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I Am Not Kidding About ILE. More On Checking Sharpness at 100 Percent

What’s Up?

I went back down to the lake on Friday morning on a gorgeous day. Armed only with the Nikon 500 PF, the back-up TC-E14, and my back-up D850 I did quite well. There was a 250 bird-feeding spree consisting of about 200+ breeding plumage Great Egrets and an assortment of other herons and […]

A Blue Streak

What’s Up?

On Wednesday, after Patrick Sparkman spotted something in a RAW file that I had sent to him and others, I re-focus fined-tuned my main D850 body with the TC-E14 and the 600 VR, the combo that had been giving the biggest problems in terms of sharpness. Patrick suggested a change in my micro-adjusting […]

AF Strategy for Verticals with All Camera Systems. The AF Quandary. And Big Glass Price Drops!

What’s Up?

Thanks to the technical brilliance of Patrick Sparkman (once again!) I may have solved my 600 VR AF problems. I hope to be heading down to the lake when it gets light here and find that the proof is in the pudding. If it is, I will have a ton to share here […]