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Not An Easy Bird ...


I have been walking a ton — more than 11 miles yesterday. That included 22 holes of golf. Very badly played golf. On my 5.5-mile Wednesday morning walk I had four southbound migrant Least Sandpipers flying over the lake down by the pier. I have started work on my 2017 taxes will begin work […]

Sally, Light on Her Feet: A Retrospective


Lots of walking. Lots of putting. And on Monday afternoon, I actually played a few holes. Thanks to Amy. Speaking of Amy, she visited a friend in Sarasota recently and shared some really nice sunrise/sunset land-/sea-scape images in her most recent blog post here.

I started this post from scratch early on Tuesday […]

Click White Balance. And Gull Feeding Questions -- ethical or not?


It’s great to be home and eating well. My jet-lag is abating. Last night I slept from 8pm until 5:45am: 9 hours and 45 minutes. I have spent a good deal of the past few days napping and resting and reading; perhaps I can get some work done today. I will be starting on […]