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Feet cold and wet? Arctic Pro Muck Boots to the rescue....

Arctic Pro Muck Boots

As a diabetic, my feet are often cold. More so of course when I visit cold places to photograph. Both artie and Denise Ippolito wear Arctic Pro Muck Boots to keep their feet warm. And dry. In Japan. In the Falklands. On South Georgia. In Antarctica. At Bosque. For all of their cold weather photography.

Variety, the spice of life

Arctic Pro Muck Boots come in a variety of styles and patterns for both men and women. For more options, click here

Questions and comments on Arctic Pro Muck Boots are of course welcome.

Boot Puller Boot Remover

Thanks to multiple IPT veteran Muriel McClellan for recommending this accessory. I need to get a pair as I have struggled at times to get my boots off after a long day. I am not sure why but such difficulties seem to increase with each trip…. 🙂

4 comments to Feet cold and wet? Arctic Pro Muck Boots to the rescue….

  • avatar Dave Klein

    Hi Artie,
    A couple of years ago you referenced these boots. I saw one pair remaining at a local sporting goods store and yes, they were my size. I vacillated over the price (~$160), walked around the store for a bit and thought, this is a sign 🙂 I purchased them on the spot and have been thrilled ever since. In Minnesota we get the arctic vortex most winters, with temps in the below zero range and I have stood for hours photographing trumpeter swans on the Upper Mississippi in below zero weather with warm feet. Thank you for recommending them several years back – I have had happy winter feet ever since 🙂
    Kind regards,

  • avatar Muriel McClellan

    I love my Muck boots that Denise recommended for the trip to Japan Feet were warm during the blizzard. I like them even better when I bought a Boot Puller Boot Remover from Amazon for $11. It is light weight plastic and packs easily. You can stand up and grab the heal of the boot on the boot puller and use your other foot to stabilize the puller… and off they come.