Using Flash: First Impressions Can Be Deceiving...

Join me at Gatorland for a ton of learning. If you want to learn to use your flash, you will not want to miss this one. Click on the composite image to enjoy a larger version. Click on the composite to enjoy the larger size.

The Gatorland Short Notice Saturday Full-Day In-the-Field [...]

Round and Round...

The Streak Continues: 145

I published this post just after 7:00am Amsterdam time, about 1:00am on the east coast. We enjoyed another great morning at Keukenhof–the place is amazing, and then enjoyed a touch of Holland on our afternoon visit to Delft. Not to mention one of the best meals that any of us had [...]

One of My Very Favorite Wading Bird Species...

The Streak Continues: 144

I published this post at 6:00am Amsterdam time; that is noon on the east coast. We enjoyed a great morning at Keukenhof and then had too much fun photographing the windmills and Great Crested Grebes at Kinderdijk.

This post marks 144 straight days with a new blog post. With so [...]