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Surgery Report

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I woke up in the recovery room and asked, โ€œWhen are they going to do my surgery?โ€ All I felt was small pinch in my lower right abdomen. I have not spoken to the surgeon yet but hope to do so soon. We chatted briefly in the pre-op waiting room and he was super-nice and exuded confidence. Though I am still a bit loopy from the anesthesia, I gotta say that I am feeling great. With the laparoscopic surgery I have just three big bandaids on my right tummmy.

Thanks a huge stack for the outpouring of good wishes and get well soons!

later and love, artie

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  • avatar John Haedo

    Good to know everything went well!

  • avatar MBG

    Well now you really have outdone yourself, posting from the recovery room – that takes true grit! With any luck you’ll see a bird outside the window that you can post. All the best from an admiring nemesis.

  • Good Morning Art,
    Just want to wish you a great recovery from your surgery. Prayers are with you. Sounds like you are well on your way…
    Upon seeing your posting today, I am reminded that beautiful bird portraits still have a place in the photographic world, despite the incredible number of them out there. I have always enjoyed making them and strive for the quality that you always produce. As a member of a local camera club, I note that action images that “tell a story” always seem to do better than portraits in wildlife competition. However, I feel you are a kindred spirit in the effort to produce beautiful bird portraits. Thank you for your inspiration!
    God Bless,
    Rick Alvarnaz

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks Richard but today’s images are not mine ๐Ÿ™‚

      later and love, artie

  • So glad the surgery went well. Here’s to a speedy recovery. All the best,


  • avatar Elizabeth M

    Good to hear the surgery went well! I hope your recovery is speedy!

  • avatar Jonny Verheyden

    Hi Artie ,

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery .


  • avatar John

    Artiest your going to be better then new. Get well soon.

  • avatar David Peake

    Hi Artie. It seems like I’m a bit late to this party. I second all the previous comments and add one of my own. If you need a camera carrier next week let me know. I will catch up with you at the hotel on Thursday. Hoping you get out of Florida ok. Hurricane is all over the NZ news tonight.

  • The king has made it, ” GOD SAVE THE KING ”

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery



  • avatar Paul Mckenzie

    Hi Artie, sorry to hear about your health issues and wishing you a speedy recovery. Really hope to see you on the ship in a few weeks.

  • avatar John Meehan

    Good news. Bet you’ll be home in three days.