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Against All Odds ...

Against All Odds …

It is 2:16pm on WED 12 OCT as we head out of Indian Lake Estates. Jim is driving me to the Orlando Airport for my 6pm flight to MIA and my red-eye flight tonight to SCL. I am scheduled to arrive in Santiago, Chile on Thursday morning at

If you consider that exactly six days ago almost to the minute I was waking up from having my gall bladder surgically removed I would say that it is quite remarkable that I am on my way. BTW, reading the clinical report of my surgery was a very weird experience; it was like reading the instructions on how to assemble a plastic model aircraft carrier except for the fact that they were talking about cutting into my abdomen! Speaking of which my incisions are all at the itchy/grabby stage. All are healing beautifully and today is the first day that I even noticed them.

After getting to bed early on Tuesday night–before 8:30pm–I was up and packing at 4:15am today. As a diabetic who takes must enough needles and test strips , and supplements, a long trip like this requires lots of planning and preparation. I am pretty sure that I got everything done. As I will be in the snow on South Georgia Island and the cloud forest of Peru, I needed to take lots of different clothing as well. Here is the final tally: 2 check spinner bags at 49 3/4 and 50 pounds. One small duffle bag at 36 pounds. My Think Tank bag weighed in at a svelte 43 1/2 pounds. What fun I will have with the gate agents. As most of my flights are up front, I am good for 3 checked bags …

Anyway, it was an exhausting day of packing and it feels good to be on my way. I will be resting in the hotel all day on Thursday while the three folks on the Falklands land-based pre-trip are going up into the mountains to photograph condors … It will not be too hard to restrain myself.

Best and great picture-making to all, artie

The Tale of the Scale

When I left home in mid-July, I weighed in at 182, my fighting weight. After eating eight jars of various “healthy” nut butters on my 5-week Long Island trip, I weighed 188 3/4 my first morning after getting back home. Yikes! This morning I tipped the scales at 181 1/2, my weight loss efforts aided somewhat by my surgery. I hope to get back home under 180 … I will do my best to eat well and to take care of myself and my blood glucose levels. My last A1C was 54.

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  • avatar Don Thompson

    I missed this post. A1c 54, is this a typo?

  • Always inspired by your work and effort! Have a great trip! John

  • Have a safe and productive trip. My parents (now 75 and 79) didn’t have half of your energy at 70!

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      🙂 and thanks,


      ps: who said anything about energy. I do feel tired but that is why I will be resting for two days.

  • avatar Tom McKnight

    Can you get your basic food, like Oreo’s, in Santiago? Have a safe fun trip! looking forward to seeing some great photos.

  • avatar Krishna Prasad

    My inspiration. Have a great trip.. Looking forward to see your awesome images..I know they will be Awesome 🙂

  • avatar Tony

    I hope you have an awesome trip!
    I must ask: is it normal to take 180lbs of gear and clothing on a photo expedition?
    I am somewhat astounded. Never having done anything like that, I have no conception of how much my baggage would weigh.
    All the best.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Hi Tony, I normally travel with two 50 lb. checked bags, a 45 pound roll-aboard, and about 15 pounds in the Think Tank laptop bag. So I am 35 pounds over for this trip. But I have never been gone for 67 days before. Please do not forget that needles and test strips and supplements for 67 day weigh a fair amount and take up a fair amount of space. Not to mention dressing for three distinct climates from snow to rain forest…

      Thanks for the good wishes.


      ps: I will be leaving selected items behind at time on the trip to be picked up later.

  • avatar Juan Tolentino

    Man! you really are an inspiration! God Bless

  • avatar George Gilchrist

    Have a great trip! Say hi to Ron and Jeanene Niebrugge for me.

  • avatar Bob Handin

    Have a great trip. Agree you are amazing bob

  • avatar Kathy Woveris

    you are amazing and very brave to take off so soon after surgery
    have a wonderful trip and the Florida books will be waiting for you when you get back

    womeday possiblyI will see you at LaJolla

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Time will tell if I am being brave or dumb; it could go either way 🙂

      later and love, artie

  • avatar Louis Sheldon

    Hi Art just watched your video presentation @ B&H w.r.t. the use of TC’s with telephoto’s.
    You make it seem so easy. Thanks very much for your informative & inspirational teaching & I hope that your body heals completely & quickly. God bless! Louis, Cape Town, South Africa.

  • avatar Pat Fishburne

    Artie: You are amazing!

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Or not too smart! I am in the lounge at Miami waiting for the redeye to Santiago 🙂

      love to you both,