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Tuesday July 18, 2017 Stuff


It is nasty and windy and raining here on Kodiak on the morning of Tuesday, July 18. I am not sure if the float planes will be flying today. If they are, and I hope that they will be, I will be offline until sometime on Monday, July 24. If you have any questions […]

Professional Post Processing Guide NeatImage v8.2 Update. And Tons More Learning. My Bad with regards to the exposure compensation/Manual mode issues. And my bad with regards to the analogue scale.


My flights yesterday were long and relatively painless. My flight from Anchorage to Kodiak was delayed an hour making my long day even longer 🙂 As I approached security at MCO for my flight to Seattle I was thinking how blessed I am. Blessed by relatively good health. Blessed to be going to yet […]

Travel Miracles. And Carpet-neck Scissors Preening Tips ...

Travel Miracles

For starters, for the first time in decades on a photo trip, I got down to only a single checked bag: 49.75 pounds. Why? There is a weight limit on the float plane from Kodiak to Katmai and I finally decided to comply. It was difficult, but I wound up not having to […]