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The 4am Tuna Market & the Tale of the Vaporized Diabetic Testing Kit...


Tuna Market image courtesy of and copyright 2016: Donna Bourdon

What’s Up?

I slept for a few of the 11 1/2 hours long flight from LAX to Haneda. Donna Bourdon, Beverly Still, and I got to the hotel just before midnight Tokyo time on Monday evening. I was in bed by 12:30 and up at 2:30am. They were planning on going to the fish market for the big tuna auction at 3:30am so I e-mailed Donna at about 3am to tell her that I was up. As she never e-mailed me back I assumed that they were sleeping. But Donna called at 3:40am from the lobby. I passed on the invite and wound up sleeping a blessed few solid hours more. I suffered no jet lag on Tuesday. This is usual for me whether fly west or east; day one is a piece of cake. When I get home it is usually the opposite for me as I stumble around like a zombie for a week. Bev and Donna you ask? They called late on Tuesday afternoon to tell me that they were skipping dinner and hitting the sack.

The Tale of the Vaporized Diabetic Testing Kit

I ate much too much junk food in the Delta Club at LAX on my 7-hour layover on Sunday past so I delayed dinner on the plane for a few hours. But I checked my blood sugar level and saw that I needed some extra insulin to get back down to normal. Such a practice is not recommended… When I injected for dinner a few hours later, my blood sugar was still a bit high. In any case, about eight hours into the flight I woke from a nice after-dinner sleep and wanted to take my blood sugar. The only problem was that my diabetic testing kit–the meter, the test strips, the lancet (ouch! at times), a fine point pen, and my record sheet–all kept in a 6 X 4 X 1 inch black case, was not on the console where I had left it. I looked around without success.

A flight attendant loaned me her cell phone with the flashlight app activated. I searched and searched. I got on the floor and looked under the seat. I searched in my vest, I searched in my Think Tank Urban Disguise laptop bag, and I searched in the two overheads that I had my stuff in. I took the seat cushion off and searched with the cell phone flashlight app. Over the next four hours I repeated everything above about ten times.

Then I gave up. I did have a back-up kit in my laptop bag but was less than thrilled about losing it…

After we got to the gate, I looked around once more without success. I figured that either my testing kit had been vaporized or that it had accidentally wound up in the trash. All of the flight attendants had had their eyes peeled for the kit for several hours; about an hour before we landed I saw two of them going through all trash bags!

When my last search came up empty I gave up again and deplaned.

As I exited the oldest, littlest flight attendant (who coincidentally was one of the nicest) I have ever run across said to me, “Wait. Go back. One of the pilots will look for your kit and he will find it. They always find the stuff.” She was so full of energy. Somewhat reluctantly I got back on the plane swimming against a tide of humans and figured that Donna and Bev would be through customs and on their way to the hotel without me by the time everyone had gotten off the 767.

I described the kit to the pilot. He removed the seat cushion just as I did. He shined his flash light on the inner workings of the seat and said instantly, “There it is.” I still did not see it. “There” he said pointing. And then I saw it; the kit had slipped onto a tiny flat shelf in the upper right part of the under-seat compartment.

I thanked and shook hands with the pilot and hugged my new favorite flight attendant. And best of all, Donna and Bev were waiting for me at the end of the jetway. We were in the hotel in no time at all.

All’s well that ends well. As always in situations like this, I looked up to heaven to thank my late wife Elaine for getting me successfully through yet another challenging adventure.



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10 comments to The 4am Tuna Market & the Tale of the Vaporized Diabetic Testing Kit…

  • avatar John

    Backup camera body, backup batteries, backup memory cards and drives, but no backup bG meter and strips! Interesting priorities.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      My first priority is always to read a blog before commenting. I wrote, ” I did have a back-up kit in my laptop bag…”

  • avatar Jim Amato

    Persistence pays off.
    Best of Health and good luck with your journey….

  • avatar Ar

    Is your contact info (eg. business card) inside the testing kit? It’s good practice in case it gets misplaced again…

  • avatar David Policansky

    Artie: glad you found it. You are not alone. After my follow up visit to the eye doctor after cataract surgery yesterday my eyeglasses vaporized. Searched everywhere, to no avail. Off to Albuquerque to get a replacement. Fortunately prescription sunglasses allow me to drive. 🙁 have fun, good luck.

  • I’ve seen those tuna auctions on tv. If I remember right, some of those tunas can fetch a pretty good price depending on the size.