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Ten Absolutely Free Photoshop 6 Video Tutorials!

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I subscribe to the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter on all BIRDS AS ART computers, office and laptop. Why? Tim has been the Photoshop guru for nature photographers for well more than a decade. His eNewsletters are filled with great info and tips. The last few have featured questions on what a RAW file is and is not, how color space affects RAW files (hint: it does not!), and how color space and color profiles affect your prints. I almost forgot; the e-newsletter includes links to Tim’s blog posts of interest and to upcoming teaching gigs. See below for my very favorite recent e-newsletter feature.

You can sign up to receive Tim’s missives on a regular basis by clicking here.

Note: Tim has been a guest co-leader on several BAA IPTs. He is a skilled instructor with a subtle sense of humor that always leaves me in stitches.

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Ten Absolutely Free Photoshop 6 Video Tutorials!

This from Tim’s March 22 e-newsletter:

Tim’s Grey’s Top Ten Favorite New Features in Photoshop CS6 Beta

Adobe has announced the public availability of Photoshop CS6 Beta, which offers an advance look at some cool new features.

To help photographers gain a sense of what they can expect from the new update, I’ve put together (with the help of my friends at video2brain) a free (yes, free!) video training course highlighting my top ten favorite new features in Photoshop CS6 Beta. I won’t simply list out my top ten new features, but will show you how they can be put to use, so you’ll get a better idea of all Photoshop CS6 Beta has to offer.

You can read a bit of background on this free new video course in my latest blog post here.

And you can view the video course, called “Photoshop CS6 Beta: Tim Grey’s Top 10” through my video2brain online store here.

I hope you enjoy this free video course. And of course, you can bet that as soon as a full and final updated release of Photoshop comes out, I’ll be ready with new video training courses to help you make the most of your digital photos. Stay tuned! Thank you, Tim Grey


Below, in descending order, are Tim’s top ten CS-6 features. I have not looked at them all yet but I am sure that my #1 fave would be the Content-Aware Move Tool and my #2 (or possibly tied for #1) would be the Improved Patch Tool. Heck, Digital Basics folks and blog and Bulletin regulars know how much I love the old Patch Tool.

The length of each video follows the title. And here is the best news of all: not only does Tim describe the new features in each video but he teaches us how to use them. Thanks Tim!

#10: Paragraph and Character Styles (04:57)
#9: Panel Updates (01:42)
#8: Auto Brightness/Contrast (01:32)
#7: Auto Curves and Levels (01:40)
#6: Perspective Crop Tool (03:10)
#5: Sample Size for Magic Wand (03:18)
#4: Crop Tool Overhaul (03:45)
#3: Content-Aware Move Tool (04:04)
#2: Improved Patch Tool (02:52)
#1: Oil Paint Filter (03:59)

Again, you need to click here to access the free video tutorials. After you’ve viewed them all let us know which new feature would be your #1 CS-6 favorite. And why.

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