Canon EOS-7D Mark II Mystery Image, Bill Eaton Stuff, and 7D II Ship-date News

The Streak Continues: 326

I photographed at DeSoto yesterday morning with client-friend Bill Eaton who drove over on Sunday afternoon from his home in Stuart FL. (See more on Bill below.) Despite what most would rate as dismal conditions, we had a great morning and we both learned a ton. We used lots of high [...]

Alone at DeSoto with the Beta Canon EOS-7D Mark II

The Streak Continues: 325

Yesterday was a full day of photography for me alone at Fort DeSoto with lots of image processing during my midday break. And answering a few e-mails. But I am still miles behind. This blog post, the 325th in a row, took me about 2 1/2 hours to prepare including the [...]

Canon EOS-7D Mark II/An In-depth Look at ISO 1600

The Streak Continues: 324

Yesterday was more work, more swim, an ice bath, and NFL on the tube. Arash should be just about finishing the final PDF of the DPP 4 RAW Conversion Guide as I type on Sunday evening. We should have it for sale this coming week. This blog post, the 324th in [...]