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It Does Not Get Any Easier Than This ...


We had a great morning at DeSoto on Sunday with flying and diving Brown Pelicans. In addition, our friendly oystercatcher was chowing down in the same spot on the same stuff. After a few hours we were headed back to the hotel when I spotted two handsome Wood Storks. We got really close, talked […]

My Very Favorite Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Lens with Internal 1.4x Extender Fort Desoto Image


With a tame oystercatcher feeding in an atypical food-rich setting, we had a great morning on the DeSoto Fall IPT; we followed that with a long — 2 1/2 hours — and great image review/Photoshop working lunch session, Instructor Nap Time, and a lousy afternoon. The latter was caused by very strong southeast winds […]

You Can't Do This With a Fixed Focal Length Lens ...


I got to DeSoto early on Friday morning for my second pre-IPT scouting session. I found a nice flock of spoonbills and wound up getting so close that I ditched the 500 II and went with the 100-400 II hand held. On the way out of the park I found a nice low Osprey […]