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Important Bird-day Notice


Patrick Sparkman on the rocks

Image courtesy of and copyright 2016: Bryan Holliday

Happy Bird-day Patrick!

Happy birthday Patrick Sparkman. Pat celebrates the big five-oh today. Above you see him doing what he does best, hand holding the 600 II with the 5DS R and a 2X III TC in place. On this day, it was I who took the pansy-ass route by not venturing out onto the wave-tossed rocks at La Jolla Shores Beach. I hope that you have a great day bro! Are you getting some ice cream to celebrate?

16 comments to Important Bird-day Notice

  • avatar Patrick Sparkman

    Thanks everyone for the great well wishes!

    My wonderful wife Robin made sure that I had a fantastic day. I love turning 50, as I like to run and now I am in a new age group! 🙂

    I have Bryan Holliday to thank for the wonderful blue crocs! Blue crocs rock! And they are great in the sand, water, and slippery rocks.

  • avatar David Peake

    Happy birthday wishes Patrick.
    Good form hand holding that monster lens and with a 2x. Impressive.
    Thanks for taking good care of Artie over the last three weeks.
    Would have loved to be there with you guys.
    Looks like you had a great deal of fun.
    Life begins at 50. Enjoy every moment.
    Kind regards,
    David Peake.

  • avatar Stephen Sheoskie

    Great form and technique Patrick after a hard day on the rocks, don’t forget the ice bath.

  • avatar Frank Sheets


    I do not know you, but Happy Birthday. Impressive hand holding this gear, I MEAN, VERY IMPRESSIVE. You must spend a lot of time at the gym as well as do a lot of meditation to calm the nerves to be able to accomplish this feat. Again, Happy Birthday.

    PS, I mentioned that we ran into Bryan in Tuscon after he left you guys in San Diego. We had some good stories to tell about Artie and I am sure you could have added many.

  • avatar Ar

    Is he on those slippery rocks wearing Crocs? Awesome!

  • avatar Jackie Milburn

    WOW Wish I caught this before my 2 post but Artie you have us in the year of 2106…..”Image courtesy of and copyright 2106: Bryan Holliday” Great Image Bryan!!

  • avatar Jackie Milburn

    that should be “hold” not “old”…LOL 🙂

  • avatar Jackie Milburn

    Happy Birthday Patrick!! Great job wish I could hand old a 600 with a 2x’re… Wishing you many more Happy B days!!!!

  • avatar Ted Willcox

    Happy Birthday Patrick, have a Beautiful Day!! Your photo skill is 2X excellent!!

  • avatar Kathleen Graff

    Wow, that’s impressive hand-holding. Wish I was 50 again–but with all my after-50 memories and experiences (don’t we all wish that, eh?) I don’t know you, Patrick, but happy 50th and happy bird-day!

  • avatar Kerry Morris

    Happy Bird-day to you Patrick!
    May every day be an awesome Bird-day for you, with tons of adventure and amazing images!
    I look forward to seeing you and Robin again one day soon!