A New Bright Sunny Day Creative Technique: Glamour Glow Without the Glamour? And a Multiple Choice Quiz

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My 2015 taxes are done and on their way to the accountant! I came up with a new method for preparing my end of the work last year when I got audited for 2014; it puts nearly all of the responsibility on me and almost none on daughter Jennifer. My return will be […]

A Lightweight Hand Holdable 150-600 Zoom Lens for Under $1,000? It Can't Be...

What’s Up

I am thisclose to finishing my 2015 taxes. I will have them on the way to Chip Jackson tomorrow for sure. I enjoyed another wonderful 30 lap swim (22 laps is a half mile). My ice bath was very chilly. Not sure why but I have lost a solid five pounds in the […]

100-400II/5DS R Flight: 2X3 or Pano Crop? Your Call

What’s Up

I am just about finished with my 2015 taxes awaiting a only return e-mail from my accountant on a wages question. I enjoyed my longest swim in many months and am heading for an ice bath in a very few minutes.

If you are interested in the 2017 Japan in Winter trip […]