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Canon Digital Learning Center

A BIRDS AS ART image is currently being featured on the Canon Digital Learning. You can check it out here:

When you visit, be sure to check out my Explorer of Light Gallery and to surf around on the site. There is lots of interesting stuff there: I just had 30 minutes of my life disappear while following various links 🙂

4 comments to Canon Digital Learning Center

  • Ian

    Congrats! I would never have guessed that you created the image like that so I was fascinated to find out how you were able to get the shot. Also, Explorer of Light or not, I think it’s an honor to be featured so prominently on Canon’s site. Also, it seems to be that the best shots come from making the best of less than ideal conditions, which was definitely the case here. I love the photo as well, but I think that’s a given!

  • Vince

    Not wanting to sound like a butt-kisser, but that image is top 5 bird shot ever for me.

  • Jay Gould

    It is a great site and you deserve the accolades! I have always loved that image.