Today: Five simple side by side image comparison questions. Tomorrow: Revelations and Implications. Used 600 II for sale! « Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Today: Five simple side by side image comparison questions. Tomorrow: Revelations and Implications. Used 600 II for sale!

What’s Up?

On Monday I started doing my core exercises and took my first ice bath in nearly three months. On Tuesday I did the same and got back in the pool for the first time since mid-October. I did an easy 1/4 mile as opposed to my usual easy 1/2 mile. Though the water was a chilly 72 degrees it felt great. Without the ice baths I rarely slept more than an hour without having to get up for a pit stop. I am seriously considering green light laser prostate surgery. Those who have done that procedure are invited to shoot me an e-maildetailing their experience.

E-book sales were brisk with many opting for the download rather than the CD itself.

A Big Decision

Yesterday I opted not to make the trip to Greece. I sent this e-mail to the four IPT participants.

Dear Sheila, Adit, Mike, and Anita,

After much soul-searching I am writingβ€”with apologies–to let you know that I will not be making the Greece IPT out of concerns for my long term health. As most of you know, I recently had a run of upper respiratory infections that persisted for more than eleven weeks and am finally feeling pretty good. Having just returned from San Diego and with a scheduled trip to Japan leaving on February 7, it does not make sense for me as I approach age 70 to travel 7 time zones to the east and then travel 10 time zones in the opposite direction a week after my return. A relapse at this point might prove to be most problematic.

I apologize for not having thought this through more clearly in advance and having painted myself into this corner. I have of course let Denise Ippolito know of my decision. I can assure you that she will provide you with beyond top-notch instruction both in the field and during your informal image review and Photoshop sessions.

Later and love, artie

In a follow-up e-mail to good friend Mike Gotthelf I wrote:

I wanted you to know that I am truly sorry that I had to cancel but as a doctor, you know that making both trips would have been totally stupid, not to mention potentially suicidal: death by travel and time zone stress.




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Used Gear Apologies

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Side by side image comparison

Images courtesy of and copyright 2016: Patrick Sparkman

Four Simple Questions

Which image is sharper?

Which image appears cleaner to you?

Which image offers a higher degree of pleasing contrast?

Which shows the best image quality?

Would you say that the differences are dramatic, subtle, or non-existent?

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39 comments to Today: Five simple side by side image comparison questions. Tomorrow: Revelations and Implications. Used 600 II for sale!

  • avatar Monte Brown

    1-4 right image
    5 dramatic

    5DR on left 5DSR right

  • avatar Richard

    I am going to be so bummed if the left image is the 1dx and the right is 1dx II. Because I just purchased the 1dx 3 months ago due to the price drop. The reason I would be bummed is the one on the right is in my opinion way sharper and cleaner looking. I guess I am just going to have to be happy with what I got. Look forward to seeing the answer.

  • avatar Frank Sheets

    My opinion, 4 rights and Dramatic. I will be very curious which bodies, but my guess is the right was taken with your new favorite, 5DSR. I was not aware there has been a preliminary release of the new 1Dx. Looking forward to the answer on the body.

  • I would say:
    Left side 5DSR Body
    Right side 1 DX II – yes the new version!!!

  • avatar Don

    I am betting 5dr2 on left and 5dsr on right.
    I made similar comparisons back in early September when I bought a 5dsr.
    and 100mm macro v2.

  • The right certainly has more resolution and higher contrast. Assuming these images are from 2 different sensor sizes, then 1 of the images has been downsized or up sized to make the sizes match. Assuming further that the right image is a downsized file from a 50mpx sensor, then it has an advantage of being higher resolution to begin with, and then downsized which increases apparent sharpness, while decreasing the visibility of aberrations. And maybe that’s the point! Very High res sensor images can be downsized to create phenomenal files at “normal” size. Looking forward to tomorrow’s reveal!

  • avatar Simon

    I’m going to be bold and say 1dx on the left, 5dsr on the right.

  • avatar Billie Snell

    The image on the right is sharper. I think this is the difference between the 1DxII and the 1Dx since the other day you said you were going to show something on Wednesday. Just sayin’

  • avatar Jim Amato

    Right Photograph: Sharper, cleaner, higher degree of pleasing contrast, best image quality.
    Dramatic difference: Much sharper, tonal differences, more contrast with all tones. Letter E shadow and “lace” work more defined and pronounced. That is my 100 cents worth.

  • avatar Brendan

    The one on the right looks better to me. I think its because the near-white background is brighter and lighter and the ink/writing is darker. The contrast is more striking. I don’t know that its any sharper. I take sharper to mean more detail, but maybe I’m thinking about it wrong.

