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Falklands Land-based IPT Update

Falklands Land-based IPT Update

I was able to get online briefly on Bleaker Island on the morning of Wednesday, January 2, 2019. The trip has been beyond an amazing success. The four folks in the two-week group — multiple IPT veterans Donna Borden, Beverly Still, and Tony Zielinski along with first-timer Steve Rentmeesters, head back to Stanley on Friday for a Murrell Farm Rockhopper outing and then back to Santiago, Chile on Saturday. Multiple IPT veterans Anita North, Loren Waxman, and Eugen Dolan continue on to Rookery Cabin on Saunders tomorrow. We finish up with four nights at Volunteer Point before heading back to Santiago on 12 January. I should be back in the office (and back in the pool) on the afternoon of Monday, January 14, 2019.

My ability to respond to e-mails is quite limited so please continue to be patient.

with love, artie

ps: Comments on several of the blog posts that were published automatically while I was offline were inadvertently closed … Apologies for that.

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