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Peru Update: The Bad and the Good :)

What’s Up?

The Bad News

My Peru adventure has not gotten off to the greatest start. I followed up a so-so pelagic trip on DAY 1–“You shoulda been here last week!” with a so-so day of photography at Pucasana. Then things got worse. I flew from Lima to Puerto Maldonado and was stuffed into a small, old, rusted out work truck with broken seats and no shock absorbers. My gear was thrown into the back of the open truck with big containers of gasoline, water and supplies. I was stuffed into the back seat where my knees were up against the seat in front of me and there was place for my feet to go. After 2 hours and 15 minutes of pure torture we arrived at the boat dock. All the gear was loaded onto the riverboat and after a five-minute ride was got to the steep mud steps that led up to the lodge.

No AC of course and hotter than that proverbial place. Oh, did I mention that there was no fan? Lots of bugs though. The food was fair at best. I woke at 3:50am for the boat ride to the famed clay lick, rife with macaws and parrots. After the more than two hour boat trip (easy access according to the guy that organized the trip) it was just a short walk to the clay lick. I did see a very few macaws and parrots fly by but none ever came down to the clay walls. None as in zero. “When the rainy season begins the macaws do not come to the clay lick.” Previously from the tour organizer, “All big macaws are here in good numbers (Blue-and-Yellow, Scarlet and Red-and-Green; as well as Chestnut-fronted and Red-bellied and many other parrots and parakeets). In addition, the promised photography on the lodge trails was nonexistent.

I did get a fairly decent image of a Sand-colored Nighthawk from the boat; that was it for the two days. It is a good thing that I am a lover of what is.

My Xtrahand vest was occupied by about 10,000 ants and when I arrived at the stop-over hotel in Puerto Maldonado I learned that about half of them had found their way into my suitcase 🙂

The Good News

I am feeling pretty good. My third cold is just about gone. And things are bound to get better as I head up to Manu National Park, Cock of the Rock Lodge, and Amazonia Lodge. I hope …

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