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Late Light Puddle Portrait and an Insanely Low Shock the World-priced 1DX Mark II


I tried for the Hudsonian Godwit on Monday morning and Monday afternoon; the bird was nowhere to be seen. The morning was a total bust with strong northwest winds and clear skies so I headed back to daughter Alissa’s home where I am staying till my flight home early next Saturday morning. I visited Arna just before lunch and then did a podcast by Skype with old friend Paul Parisi of Boston for Savior Labs. Thanks to Pete Daniels for the invitation. Click on the Savior Labs link to enjoy a wide variety of eclectic business and technological podcasts. I will of course provide links once the podcasts are published.

Do consider joining me on the Early Winter DeSoto IPT. Details below.

The Streak

Today makes one hundred sixteen days in a row with a new educational blog post! This one took less than an hour to prepare. With all of my upcoming free time (or not …), the plan right now is to break the current record streak of 480 … Good health and good internet connections willing.

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Gear Questions and Advice

Too many folks attending BAA IPTs and dozens of folks whom I see in the field, and on BPN, are–out of ignorance–using the wrong gear especially when it comes to tripods and more especially, tripod heads… Please know that I am always glad to answer your gear questions via e-mail. Those might include system, camera body, accessory, and lens choices and decisions.

This image was created from my vehicle at the big rain puddle at Parking Field 7 at Heckscher State Park on Long Island, NY with the engine turned off 🙂 I rested the Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM lens with the Canon Extender EF 1.4X III and my favorite gull photography camera body, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. ISO 400. Evaluative metering +1/3 stop as framed: 1/1000 sec. at f/6.3 in Tv mode. AWB in very late afternoon sunlight.

LensAlign/FocusTune micro-adjustment: -2.

Two AF points up and one to the left of the center AF point/AI Servo/Shutter Button AF was active at the moment of exposure. The selected AF point was just in front of the bird’s eye (as originally framed.)

Ring-billed Gull, winter plumage adult

Be sure to enjoy an enlarged version by clicking on the image.

Late Light Puddle Portrait

Whether you live by the coast or inland, you can often find gulls in rain puddles or tidal pools. Ring-billed, the common species that is seen here today, occurs widely from coast to coast in temperate North America. They often make for reliable and cooperative subjects that can provide countless opportunities for bird photographers to practice and improve their skills. When the species you were hoping for do not show up, a variety of gulls can often save the session as they did for me at Heckscher State Park on the afternoon of November 17, 2017.

Recent Fort DeSoto Images

From bottom left clockwise back to center: Great Egret, blasting sunrise highlights; Black Skimmer, winter plumage in pre-dawn light; Roseate Spoonbill foraging; Brown Pelican, juvenile landing; hybrid heron X egret???; American Oystercatcher feeding; Royal Tern, worn juvenile; Great Blue Heron from below.

You can see a composite of more recent images in the DeSoto Sucked This Past Weekend blog post here.

Fort DeSoto Early Winter IPT. 3 1/2 days: $1599

Saturday DEC 2 (afternoon session) through the full day on Tuesday DEC 5, 2017. Meet and Greet Introduction on SAT DEC 2, 2017

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Learn to get the right exposure every time, to approach free and wild (and often tame!) birds, and to design a pleasing image. And learn the location of my new Fort DeSoto hotspot along with my favorite sunset location (sky conditions permitting). To register call Jim or Jen at the office at 863-692-0906 or shoot me an e-mail.

DeSoto IPT Details

This IPT will include four 3 hour afternoon sessions, three 3 1/2 hour morning sessions, three lunches, and after-lunch image review and Photoshop sessions. To ensure early starts, breakfasts will be your responsibility. Dinners are on your own so that we can get some sleep.

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4 comments to Late Light Puddle Portrait and an Insanely Low Shock the World-priced 1DX Mark II

  • avatar Anthony

    Speaking of going all 5d4…. I’ve been applying Arash’s 1DX2 DPP IOS recepies to my 5d4 images. I quite like the results, but when can we see your 5d4 recipies?

  • avatar Don M.

    Hi Artie,

    I photograph gulls often, and most are Ring-billed Gulls. They are agile fliers and tolerant of photographers. As you mentioned, they are excellent subjects for practice and for trying new settings or techniques.

    My favourite images occur when a gull is approaching for a gentle landing. It broadens and lowers its tail which projects a very elegant look especially against a soft background of clouds.

    Some gulls approach their landings much more aggressively as though they are demonstrating their skills to others. These approaches include sharp turns, intense dives and barrel rolls. These situations are more challenging to capture.

    In my area, some gulls are banded as part of a research study. The added bonus of photographing these gulls is that you can submit the band number and learn the history of the bird. A few weeks ago, I reported a sighting and learned the gull was banded in 2008. It had been sighted multiple times in Quebec and New York State.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks Don. I should have mentioned that about 25 years ago I did an article for Birder’s World magazine entitled, “Go for the Gulls!”

      with love, arite