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A Rare Photographic Opportunity

The Streak Goes On…

The Winter in Japan IPT group leaves the hotel tomorrow at oh-dark-hundred for our flights to Hokkaido; if all goes well, we will be photographing Japanese Red-crowned Cranes tomorrow afternoon. Alan and Pat Lillich and Denise and I spent the morning photographing on the grounds of the Imperial Palace here in Tokyo. We had great fun and enjoyed a great Japanese-style lunch near Tokyo Station. You can see Denise’s favorite image from the morning here. What can I say? The girl is fast. I have not even looked at my images from the palace grounds yet.

This post marks 75 straight days with a new blog post, a record by far that should be extended for at least another day or so, or not. Or more…. I am not sure how good the internet access (if any) will be at our lodge in Hokkaido…..There is a small chance that I may not get to post for several weeks but I sure hope not. To show your appreciation for my efforts here, we ask that use our B&H and Amazon affiliate links for all of your B&H and Amazon purchases. Please check the availability of all photographic accessories in the BIRDS AS ART Online Store. We sell only what I use and depend on. We will not sell you junk. We know what you need to make creating great images easy and fun. And we are always glad to answer your gear questions via e-mail.

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Image and card design copyright 2103: Denise Ippolito/A Creative Adventure

A Rare Photographic Opportunity

Torres del PaineA Creative Adventure Workshop

Join Denise Ippolito for her first ever Torres del Paine workshop. As many of you know, she presented a program to Avistar Patagonia in November of 2013. We spent our days traveling to the famed Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. After the workshop was over Denise joined David Tipling and me for a few days of photography on our own at Torres del Paine. Once David left Denise and I met up with two professional guides and stayed inside the park for a week scouting and photographing on our own. She fell in love with the place and knew immediately that she would return with clients as this place has something for everyone. We will enjoy landscape photography, wildlife photography, bird photography and creative photography.


This 3-frame in-camera Natural HDR image was created at Torres del Paine National Park, Chile with the Gitzo 3532 LS carbon fiber tripod, the Mongoose M3.6 head, the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens, the Canon 1.4x EF Extender III (Teleconverter) (at 205mm), and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital camera body ISO 1600. Evaluative metering +1 1/3 stops yielded a base exposure of 1/125 sec. at f/5.6 (+/- 2 stops) in Av mode.

Two sensors to the right of the central sensor/AI Servo Rear Focus/Surround AF as framed active at the moment of exposure. Click here if you missed the latest version of the Rear Focus Tutorial. Be sure to click on the image to enjoy a larger version.

Image copyright 2013: Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Participants will fly to the airport in Santiago, Chile (SCL) and take a connecting flight to Punta Arenas (PUQ). There we will be picked up by hotel van; these transfers are included. It is a four hour drive and most hotels do not include this pricey transfer. Once we reach our hotel we will check in and everything will be included: all meals, open bar, bilingual guides, transfers to and from the park, horseback riding if you want- or simply just photographing the horses. Note: your round trip airfare to and from Punta Arenas, Chile is not included in the trip fee. Denise has arranged for a private photo shoot of the horses running with gauchos. Anyone wishing to bring a spouse may; the price for a spouse or companion is the same. There will be other excursions, treks, and activities available as options. The group will photograph together in the mornings and again in the late afternoons (weather permitting). Free time can be enjoyed relaxing at the award-winning hotel, taking advantage of some of the amazingly plush amenities, downloading and reviewing images. or participating in small group image critique or Photoshop sessions with Denise.

Her goal is to help you create the best images at every stop of the journey. This will be an adventurous photography tour and Denise will be there to help you with your camera settings, lens selection, creative techniques and much more. December is the month that the Guanacos have their young; this may attract the Pumas into photographic range. We will hope to see Puma but our trip will not be based on that quest. December is one of the best times to visit the park for wildlife.

Torres del Paine/A Creative Adventure Photographic Workshop: December 9th- 17th. 2014: $6120 USD double occupancy.

This trip needs a minimum of 12 people to run; you will need to wait until you hear from Denise before booking your flights. Travel insurance with TSI is recommended. Click here for more information or to register. Please let Denise know that BIRDS AS ART sent you. 🙂


Image courtesy of and copyright Explora Patagonia.

