B&H Event Space Video: Putting Art (not me!) Into Your Nature Photography … And two things I forgot to take to South America « Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

B&H Event Space Video: Putting Art (not me!) Into Your Nature Photography ... And two things I forgot to take to South America

What’s Up?

The redeye flight to Santiago, Chile was easy peasy. I slept as well as I ever have on a plane. But, the walk from the departure gate of my AA flight from Orlando to MIA to the gate (J18) for my Latam flight was one brutal hour. Moving walkways covered more than half of the distance. But more than half of them were out of order.

I met my group of three in the hotel lobby and sent them off to do the condors with my local guide. I went up to my room and rested–if you call lying in bed trying to do a crossword puzzle while in a coma resting. By 2:30pm I was feeling alive again and got to work on more blog posts. Right now I have the last day of November covered. 19 more to go. But I hope to get one or two more done tonight after dinner.

Putting Art Into Your Nature Photography

Check out the latest B&H Event Space video here.

After you view the video, check out some of the comments. It is a good thing that I am a lover of what is.

Here is the B&H blurb:

With today’s amazing photographic gear that includes camera bodies with surreal autofocus that can routinely produce superb image files in the right hands and fast, sharp lenses (including and especially the amazing super-telephotos) creating images of various birds, animals, flowers, and landscapes, is pretty much child’s play. Anyone can do it. In this program, Arthur Morris, internationally noted bird photographer and educator, will teach you to take your images to the next level. You will learn to identify good situations, to create pleasing backgrounds, to photograph action and behavior, to choose the best perspective, to read and use the light, when and how to create pleasing blurs, and to consistently create dramatic, evocative images with contest-winning potential.

This program is well-illustrated with several hundred of Artie’s spectacular images, many published around the world above his most fitting credit line: BIRDS AS ART.

Two things I forgot to take to South America …

#1: a few bandaids. No biggie.
#2: my rain jacket. A rain jacket is #1 on the do not forget list for a trip that includes 2 1/2 weeks at South Georgia and three weeks on the Falklands. After a great day of rest I will be doing the Inca Tern and Peruvian Pelican day trip tomorrow in hopes of finding a rain jacket in a local supply store.

Till whenever.

4 comments to B&H Event Space Video: Putting Art (not me!) Into Your Nature Photography … And two things I forgot to take to South America

  • I watched the video a couple of days ago and enjoyed it. Some people don’t get your teaching style I am afraid, I suspect that they want you to hold the camera and push the button for them. 🙂

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      True, but mostly it is about bitter, unhappy, close-minded folks who are jealous of my success (and my stage). I listened to the video yesterday and was amazed by the amount of solid info in most segments. Do I like to tell stories? Yup. Am I am bit of a show-off. Yup. But heck, that’s me. It has been working for 33 + years so I am not gonna change now 🙂

      later and love, a

  • avatar David Policansky

    Artie: It is good to hear you’re alive and well. I’ll bet you can find a rain jacket. If I don’t forget–:)–I plan to bring at least two.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks and great. We are looking today 🙂

      After my “coma” rest yesterday I was out of bed and working at 2:45 am (FRI 14 OCT).

      See you soon. a

      ps: off to the Falklands tomorrow.