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Fractalius, More Kudos to Peter Kes, & Bulletin Archives Info

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Denise Ippolito created this Glow 100 Fractalius for me as I could not find the download code so that I could put the plug-in on my new computer. Thanks Denise! My original “Marine Iguana with its tongue out” image appeared in BAA Bulletin 332. You can find the image in the Recent Bulletin Archives here on the blog; more on that to follow 🙂 .


To learn more about this great plug-in, check out Denise’s free Fractalius tutorials here. To purchase the plug-in which runs only on PCs, please use this link. To see the spectacular images in the original Bulletin feature on Fractalius, click here and scroll down.

More Kudos to Peter Kes

If you are now enjoying the spectacular quality of the 800 wide JPEGs on the blog and in the Recent Bulletins Archive, you can thank Peter Kes. As most of you know, Peter is responsible for the new-look website and the new-look blog. His help in getting the ball rolling has been invaluble; Peter has selflessly shared both his knowledge and his time with me. If you would like help with your blog or website, you can inquire about Peter’s services by contacting him through his website.

Bulletin Archives Info

For years the original BAA Bulletin Archives have been a tremendous free resource for nature photographers. Aside from tons of great information, the original Bulletin Archives feature a great Google search feature that makes it easy to find the information you need. You can still find the original Bulletin Archives by visiting the and then clicking on the Bulletin Archives link, the last one in the second row. That will bring you here. You can also get to the original Bulletin Archives from the blog: put your cursor over BAA Bulletins and then select Birds as Art Bulletin Archives from the two-item drop down menu.

Many have noted that the past few Bulletins have not been archived in the original Bulletin Archives; they are correct. At some point during the improvement phase it became impossible for Jennifer to upload each new Bulletin into Front Page. Peter and Jennifer worked on that today via Skype. (Peter is presently living in Switzerland.) Jen should have Bulletins 330 through 333 up in the original Bulletin Archives no later than early next week.

In the meantime Peter has been working on helping me to prepare new Bulletins via the blog and in the process has been archiving the recent Bulletins on the blog. The new presentation will be a huge improvement as compared to the Bulletins of the past. You can check out the new-look Bulletins in the Recent Bulletin Archives that is accessible from the blog. Put your cursor over BAA Bulletins and then select Recent Birds as Art Bulletins from the two-item drop down menu. The “missing” Bulletins, 330, 331, 332, and 333 can be found there at the top. Here is the direct link.

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  • avatar Jay Gould

    Denise’s image is over the top!! I must SOMEDAY play with this program.

    Your Blog as enhanced by Peter is also over the top 🙂 Cheers, Jay