The lodge/hotel, Explora Patagonia/Hotel Salto Chico). is the only hotel located in the heart of the extraordinary Torres del Paine National Park in central Patagonia. It is on the banks of the Salto Chico waterfall where we will have excellent view of the unique Paine Massif and two of the three impressive torres, or towers, that give the park its name. Situated on a 7.4-acre site, Explora Patagonia has 49 comfortable rooms, all with captivating views. The sophisticated design incorporates native lenga wood and cypress brought from the Guaitecas Archipelago, while the floor is made of almond wood. Each room has a small living area, hydromassage bath, and beds designed for deep, pleasurable sleep after a day of exploration.


Image courtesy of and copyright Explora Patagonia.

The hotel is the only lodge in the area with its own horses, horses that have been bred and trained especially to be ridden by gringos. Denise loves being outdoors experiencing nature in its rawest form, however, a clean, comfortable bed in a luxurious hotel with gourmet food is a nice way to end the day! The coffee is great! Denise does not know if that matters to you but it matters to her 🙂


If you’d like to learn from the two folks who created the images in the composite above do consider one of the trips below. Denise Ippolito’s images: Japanese leaf painting, skimmer in flight, curved Keukenhof paths with tulips, copulating terns, & pink dahlia. Artie’s images: Snow Geese snowstorm blur, crane landing silhouettes, Leopard with prey in tree, King Penguin, & vertical tulip. Note: Denise alone will be leading the Torres del Paine workshop.

A Creative Adventure/BIRDS AS ART Instructional Photo-Tours (IPTs)/Two great leaders: Arthur Morris & Denise Ippolito.

Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART www.BIRDSASART-blog.com for the latest images, info, & education
Denise Ippolito/A Creative Adventure www.deniseippolito.com: get yourself out of the box!

Denise’s e-books: Bloomin’ Ideas, A Guide to Filters & Effects, The Softer Side of Macro, & more. Free Monthly Creative MiniMag: www.deniseippolito.com/magazine

Nickerson Baby Beach-nesting Birds IPT, Long Island, NY: 3-Full Days/July 22-24, 2014: $1199.

Black Skimmers, Common Terns with chicks, American Oystercatcher & Piping Plover families; breeding behaviors including courtship feeding, display flight and combat, and copulations. Gulls and shorebirds.

UK Puffins IPT. Early July, 2014.

Details TBA. Please e-mail to be placed on the interested list.

Tanzania Serengeti Summer Safari: Leave US: August 9—return: August 24, 2014: $12,999.

Co-leaders: Arthur Morris & Todd Gustafson. Wildebeest/The Great Migration, cats, elephant, giraffe, zebra, birds & more. Please e-mail for brochure.

Swan Island Dahlia Farm IPT, Canby, OR, September 8-12, 2014: 5 FULL DAYS: $1699.

Leader: Denise Ippolito. 40 acres with 350+dazzling varieties of dahlias in a plethora of colors, shapes and sizes. Sharpen your technical skills and boost your creative juices. Daily assignments, image sharing, and Photoshop sessions.

Bosque del Apache 2014 A Creative Adventure/BIRDS AS ART “Creative Photography Instructional Photo-Tour.” (IPT). NOV 24-25, 2014. 2-FULL DAYS: $729.

Leaders: Denise Ippolito & Arthur Morris. Introductory Slide program: 7:00pm on Sunday 11/23. This IPT is perfect for folks who want to learn to think outside the box, to create new and different images. Learn to unleash your creative juices at the wondrous Bosque del Apache, NWR in San Antonio, NM.

Bosque del Apache 2014 BIRDS AS ART/A Creative Adventure Instructional Photo-Tour (IPT). NOV 29-DEC 3, 2014. Totaling 4 FULL-DAYS: $1449

Leaders: Arthur Morris and Denise Ippolito. Introductory Slide program: 7:00pm on Sunday 11/29. Tens of thousand of Snow Geese, 10,000 Sandhill Cranes, ducks, amazing sunrises, sunsets, and blast-offs. Live, eat, and breathe photography with two of the world’s premier photographic educators at one of their very favorite photography locations on the planet.

Antarctica/The Extended Expedition Voyage: Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and Falkland Islands: December 13, 2014 to January 10, 2015.

Please e-mail for details.

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IPT Info

Many of our great trips are filling up. See especially info on the Holland, Nickerson Beach, and Bosque IPTs. Two great leaders on most trips ensure that you will receive individual attention, have all of your questions answered, and learn a ton including how to think like a pro, see the situation, and get the right exposure every time. In addition you will have fun, and make lots of great images. Click here for IPT details and general information.

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