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Safe and Sound in Tokyo

Safe and Sound in Tokyo

I woke on Tuesday morning in the hotel by Orlando Airport at 3:40am. My flight to LAX took off a bit after 6:00am and arrived in LA a bit early. My outbound gate (41) was only a five minute walk from Gate 49 where we landed. I hung out in the Admirals Club for a few hours and at 11:35am we were on our way to Tokyo. The flight was the shortest 10 1/2 hour flight ever. I was engrossed in several movies the best of which was “The Accountant.” I was confused for a bit but near the end it all came together. It’s amazing what an autistic child can accomplish … I was quite happy to just get to see the ending of my second favorite movie, “Everybody’s Fine” starring Robert Di Niro. Again, the subject matter hit home.

Before I knew it we had landed at Tokyo’s Narita. It was a good walk to customs but there was no line at all. When I got to carousel B2 my bags were the first out. I grabbed them, found the bus counter, and at 4:48 Tokyo time bought my ticket for the 5:00pm bus. I was in my room at the Keio Plaza hotel at 5:50pm which is 3:50am in Florida, both on Wednesday 8 FEB.

It would be hard to imagine a more perfect travel experience. I forgot to mention that I slept about 20 minutes on the LAX/Narita leg so as I type at 7:47pm Tokyo time, it feels like I am home just about getting ready to hit the sack. I am hoping that I sleep past 3am 🙂

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