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Stuff! And Urgent Stuff … And More.


Everything is going great on the Falklands Land-based IPT. The group–all BAA IPT repeat customers, are all very happy. And well fed. We have enjoyed great weather throughout and great photography on a daily basis. We have an afternoon and a morning more on Bleaker Island. Patrick and Robbin Sparkman along with Indranil Sircar and Carolyn Peterson fly back to Stanley tomorrow and will enjoy a final day of rockhopper photography on Friday. They all fly back to Santiago, Chile on Saturday and continue home on Sunday. Many multiple IPT veterans Alan and Pat Lillich added a third week to their Falklands adventure with two nights on Carcass Island, two nights on Pebble Island, and two days and a night at Volunteer Point. They fly back to Santiago on the 24th and then back to California the following day.

Tomorrow, I fly Figas back to the amazing Saunders Island for five nights–three at Rookery and two at The Neck. Then it’s back to Bleaker for me for three nights. If all goes well I will be on the plane to Santiago on the 24th with the Lillichs and then to Miami and Orlando on 25 DEC.

As my 10 1/2 week journey draws to an end I am feeling and doing well. I have however, been eating way too much. It will be good to get home, get back to eating well, and get back in the pool (at least for a bit). I head to San Diego on 4 JAN. Yikes!

Urgent Stuff …

It looks as if there will be several openings on the Japan trip, one likely due to a medical cancellation. If you are at all interested in joining me and saving some money to boot, please shoot me an e-mail immediately. I need to have the group finalized no later than the end of the year.

Internet Access

I will be on line on WED and then again on the morning of THURS DEC 14. After that I will have no internet access until I get back to Bleaker Island on 20 DEC. From then until I get back home I will have intermittent internet access and e-mail.

Happy Holiday!

Jim and Jennifer and I would like to wish all a wonderfully happy holiday season and a productive and satisfying 2017 filled with great images and magical travel experiences.

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