go in the top center compartment rolled, or I used to pull it out flat (deflated) and stash it under the large side flap – B.

I am having Jen order one for me today. You can order yours by clicking on the logo link above. Many thanks Bill!

Why Bill Signed Up for the Nambia IPT

It was great to see you again.

As you know, I haven’t been on an IPT in some years. I came away from the 2015 UK Puffins and Gannets IPT surprised at how much my photography improved with the “refresher” course. Nothing beats making images on an all day week-long intensive experience like that – I’d truly forgotten. Those of us to your right hadn’t even noticed the Razorbill pair copulating until you called out to us: we were still getting puffins in flight.

So, it was a no-brainer signing up for Namibia! When I saw the price, I had my deposit in the mail even before the itinerary was up – and I think waiting for years to go to Africa is going to pay off with this trip. Really looking forward to traveling with you and Denise, getting wildlife and landscape images together doesn’t seem to be the rule with most tours I’ve looked at in the past – it’s usually one or the other. Be seein’ ya!


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