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Travel Tales/Jet-lagged? & What is It?

Travel Tales/Jet-lagged?

After over-nighting in Oslo I flew to Newark on Monday. With my times zones up-side down and my body confused by a week of 24-hour sunlit days I slept the first three hours. I plugged my computer in and got lots done during the last five hours of the trip. I grabbed a baggage trolley while waiting to claim my two checked bags, make my way through customs, and re-check my luggage. (Thanks a stack to Robert O’Toole to turning me on to Global Entry; you can breeze through customs in less than a minute at one of the 20 participating airports.

After 20 minutes or so I realized that I was no longer in possession of my ThinkTank Airport SecurityTM V2.0 rolling bag. The one with about $25,000+ of photo gear in it….. It was then that I remembered that I had chosen to roll the bag rather than put it on the carrier. I went back the spot where I had been waiting and saw only a large group of SAS flight attendants waiting for their bags. Each with their own black roll-aboard. I checked the men’s room; not there either. I went back to the first spot and there, right in the middle of the flight attendants, was my bag. Whew. Great to have Elaine still watching over and taking care of me after 16+ years.

Switching terminals in Newark I was hassled by the TSA guy who checks your boarding pass and ID. “You have three carry-ons, your rolling bag, your computer bag, and your vest.” I countered with my usual “The vest is no heavier than a winter coat” line but he was having none of it. So I decided to play the diabetes card. I opened the flap on one of the large pockets of my Xtrahand vest and showed him the blue Frio cold-pack with my with my insulin in it and said, “I need the vest to carry all of my diabetic supplies.” “Oh, no problem,” he said.

That was only the third time I have been hassled in more than 100 flights over the past decade. I have always been able to talk my way onto the plane. The vest offers protection if you are ever busted for the weight of your roll-aboard; you can store lots of heavy items in the vest…. (Click here for basic info on the vest or here to see the latest feature I did on my Big Lens Magnum Vest: “Watch My Back.”

We landed in Orlando on time at 6:15pm. I stopped to send a stack of important e-mail (after getting on line with my Droid) and then headed to baggage claim. Halfway to the shuttle train I reached into my pocket to check that my phone was there. It was not. I raced back to the gate hoping that the phone would be on the armrest of the seat where I had placed it (all the while cautioning myself not to forget to take it….) It was there. Elaine again.

Grabbed my bags and a cab to my car at the Courtyard Marriott, made Publix by 8:15, and was home by 9:00pm. Inject at 9:05, eat at 9:35, and in bed by 11. I slept soundly for eight hours and am up and getting lots done. Jet-lagged? Yesterday for sure with all of my brain lapses but feeling great right now.

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Abstract. See below.

What is It?

What is it? What focal length was used to create the image? Answer in 36 hours.

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  • For those of us who can’t play the insulin/diabetes card, what happens then? I guess we are not to be too dependent on the vest…yes?

    Hey Ken, See the answer in BAA Bulletin 377. artie

  • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

    Thanks all for playing. You can learn what is is here.

  • avatar Ron C

    Hmm. . . Looks like a huge flock taking off, White-faced Ibis? Ron

  • avatar naveena

    It looks like white portions are the snows and black portions are the trees and their shadows in the mountains. At the foreground there is plains covered with snows. May be 800mm lens + 1.4 III TC is used to make this. I may be totally wrong 🙂 I cant think of how you made this excellent abstract!

  • Travel Tales/TTRoller … I CAN’T IMAGINE THE FEELING ! I am 10 yrs older then you, Artie, and just starting my ” Photography Adventure.” I have the same TTRoller filled somewhat like yours. My initial feeling/jolt would be DEVASTATING LOSS … followed by personal CONDEMNATION. My hunch is because of your experience, you might have created a different feeling. I will probably never travel like you do, however, maybe the learning point is, ” What can be done ahead of time to make loss from such a situation less devastating ? ”

    The Image … Since I am Norwegian but don’t live in Norway, I’ll go go along with Alf.

    Though I am a lover of what is I will admit to being a bit concerned. :). But I would never go the self condemnation route–nothing to gain there. See The Work of Byron Katie for help in that regard. “Who would you be without your story?”

  • avatar Bob Penny

    I see two birds taking off. The second one is in flight and the closest one is ready to launch. Secondly, it could be two birds landing. Otherwise, it is an MRI of your brain at 39,000 feet!

  • avatar Doug Faulder

    That is why pilots should not fly, and doctors not operate, when sleep deprived!

  • avatar Carl

    Looks like smoke!

  • avatar Bob Abela

    It reminds me of a wave, tightly composed and underexposed to accentuate the white foam…but I honestly can’t say for sure what it is.

  • MRI of a jet-lagged brain pattern – why you forgot your Think Tank Bag and Droid!! Ha! Just kidding!!!!!

  • avatar Nancy Bell

    My first thought after reading your narrative was a visual of a jet-lagged brain, the foreground being blood flow through a major artery. That’s the appeal of an abstract, one can impose their own thoughts on the image.
    BTW, I am totally envious of your Norway trip and have just added it to my “want-to-do” list.

  • avatar Alan Lillich

    I agree with Alf, it is a posterized image of melt water streams flowing down a hill, with fjord water in the foreground. I’m going to say it was shot with the 800, in order to reach across the water.

  • avatar cheapo

    Could it be the spirits of Willem Barentsz and his cabin boy enjoying a walk along the beach?

  • avatar Don Nelson

    To me this looks like reflection** off a braided stream falling steeply through a scree field into the Ocean in Svalbard. I am betting this was with your 70-200 II.

  • Looks like lava flow into the sea. Could also be a waterway (fall) coming into a fjord. I’d guess 300-400mm focal length. Interesting abstract.

  • Hi…
    This I think is snow or melting snow/ice flowing down a hillside into a fjord in Spitsbergen…? I was there 3 years ago when we ended at 80 degrees north. Beautiful place! As I am living in Norway, I should spend more time in Svalbard. Plan to go next year and to go all the way round the islands. Nordaustlandet is supposed to be magic!
    Thanks for beautiful pictures from the frozen country!