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What's Up? And A Very Important Personal Note & Arrival Update

What’s Up?

I began working on this possibly very short blog post in the air on my flight from Orlando’s MCO to JFK. If all goes well we (Denise Ippolito and I) will land at Upington, South Africa at about 12:30pm on Wednesday local time, which is 6:30am in NY and Florida. Then we have about a six hour van ride. It should all work out to a 26 hour + travel day 🙂 As mentioned previously, we are doing a short pre-trip to photograph at a desert urbex location. We may get to do some birds as well.

I may or may not have sporadic internet coverage at various points during the trip. Do know that Jim Litzenberg will be in the office weekdays, Monday through midday on Fridays, and that older daughter Jennifer Morris will usually be there during banker’s hours. Both can help you with everything BAA-related included BAA Online Store and ordering matters (especially Jim) and IPT registrations and info.

Till whenever–later and love and great picture-making, artie

This Just In

Arrival Update

A mere 36 hours after leaving the Orlando Courtyard Marriott at 3:15am on Monday, We arrived at the hotel in Luderwitz, Namibia. The worst of is was the final leg, and 8-hour van ride. The great news it that my surgery-related discomfort is down about 75% 🙂 We will have decent internet for the next two days so as of now, the streak is intact. Who knows?

Very Important Personal Note

When I am away on long trips, blog readership numbers plummet. By the time I board my flight to Johannesburg, I will have prepared a brand new educational blog post for every other day till I get back. I may even get to keep the streak going for longer than anticipated. I may recycle some older blog posts, ones with super-important lessons. I ask, therefore, that you visit every day as you usually would. Though I might not be there online to comment on your comments or answer your questions, I will be here in spirit. And as always when I get back, I will make my way through all the relevant comments and questions and respond as I always do.

I ask in return that you guys keep up the great work of using the BAA B&H affiliate links. March was a record month for me and your efforts to thank me for the work that I put into the blog are greatly appreciated. And they sure keep me motivated.


birds as art: The Avian Photography of Arthur Morris/The Top 100
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birds as art: The Avian Photography of Arthur Morris/The Top 100

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This exhibition companion e-book makes it possible for everyone to “visit” TheNAT gallery and, in addition, to enjoy seeing my top one hundred bird photographs under one roof. Each image includes a title, the species name, the location, relevant EXIF data, and an anecdotal caption.

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Those who purchase the CD are advised to copy the file to their computers and then archive the CD.


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birds as art: The Avian Photography of Arthur Morris/The Top 100: $20 via convenient download.

Overseas folks, and anyone else as well, can purchase the e-book via convenient download for $20 by clicking here.

Notate Bene

Please share this e-book only with your spouse or significant other. If a friend asks you to share a copy with them, please direct them either to this blog post or to the appropriate link in the BAA Online Store as above. All of the images and text are protected by international copyright law and may not be copied or printed without written permission from the photographer/author. Many thanks for honoring these requests.

You will–of course–need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF.


Sample page from birds as art: The Avian Photography of Arthur Morris/The Top 100.

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9 comments to What’s Up? And A Very Important Personal Note & Arrival Update

  • avatar Jim Amato

    Arthur, Quality is your signature. Post as you are able. You have the good fortune to travel and see the world. Thank you for presenting your images/view. Your work, ideas, viewpoints are worthwhile and enjoyable. And, Yikes!, you encourage photographers and others to think!

  • avatar Den Bagwell

    Hi Artie – As a newbie photographer, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the time and effort that you put into your blog posts, especially the educational ones. I know it requires a great deal of preparation and work. I greatly appreciate it and learn a great deal from them. All the best in Namibia! Den

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Many thanks Den. There are very few posts that are not educational 🙂 a

      ps: it looks as if there is a chance to keep the streak intact for the entire Namibia trip…

  • And I’m stuck in….Cleveland.


  • avatar Larry Lainer

    No one could expect you to be available 24/7, so enjoy your trip, and we will look forward to seeing new images through your eyes. Larry

  • avatar Kerry Morris

    Africa! Spain!
    I’m going to Utah!

  • avatar David Policansky

    Welcome to Africa, Artie. We are in Cape Town, after a slightly–but only slightly–easier trip than yours. Enjoy!

    • avatar Scott Borowy

      I guess I’m the odd man out, going to Spain instead of Africa. Safe travels and stays to you both!