I Surprised Myself at the Last Second: My Japan Gear Bag. And the 2017 Japan in Winter IPT Announced.

What’s Up?

I began this blog post on Thursday past and am finishing it on my MCO to LAX flight on the way to my connecting flight to Tokyo. It is an amazing world that we live in: I am online on a jetliner at 30,000 feet via free GoGoInFlight passes from my Platinum AMEX […]

A Hundred Bucks for a PDF? You Gotta Be Nuts! And two more Used 1D X bodies and more...

What’s Up?

I worked on this and other upcoming blog posts over the course of several days. I am putting the finishing touches on it at 4:15am Sunday morning, February, 7, 2016. I am at a hotel just outside the airport and will be on their 5:30am shuttle. I fly to Los Angeles this morning […]

A Two-Image Comparative Critique along with a tough exposure question and some 5DS R Image Quality

What’s Up?

Friday was a two-zillion e-mail day, a little bit busier in that regard than is usual. The air was quite chilly for my swim but the pool was only down one degree to 77 so I was fine until I got out.

I was pleased to learn that Steve Leimberg’s 1D X […]