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Driving Miss Artie

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That's me hard at work in my back seat office. Image with the Canon G-10 courtesy of and copyright Chris Dodds.

Chris Dodds and I have been getting along famously now for nearly two weeks.  We keep things fun with lots of humor.  When we started out Chris could not deal with me working on the computer while sitting in the front passenger seat as the laptop blocked the side-view mirror on my side and in low light, the glare of the computer screen bothered him, so I set up my office in the back seat on the passenger side.   I plug in using an Eliminator brand inverter from Canadian Tire.  It runs silently.  The Radio Shack model that I own operates with a loud hum.  When it is sunny and I need to work on images, I set up the Think Tank Pixel Pop-up Sunscreen V2.0.  It is large enough so that you can actually put your head inside the unit.  I have not found it necessary to do that as it blocks all sun glare except when we are headed down the road angled only slightly away from a low-in-the-sky sun (and that happens very  rarely.)    If you ever have the need to work on your laptop in bright conditios, this is one product that you cannot live without.  (To learn more about the Pixel Sunscreen or the great Airport International rolling bag that I use, click here:  http://www.birdsasart.com/thinktank.htm  Follow the links to receive a free accessory bag with purchases of $50 or more. )

Whether it be luggage or photography gear, I am slower at getting my stuff together than Chris.  He never fails to remind me of this with a smiling, “Hurry up Grandma.”  As I have noted before, Chris has done the great bulk of the driving leaving me free to get some work done.  I shall miss him when he heads back to Montreal early on May 1.  In any case, as I get settled into my back-seat office and we head down this interstate or that state highway, Chris always pipes up with his latest mantra, “Driving Miss Artie.”  It always puts a smile on my face.   (And I have to admit, it’s not that bad having a chauffeur!)

Tommorrow, I will be posting some images from the Ramirez Racnh in Roma, TX where we are currently holed up thanks to the amazing generosity of Roel Ramirez and his family.

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  • avatar Linda Sewell


    Love the new blog. BTW, you don’t appear to be wearing your seatbelt….


    • Hi Linda, You are correct. I was not wearing my seat belt. We were parked in front of the gallery in Fredericksburg Did you really think that Chris made the photograph while going 77mmph on I-35???