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You Be the . And Improving Your Post-processing Skills Will Make You a Better Photographer.


The Zebra Swallowtail did not return on Tuesday. I walked an easy 4.6 miles in three sessions. The left knee continues to improve. I was glad to learn that Will Craig sold his original Canon EOS 7D camera body in excellent condition (with fewer than 26,000 actuations) for $299.00 soon after it was listed […]

Why I Go With One ... The Most Beautiful Creature Ever? Bins.

Why I Go With One …

My long-time policy has always been to go with one photographer on US IPTs. Why? If you are interested enough in learning and are willing to take time off from work and travel (often by air) to the location, I never want to disappoint you. That is true even […]

Why Go to Machias Seal Island? Announcing the New, Expanded 2019 UK Puffins and Gannets IPT. Two Couples Needed!


It was a weekend of walking and treatments and lots of football. And more than a few folks wrote seeking gear advice so that kept me a bit busy. If you would like to photograph puffins from close range and in flight next summer do consider signing up for the just-announced IPT below as […]