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A Photographic Mystery: What the Heck Is It?

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Things were looking really bleak on Friday morning for the DeSoto Fall IPT group but by refusing to give up we pulled a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute. Story on Sunday. Gotta get some sleep…

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Important Oreo Cookie Info

As many of you know, I have–over my lifetime–consumed more than one-half million Oreo cookies, dunked two at a time in cold milk. One box a day–three cellophane-wrapped packets of 12 cookies each–for about 35 years. Every day. In doubt? Do the math.

In an e-mail from my good friend, Dr. Cliff Oliver of La Jolla, CA, he wrote, And to think, you could have been the poster child for this.


I followed the link and found an article titled Oreos and Milk: A Cancer-Causing Combination?

Then I scrolled down to the article summary and replied as follows to Cliff’s e-mail.

Doctor, doctor,

re: the article summary:

Statistics show that the Oreo cookie is the number one cookie in America (and many other countries) and many people love eating them with milk.

Yup, that was me.

When you combine high fructose corn syrup with salt and animal fat (cow’s milk), you make a combination of chemicals that elicit a pleasure response in the brain that demands more stimulation.

They did taste really good.

The scientifically formulated balance of sugar, fat, and chemicals in Oreos and milk keeps the brain wanting more, even when the stomach is full.

Who me? I only ate one box a day for 35 years. If you are counting, that is more than half a million.

A recent scientific study determined that the high fat/high sugar combination is as addictive as morphine and cocaine.

Well,they got that right.

Consuming large quantities of Oreo cookies, and washing it down with high fat milk laden with hormones and antibiotics, creates a lethal blend that greatly increases your risk of cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

Lucky me. Two out of three ain’t bad!

TFS. a


What is it?

What Is It?

Sorry, there is only two clues:

  • #1: This image was made somewhere in our solar system.
  • #2: Though this is the BIRDS AS ART blog remember, it ain’t just birds…

If you think that you know what it is, please do share by leaving a comment. If not, guess and leave a comment anyway. Answer in a few days.

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30 comments to A Photographic Mystery: What the Heck Is It? And Important Oreo Cookie Info

  • avatar Warren

    Was the answer to this ever posted? I must have missed it and my 12 year old son keeps asking me…

  • avatar ted thelin

    this photo was not taken by you but by the probe that landed on a comet in the last few days which had some ice components. I read about it in the paper a day or two ago

  • avatar Guido Bee

    I’m with David.
    Looks like an image of a swallowed engagement ring.
    Not sure I’m looking forward to where this is going.

  • avatar Mike H

    An antacid or an analgesic tablet dropped into a glass of water then rotated 90 degrees

  • avatar David Peake

    this must be the local bird bank. Like a savings and loan place.
    A bird has made a deposit. this looks like it took off right to left. So the breeze is from photo left.
    Just like international flights. they clean up and dump the garbage before take off to make sure there is no excess weight. Hehe.

  • Artie,

    When I was a young boy perhaps starting around 10 or 12, I would have a bag of oreo cookies each week. I just love dunking them in milk. I had a special trick of putting them in the refrigerator. This would change the texture of the cookies, they would not crumble in your mouth like dry cookies do, and the outer chocolate layer would become more pliable… They taste great this way and top off with milk, you could not stop eating them.

    Sometime around when I was eighteen years old, my mom or my sister, I don’t remember which, said that I had an addiction. Every week I would have one or two bags of oreo cookies with milk.

    I did not like being told that I had an addiction–somehow there was a stigma attached to this, and having lost control. Anyway, sometime, when I was eighteen I quit cold turkey, and never had another oreo cookie since.

    An addiction is bad… little did I know how bad these cookies are for you. No one ever paid attention to high fructose corn syrup then. Little did we know that most of the treats that we ate were really bad for us. Ding-Dong and all sorts of other desserts were commonplace as treats for children and young adults.

    The American food industry with its fructose corn syrup and all the processed ingredients it puts in food is killing all of us, slowly but surely. It really a disgrace. The temptations with their slick advertising cause lifelong addictions. I have changed my diet to eat healthy now, but I wonder about all the soda water and oreo cookies I ate and drank when I was young. Are they cause of some of my digestive issues now?

    We need more farmers markets and eat locally grown fruits and vegetables. I think most processed foods with high fructose corn syrup should be banned or at least marked with a Surgeon General’s warning that this food contains chemicals and ingredients that dangerous to your health.

    I also support labeling all food. GMO should be on the packages, we have the right to know what we are consuming. Just label it…

  • avatar PKUK

    Raindrop hitting a spider’s web for me.

  • avatar Sylma

    I think I see an owl on the left side. Could it be an owl on an old branch of a tree using night vision. 🙂

  • avatar Tom McKnight

    My guess would be a spider web with some water involved.
    Your Oreo habit is fascinating. The cookies add up to over 300 plus pounds of Oreo’s a year and an estimated life expense so far of over $30,000. I figured using the 14 ounce package.

  • avatar Gerald Kelberg

    A very creative wildlife photographer we both know told me he was photographing and scanning bird droppings because of the interesting patterns they made; so on the strength of that, I’m going to suggest that this could easily be traces on the water from the droppings of large bird just before take off – something like a Heron.

    Does that mean I failed my test, Dr Rorschach?

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      I never heard that one 🙂


      ps: What species? In what direction was the bird flying when it took off?

  • I think it is an egg yoke which was moved across a black counter top, leaving the egg yoke intact. Shot from above with a wide angle lens. Clarence Nowlan

  • avatar Warren

    How about a photo of ice formed over a pond, with a fishing bobber caught in/under the ice?

  • avatar Theodore Thelin

    Looks like ice and water to me

  • A mushroom perhaps? I like it, whatever it is.

  • Especially looking at the right side I feel that I’m under water looking up and almost a fisheye lens look. I see a tree maybe more. The round object in the center of the right side almost looks like a bobber. But then again as kid I enjoyed looking at clouds and imagining what their shape looked liked.

  • avatar George Cottay

    Output from an MRI?

  • avatar Frank Sheets

    Looks like a photo of an autoclave slice of some kind of embryo. At that stage of development you really can’t tell the difference of whether its a fish, amphibian, reptile, bird or mammal. What it has to do with Oreo’s I don’t know. I was a Hydrox man myself.

  • I submit it is a shot of the Oreo Cookie Comet passing through the Milky Way. The cookie and milk wasn’t hard enough to turn down, then they had to add ice cream.

  • avatar Owen Peller

    How about some sort of jellyfish in an aquarium?

  • avatar Mike Cristina


    We just got important news from Tanzania. Dark Chocolate Hob-Nobs are now readily available in Arusha. Now more people will sign up for safaris than ever before!


  • avatar Paul Simison

    Oreo’s have moved production to Mexico. I will no longer buy their products.

  • avatar David Peake

    someone swallowed a ring.