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ID Quiz Winner. Definitely not an Anhinga! And a mystery (leucistic?) juvenile Reddish Egret ... R6 bodies in stock!

Canon R6 Bodies in Stock now at Bedfords/R5 Bodies on the Way!

Steve Elkins asked me to let you know that he is receiving a good number of Canon EOS-R6 bodies today. Get yours by clicking here. Enter the BIRDSASART discount code at checkout, save 3%, and enjoy free second-day air Fed-Ex shipping. And shoot […]

Getting what I went for, in spades, at 1200mm ...

Your Favorite

All are invited to leave a comment letting us know which of today’s four featured images they like best. As always, please let us know why you made your choice. Comparative comments are also welcome. I will share my favorites in order from one to four here in a few days. Along with […]

THE Best Image from a Really Great Afternoon! Exposure is so much easier with SONY Zebras. And a Left Bank Dinner

What’s Up?

North Beach was dead again on Saturday morning. And again, the weather was gorgeous and the wind perfect. I did not wait long before heading to my back-up spot, intent on making some nice head portraits of a killer-plumaged Laughing Gull at 1200mm. And I did just that. Miraculously, the single most beautiful […]