The Canon EOS-7D Mark II: Wading Through the Morass & DPP 4.0 Camera Compatibility Issues and Info

The Streak Continues: 293

I am having a great time being at home and taking good care of myself. Eating just two meals a day, breakfast and lunches of protein and vegetables only, I have lost more than five pounds slowly. My left knee and my right shoulder are both improving a lot. I spent [...]

Canon EOS-7D Mark II AF at f/8 & Mode Dial Info/ DPP 4.0 Before and After Magic

The Streak Continues: 292

I am almost finished with the first edit of the DPP 4.0 RAW Conversion eGuide that I am doing with Arash Hazeghi. We spoke on the phone yesterday for a bit so I have some re-writing to do today. We will spend an hour or two on the phone on Saturday [...]

Difficult Questions

EOS-7D Mark II Thanks!

Thanks a stack to the 15 folks who pre-ordered their EOS 7D Mark II bodies (and lots of accessories) using a BAA affiliate link. If you missed all of yesterday’s excitement, click here. And best of luck to Geoffrey Cuff of the Cayman Islands with the Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO [...]