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Your Call: BIRDS AS ART 2nd International Bird Photography Competition/The Very Strong Flight Category

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White Sky Peregrine

White Sky Peregrine

The BIRDS AS ART 2nd International Bird Photography Competition

The judging of the BIRDS AS ART 2nd International Bird Photography Competition has been complete for a bit more than three weeks. Thanks a stack again to our skilled panel of judges: Sandesh Kadur, Scott Elowitz, Lou Coetzer, Mary Ann McDonald, Michael Frye, Peter Kes, Denise Ippolito, and yours truly. You can learn more about the guest judges here.

From 5 to 18 images in the 8 categories were selected to be sent to the judges’ panel. Each judge voted on each image on a 0-5 scale. The votes were tallied and the results are now final. This will make 6 categories down, 2 to go.

Your Call

The 13 extremely strong images that were presented to the panel of judges in the Flight category are presented to you today here. Please do understand that many additional strong images were eliminated in the early rounds of judging because of poor image processing, technical issues including over- or under-exposure, over-Saturation, image sharpness, and the failure of folks to take advantage of our lenient digital guidelines that allow for the removal of distracting elements from an image.

After clicking on each image to view the larger size, we ask that each of you pick your five favorite images and vote them 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 with 5 being the strongest, 4 being your second favorite, and so on down to 1. Additional comments are welcome <em>as long as they appear below your selections. The whole thing should look something like this:

Parakeet Flight: 5
Midair Dispute: 4
Mountain Ridge Eagle: 3
Flared Falcon: 2
Dunlin After Bath: 1

I love the colors, sharpness, and peek-a-boo poseof Parakeet Flight.

The selections above are of course arbitrary and should not at all influence your votes. Please read the directions carefully as comments that do not follow the format above exactly will be deleted without notice. The three winning images in this category along with the 4 runner up images and the names of the photographers will be announced here soon along with a tally of the public vote.

The Grand Prize winning image, the image that secured the highest total of judge’s votes, will be revealed when the results of the final category are announced.


Blue Sky Snowy Owl

Blue Sky Snowy Owl


Great Grey Leaving Perch

Great Grey Leaving Perch


Midair Dispute

Midair Dispute


Parakeet Flight

Parakeet Flight


Wood Stork T-shot

Wood Stork T-shot


Snowy Owl on Snow

Snowy Owl on Snow


Starling Creature

Starling Creature


Mountain Ridge Eagle

Mountain Ridge Eagle


Incoming Fish-laden Puffin

Incoming Fish-laden Puffin


Flared Falcon

Flared Falcon


Flat Flight Great Grey

Flat Flight Great Grey


Dunlin After Bath

Dunlin After Bath


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41 comments to Your Call: BIRDS AS ART 2nd International Bird Photography Competition/The Very Strong Flight Category

  • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

    As of 7:35pm, voting on the Flight category images is closed. Results tomorrow. artie

  • avatar Jay

    Starling creature: 5
    Fishladen Puffin: 4
    Dunlin after bath: 3
    Snowy owl on snow: 2
    Blue sky snowy: 1

  • avatar Deirdre Sheerr-Gross

    Thank you… So enjoyable…
    5. Incoming Fish-Laden Puffin
    4. Parakeet Flight
    3. Snowy Owl on Snow
    2. Starling Creature
    1. Great Grey Leaving Perch

  • avatar Greg Payne

    Blue sky snowy owl: 5
    Dunlin after bath: 4
    Flat flight great grey: 3
    Parakeet in flight: 2
    Starling creature: 1

  • 5. blue sky snowy owl
    4.parakeet flight
    3. Dunlin after bath
    2 flared falcon
    1. starling creature

  • avatar Igor Shilokhvost

    Parakeet Flight- 5
    Mountain Ridge Eagle – 4
    Blue Sky Snowy Owl – 3
    Incoming Fish-laden Puffin – 2
    Flared Falcon – 1

  • 5- Parakeet
    4- Flat great Grey
    3- Mid Air dispute
    2- Eagle
    All awesome shots!

