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New-Look Blog Thanks/Unexpected Controversy on BPN (Old News)

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Peter Kes handfeeding a Snowy Egret on last year’s SW FLA President’s Week IPT. Image created with the Canon 15mm fish eye lens.

I first met Peter Kes late last winter when he traveled from his home in Switzerland to attend the SF FLA President’s Week IPT. (For new folks IPTs are Instructional Photo Tours.) He and the rest of us had a great time and Peter and I quickly became friends. Peter is a high level/high tech IT (information technology) consultant by trade. When I asked for help with my Word Press blog he graciously offered to help. With my busy travel schedule it took us a while to get Skyping but yesterday the new-look blog went live. I gotta say that Peter did an amazing job; the blog looks great, is easy on the eyes, and is easy to navigate. Thank you Peter for your help. If you need help with your blog, you can contact Peter here:

One of my favorite features of the new blog is the rotating 1000 x 160 pixel images that grace each page. This image switches as you navigate from page to page. There are ten now but I plan on adding lots more. When Peter asked me to send him ten 1000 x 160 pixel JPEGs my first thought was, “I don’t have any images that would work with that format.” In short order I was having way too much fun. Once you get an idea of the concept creating artistic slices like this can be a great way to improve your compostional skills and eye.

A very few comments from the last month were unavoidably lost during the process of switching from the old blog to the new blog. Apolgies to anyone who was affected. Feel free to repost and I will respond. (I love hearing Peter say the word “comments.” We say, KAH-mentz. Europeans say kuh-MENTZ. )

I first posted the image of Peter feeding the bird in BPN’s Friends and Family Forum thinking that it was a rather innocuous post :). Here is a link to the the original post:

Somewhat to my amazement, some folks took issue to the the fact that the group was feeding the acclimated birds. As the discussion developed, I moved the thread to the General Photography Discussion Forum here:
With 128 posts the thread generated tons of peaceful controversy. It is now a closed thread.

I hope that you enjoy the new-look blog!

18 comments to New-Look Blog Thanks/Unexpected Controversy on BPN (Old News)

  • Wow, What a nice surprise! I love the new design of your Blog…everything is just right! Now, you need to add video!

  • Joyce Egyes

    Dear Artie,
    I am always in awe of your work. Peter has found a way with this blog to portray the real Arthur Morris.THE BLOG IS BEAUTIFUL AND YOU ARE THE GREATEST.
    Sincerely and with Love,
    Joyce Egyes

  • I like the new look – very sharp and professional, as befits your work. Kudos to Peter Kes.

  • Paul Hokanson


    I like the format, but found the older format, with the black text on a white background easier to read. I think usually, black or a darker text color on a white or lighter background is easier on the eyes.

    I always enjoy reading your blogs and the wealth of information you provide!!

    Thanks for all your work.


    • birdsasart

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Most folks think the new version is miles better and so do I. I find it easy to read and far more pleasing. Try tilting your screen forward or back to adjust the brightness or use the calibration strip at the bottom of each BPN page. That’s what I do! BTW, YAW!

  • Jay Gould

    Artie, the new Blog is both beautiful and outstanding!

    Reading “Artie” is certainly a significant part of my daily/weekly/monthly reading – and I enjoy reading and learning from Artie very much.

    Looking forward to digging into the new 7D and 1DIV guides next week when I return to Australia; wish I had the 7D seven months ago when I started my South America trip.

    Best regards, Jay

  • Bill Eaton

    New layout is really fantastic,kudos to Peter and Art!!

  • Caspar Davis

    The new design looks very nice but I find the blue on black a little hard to read. Otherwise, it’s great, and the stripe picture headers are awesome!

    • birdsasart

      Caspar, Thanks for taking the time to comment. I gotta say that the light blue on black is very easy to read from this end. Perhaps tilting you screen to change the brightness would help. Please let me know.

  • Artie,
    Excellent blog design and well done to both you and Peter! Lots of new links to what sees to be some interesting stuff and I will in time go through these.


  • The new blog design is fantastic. Very well done!

  • Aubrey Silvertooth

    The new look is great! Please, continue to teach on the new look site!

  • So the thread is closed ?

    128 posts of “peaceful controversy” – is that sarcastic and that’s why the thread is closed ? I know how forums can get out of hand sometimes…

    I personally never like the idea of thread being closed to “stop” the communication and discussion. Regardless if its of a bunch of birds being fed in Florida…

    Like the new blog look…

    • birdsasart

      Hi Dustin, Yes. The thread is closed as I stated and as it stated on the thread. My remark was not intended to be sarcastic; though folks disagreed there was little if any rancor and nobody took anything personally. I agree with you about not closing a thread to stop communication and discussion. I disagreed with the decision to close both that thread and others. Glad that you like the new-look blog. artie