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Help Needed With Keynote

What’s Up?

I woke 20 minutes before the alarm at 3:40am this morning, Wednesday, January 6, 2016, in my Orlando Airport motel room. Grabbed the 4:30am shuttle to MCO. Got TSA Pre-check for the first time in ages. I thought that they had lost track of me. Got my very favorite seat on the plane on the way to ATL. The flight went perfectly; I answered about 30 e-mails and started a new airport novel: Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis. I am now having breakfast at Philly Cheesesteak: regular Philly cheesesteak with extra cheese. It looks as if I should have ordered extra meat.. It was pretty tasty though. And I did not need to order extra meat.

Help Needed With Keynote

I have created a new Keynote presentation and saved and titled it. I have inserted 160 blank slides with a nice gray background. I am trying to insert a folder of 151 images slides in one fell swoop. No can do. I know that is a way to do exactly that but online help does not help.

If you can help with exact directions, please leave a comment. That would be greatly appreciated.

If I figure it out at some point I will let everyone know asap.

Update! And more help needed.

I found an old e-mail from Arni Stinnissen. He wrote:

In Keynote, go to View menu and select Light table. Open up a finder window and then folder that contains your 151 images. Position the Keynote window and the finder window beside each other. Select all of the images and drag them into Keynote and they should automatically create new slides.

I did that in two swoops. My new problem is that I do not know how to do the following things:

1: Re-size the images. Is there a way to do them all at once? Or do you need to do them one at a time.

2: Add a nice simple gray background for each slide. Again, it would seem that I can do them all at once. All help is of course welcome.

San Diego Cancellation

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