The Calm Before the Wind...

The Streak Continues: 359

We had our fourth in a row Wonderful Festival of the Cranes Early Morning Workshop group and everyone learned a ton; we rocked ‘em again. Learn more about our amazing weather day below and more in a coming blog post.

Coming soon: a free Bosque Site Guide update for all: [...]

Mayhem at 35m: Like it or hate it?

Screen Capture

Mac Help Needed

Arash sent me the updated DPP 4 Guide with the sharpness and noise reduction tables updates for the 7D II. When I click on he PDF I get the error message above. Arash is also on a Mac so the problem makes no sense to me :). [...]

What I Said (about the Canon EOS-7D Mark II at Bosque...)

The Streak Continues: 357

Denise and I rocked ‘em again on our second Festival Early Morning In the Field workshop. We had fifteen folks. The pre-dawn sky offered a bit more color than the day before but was still pretty boring but everyone learned a ton. The crane pool was only so-so but everyone learned [...]