Martin Mikulas 400 DO II Group Photo/Finding Subjects in the Shade On a Sunny Afternoon...

Gotta Run!

The luggage truck will be here at 4:30am UK time. It is just after 8pm and I gotta get to bed soon. The alarm is set for 3:35am. Then to Edinburgh Airport, then Newark, then Orlando to be picked up by Jim after dinner east cost time…

Good night!

Part […]

Hanging Back as a Strategy/100-400 II Versatility Continued...

Be Careful What You Wish For; You Just Might Get It

Though most Brits, especially those on holiday, gloried in the blue skies and unusually warms temperatures along the northeast coast of the UK, a bit more overcast would have been welcomed by this bird photographer. Well, we got our wish on Saturday; there were […]

The Start of Perhaps My Best 20 Minutes Ever: Part I

What’s Up?

Peter Kes flew in from Switzerland and joined us on Thursday evening. With many folks clamoring for Photoshop and image review, both denise and I skipped the full day puffin boat to meet their needs. We conducted several great sessions broken up by a fish and chips lunch at a local restaurant proclaimed […]