So Good That I Needed Two Cards! Plus ID Quiz

The Streak Continues: 138

I am publishing this blog post at 7:56am in Amsterdam, 1:56am in Florida. I am waiting for my bags. With severe thunderstorms in Orlando I just made my connection in Detroit. The flight was an easy one and I got a few hours of sleep towards the end. It feels like [...]

One Business You Do Not Want to Get Into; What to Do With a Fizzle?

Another Gatorland Short Notice Saturday Full-Day In-the-Field Workshop: Saturday May 3, 2014 Announced Here for the First Time

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The Streak Continues: 137

It is 5:42 am. Though I leave for the airport at 10:30am for my flights to Amsterdam for the Holland Tulip IPT, I still have not begun [...]

The Canon 300mm f/2.8L IS II/2X III/1D X: An Unexpectedly Viable Rig for Hand Held Flight Photography

The Streak Continues

Well. I am starting to think about packing for my flights to Holland leaving Orlando on Tuesday afternoon and getting into Amsterdam on Wednesday morning. The Holland Tulip IPT begins on Thursday afternoon.

This post marks 136 straight days with a new educational blog post. With so many folks getting in [...]