See Ya on March 17th!

See Ya on March 17th!

The streak is dead. Please know and understand that as part of my commitment to immersing myself totally in the School for the Work, I have committed to being offline through midday on March 16. (I actually shut my laptop down and turned off my cell phone on the first evening of the program, Tuesday March 7, 2017. Make some great images between now and then. I will start a new streak when I get back to civilization.

During my week+ long sabbatical, please feel free to re-visit old blog posts of interest, to check out the IPT schedule and the Used Gear page, or to visit the BIRDS AS ART Online Store. If you purchase any new photo gear, please of course start your shopping by clicking on my B&H affiliate link
on the top right side of each blog post page. As always, B&H provides great service to go with their lowest anywhere prices. Using the link will not cost you a penny and is the best way to thank me for the time I spend on the blog and answering photo- and gear-related questions via e-mail.

To find a particular topic, try using the little white search box on the very top right side of each page here.

later and much love, artie

ps: no need to check your calendar: this is not an April Fool’s joke.

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