    So I would say:
    1. no difference
    2. Right
    3. Right
    4. Right
    5. Dramatic.

    I’m most interested to see what you think (and why), though.

  • To my eye the first four answers are “RIGHT”. The fifth answer: “SUBTLE”. Almost seems like the same shot but the slight green color cast on the left “muddies” up the image.


  • avatar Henry


    It would “appear” that the right side is sharper then the left. In view of this it would appear that the image on the right is the answer to questions 1, 2 and 4. But the image on the left seems to have more pleasing contrast. The image on the right jumps out at you, but depending on subject matter you may not want that effect. Kind of like the difference between watching a TV program with the lights on in the room (image on the left), and watching with the lights off (image on the right). I would think that the change is more than subtle but not what I would say dramatic (of course what is subtle or dramatic is subjective to the viewer).

    Having said all that, is the image on the right really sharper, or does it just have more contrast. I recall a discussion with the owner of a camera store many years ago (in ye olde film days) about the apparent difference between two very well known higher end lenses. Looking at side by side comparison photos, one appeared sharper than the other. However, as it turned out, they both were equally sharp. Just one lens resulted in a photo with more contrast than the other.

    So in the images above, the right side might appear sharper than the left, but is it really sharper, or does it just have more contrast resulting in the appearance of being sharper.

  • avatar Lance Krueger

    In answer to your five questions, the image on the right is dramatically better.

  • avatar Dorothy

    I must be spaced out, I can only see the images of the dollar bill. How do I get to see the other four??
    And Artie, is there any possibility that we could do some kind of side by side like this on our own computers to compare the photos we take ourselves with one or two of your original photos. All at hi resolution of course.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Hi Dorothy, Yes to spaced out πŸ™‚ The dollar bill on the left and the dollar bill on the rights, the two close to identical halves, are the same photo made with the same lens with a different camera body. I am asking folks to compare the part of the dollar on the left with the part on the right….

      What other four?

      Most photographers are not quick to be sharing either RAW files or the optimized versions of their best images with others and that includes me. That’s why God invented JPEGs. Best way to get my best stuff on a good screen is to join an IPT.

      later and love, artie

      • avatar Dario A

        The title says “five image comparisons”…. I think dorothy didn’t get it right. but honestly, i expected to see five images, too! πŸ™‚

        • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

          Not exactly πŸ™‚ You gotta read the whole thing: Five ….. Image Comparison Questions.


  • avatar Richard Curtin

    Right on 1-4 although color accuracy seems better on Left. Between subtle and dramatic – closer to dramatic (or is that an option??)

  • avatar Mike Moore

    As others have said the right images is superior on all counts and the difference is obvious. I am going to guess this is the 1D vs 5D? If so, that is pretty amazing.

  • avatar Wtlloyd

    5DsR on the right, 7DII on the left, betcha.

  • avatar Jon

    The image on the right appears to be cleaner and have better contrast, it almost looks like a different exposure. I suspect the image on the left could be made to look practically the same with some processing. The image on the right appears sharper but I cannot tell if this is due to better tonal separation and cleaner looking whites. So bottom line the image on the right would appear to be the better quality and offer a better starting point for subsequent processing than the image on the left.
    I am assuming that the images represent the raw file opened and converted to jpeg without any processing other than conversion, and if any sharpening was applied it was equal in both instances.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      The exposures were identical as were the RAW conversions. a

      ps: lots more revelations and implications tomorrow.

  • avatar Loren Charif

    I agree with the other posters…right on all counts by a mile.

  • I think these images show the difference in sharpness between the 600 II (maybe with the 1,4X III TC) and the 800 mm.
    They were posted here around two-three years ago.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Good try but that would be a big no. I would not expect such dramatic differences with the above… This pair is about camera bodies… a

  • avatar Joel Eade

    The right image is significantly sharper in the fine detail and has more contrast. The paper looks whiter and the ink blacker. I wonder if this is a demonstration of the difference between the 5DS and the 5DSr with the same lens.

  • avatar Michael Hankes

    The image on the right is by far the better image.

  • avatar Marr

    This is a nice test. It’s obvious to me that the image on the right is better across the board. I look forward to your post revealing the facts behind them.

  • avatar Mike

    Hands down, the image on the right is better in all categories. ( Dramatic )
    What Lens????

  • avatar Hogan

    Questions 1-4: Right
    Question 5: Dramatic

  • avatar Jay

    I feel like I’m at the ophthalmologist’s office. In answer to the first four questions, I’d say the image on the right. I’d say that there was a significant difference between the two images.