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It's a Start. And Getting Better ... And Two Great-buy Big Lenses for Sale!

What’s Up?

Anita North and I have been working like dogs in the midday Texas heat. We’ve had some good chances and DAY 2 was better than DAY 1 — more birds, more species, better set-ups. Creating a feeder set-up is a long, exacting, and arduous endeavor. The best way to sum it up is […]

Excited in the Rio Grande Valley. The Roma, TX IPT Gear Bag

What’s Up?

Too tired on Sunday evening to finish packing I set my alarm for 3:25am and as always, woke before the alarm. My pick-up was for 4:45am but the drivers always arrive early since they have no idea in the world where Indian Lake Estates is. By 4:30 I was finished packing and in […]

Do-able, But Possibly Not Advisable ...

What’s Up?

I am 100% convinced that NPS repaired my 600 VR (to some degree) but that the TC-E14 that they repaired was the problem all along. When I tried creating sharp images with the 600 VR and the repaired TC, the sharpness issues remained. So I tried my back-up TC-E14 instead. I focus Fine-tuned […]