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BIRDS AS ART 2nd International Bird Photography Competition Digital Creations Category Winners & the Readership Vote


First Place: Great Horned Owl Painted/25 points

Great Horned Owl Painted

Congratulations to Carol Nichols


Second Place: Great Blue Heron Sun/24 points

Great Blue Heron Sun

Congratulations to Michael Libbe


Third Place: Delicate Spoonbill/23 points

Delicate Spoonbill

Congratulations to Angie Luzader

Pleasing Blurs Category Prizes

Thanks a stack to our great sponsors. Please note that prizes will not be sent until all of the category winners and the Grand Prize winner have been announced.

Digital Creations
First Prize Second Place Highly Commended Sponsor
Magnum Xtrahand Vest . . Vested Interest
$150 Gift Certificate $75 Gift Certificate $40 Gift Certificate B&H PHOTO VIDEO
$60 Gift Certificate $40 Gift Certificate $25 Gift Certificate Delkin Devices
Level 3 Gift Subscription Level 2 Gift Subscription Level 1 Gift Subscription Nature Photographer Magazine
$75 Gift Certificate $50 Gift Certificate $25 Gift Certificate Lens Coat


First Runner-up (tie): Black-necked Stilt Fract/22 points

Black-necked Stilt Fract

Congratulations to Andrew McLachlan


First Runner-up (tie): Inverted Snow Geese Blur/22 points

Inverted Snow Geese Blur

Congratulations to Cheryl Slechta


Third Runner-up (tie): Jacana Silhouette/21 points)

Jacana Silhouette

Congratulations to Faraaz Abdool


Third Runner-up (tie): Pelican World/21 points

Pelican World

Congratulations to Jessy Arnell


Fifth Runner-up (tie): Hummingbird Nest/20 points

Hummingbird Nest

Congratulations to Andrew McLachlan


Fifth Runner-up (tie): Razorbill Silhouette/20 points

Razorill Sihouette

Congratulations to Rachel Hollander


10th Place (tie): Upland Sandpiper Fract Sketch/19 points

Upland Sandpiper Fract Sketch

Congratulations to Andrew McLachlan


10th Place {tie): Wood Stork Fract/19 points

Wood Stork Fract

Congratulations to Don Poulton


12th Place (tie): Night-Heron Wing Stretch/18 points

Night-Heron Wing Stretch

Congratulations to Angie Luzader


12th Place (tie): Barred Owl Sketched Look/18 points

Barred Owl Sketched Look

Congratulations to Cheryl Slechta


Getting even a single image to the final round of judging in any category is a huge accomplishment. All of the photographs in the Digital Creations finals were extremely well done. Ironically, the first place tie in the public votes was made up of the first choice of the judges and an image that tied for last on the judges’ ballot. Congrats again to all the winning and honored photographers. To the public voters: for what it’s worth: I loved the Razorbill creation 🙂

Thanks to all the readers who voted. And thanks again to our sponsors and to the panel of judges. Special thanks to Denise Ippolito and Peter Kes who helped me with the early rounds of judging. Please feel free to comment on the any of the images or to analyze and compare the judging; please remember that judging any contest or voting on the images is purely subjective.

The Public Vote

1-(tie)-Barred Owl Sketched Look: 50 points.
2-(tie)-Great Horned Owl Painted: 50 points.
3-Great Blue Heron Sun: 33 points.
4-Delicate Spoonbill: 29 points.
5-Night-Heron Wing Stretch: 28 points.
6-Inverted Snow Geese Blur: 27 points.
7-Black-necked Stilt Fract: 20 points.
8-Hummingbird Nest: 19 points.
9-Wood Stork Fract: 13 points.
10:Jacana Silhouette: 12 points.
11-Upland Sandpiper Fract Sketch:11 points.
12-Pelican World: 8
13: Razorbill Silhouette: 3

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