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These Just In...

What’s Up?

Aided by strong tailwinds, my flight to LAX arrived an hour early. I hung out with Donna Bourdon and Bev Sill in the Delta Club where I ate much too much (as I did on the entire trip). My 9:50pm red-eye, tailwind-aided, non-stop flight to Orlando took only 3 hours, fifty minutes. Amazing.

I got my two checked bags in minutes and arrived at the off-site parking shuttle bus spot just as the shuttle pulled up. I was dropped off right by my car only to be greeted by a stone-cold dead battery. No worries. The driver was back in minutes with a powerful portable battery charger and I was headed to Indian Lake Estates by 5:30am.

I prepared this short blog post while having breakfast at McDonalds. Next I will pick up some cauliflower, eggplant, and butternut squash at WalMart; Publix does not open for another hour.

Used 600 II

There is a good chance that I will be able to offer a 600 II in at least excellent plus, possibly near-mint or like new condition, at a ridiculously low price. A Canadian buyer would be ideal. Either way, please shoot me an e-mail with “600 II” in the subject line if you are seriously interested.

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4 comments to These Just In…

  • avatar John Koeniger

    Have interest in 600 11

  • avatar David Peake

    Hi Artie,
    It’s been great seeing all the blog posts of your Japan trip.
    Somehow I have yesterday’s and today’s posts in together and you are home already.
    Remember , mc Donald’s is not food! 😉
    Seriously, I appreciate the way that you are able to consciously understand your shooting techniques and how you distill them down into simple explanations for your readers.
    Photography’s equivalent of chicken nuggets, but undoubtably better for you.
    Just watched you and Denise in the latest B&H presentation. Very well done.
    Glad you’re home safe.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Hi David,

      Thanks for the kind words as always. They are appreciated. And yes, the “What’s Up” items have been a bit dis-jointed lately 🙂 Things may get worse as took my first jet lag nap today: 3 1/2 hours smack in the middle of the day today. East coast time. Now it is 6pm and I just fell asleep whilst typing 🙂

      love to you both, a

      ps: 2 breakfast burritos at McD’s with 1/4 of the tortilla removed and discarded are not too bad. Actually they are delicious.