  • avatar Sharon Hallowell

    5 Dunlin after Bath
    4 Starling Creature
    3 Puffin Laden w/ Fish
    2 Snowy Owl on Snow
    1 Great Gray leaving perch

  • Parakeet Flight: 5
    Midair Dispute: 4
    Mountain Ridge Eagle: 3
    Flared Falcon: 2
    Dunlin After Bath: 1

    I love the colors, sharpness, background , light and the look from Parakeet’s eye 🙂

  • avatar David Woolcock

    Dunlin After Bath: 5
    Incoming Fish-laden Puffin: 4
    Parakeet Flight: 3
    Starling Creature: 2
    Flared Falcon: 1

    Excellent shots all knowing how difficult it is to do Birds In Flight

  • 5: Snowy Owl on Snow
    4: Parakeet Flight
    3: Flared Falcon
    2: Great Grey Leaving Perch
    1: Mountain Ridge Eagle

    This one was tough!
    The Snowy Owl on Snow caught my attention for its spot-on exposure. I love the whispers of detail in the snowy ground below and the way the bird seems to appear out of the air.
    The angle of the Parakeet appealed to me; I love the colors between the warmer pops of yellow and red and the green overall, and the position side-to helps show these to advantage.
    What I like best about the Flared Falcon was the use of near-backlighting which gave wonderful overlap to wing and tail feathers.
    The Great Grey Leaving Perch I liked for its emotional impact as well as its technical excellence. I sense such intent and the position of the wings helps communicate how powerful the bird is in my opinion.
    Mountain Ridge Eagle — here, I like that the photographer included a sense of the environment for scale and place as background. Great exposure and position as well.
    I thought all of these were excellent; hard to pick just five!

  • avatar Kathleen Hanika

    Great Grey Leaving Perch: 5
    Flared Falcon: 4
    Starling Creature: 3
    Dunlin After Bath: 2
    Incoming Fish-laden Puffin: 1

  • avatar George Cottay

    Incoming Fish-laden Puffin:5
    Great Grey Leaving Perch:4
    Wood Stork T-shot:3
    Dunlin After Bath:2
    Parakeet Flight:1

    I had to get picky about real and imagined minor defects to eliminate other great shots.

  • Starling Creature : 5
    Midair dispute : 4
    Great Grey Leaving Perch : 3
    Parakeet Flight: 2
    Dunlin After Bath : 1

  • avatar Sarah Mayhew

    Great Gray Leaving Perch: 5
    Incoming Fish-ladden Puffin: 4
    Parakeet Flight: 3
    Flared Falcon: 2
    Flat Flight Great Gray: 1

  • avatar David Policansky

    5. Great gray owl leaving perch.
    4. Parakeet.
    3. Puffin.
    2. Flared falcon.
    1. Starling creature.

  • avatar Kylie Jones

    Great Grey Leaving Perch: 5
    Incoming Fish-laden Puffin: 4
    Parakeet Flight: 3
    Dunlin After Bath: 2
    Snowy Owl on Snow: 1

  • avatar Mark A Jordan

    Incoming Fish-Laden Puffin: 5
    Starling creature: 4
    Parakeet Flight: 3
    Great Grey Leaving Perch: 2
    Flared Falcon: 1

  • avatar Ursa Schrepfer

    5 Snowy Owl on Snow
    4 Midair Dispute
    3 Flared Falcon
    2 Parakeet Flight
    1 Starling Creature

  • avatar Marina Scarr

    5. Starling Creature
    4. Flat Flight Great Grey
    3. Great Grey Leaving Perch
    2. Mountain Ridge Eagle
    1. Mid Air Dispute

  • 1. Parakeet Flight
    2. Starling Creature
    3. Incoming Fish-laden Puffin
    4. Flared Falcon
    5. Dunlin After Bath

  • avatar Chris Houston

    5. dunlin after bath
    4. parakeet flight
    3. incoming fish-laded puffin
    2. great grey leaving perch
    1. starling creature

  • avatar Estelle Chartrand

    5- Flared Falcon
    4- Parakeet Flight
    3- Wood stork T-shot
    2- Great Gray leaving perch
    1- Blue sky Snowy owld

    They are all great pictures…difficult decision to make!
    Congratulations to the participant photographers.

  • Parakeet flight 5
    Dunlin after bath 4
    Great Gray leaving perch 3
    Starling creature 2
    incoming fish-laden puffin 1

    This was tough. All images were terrific!!

  • avatar Ted Willcox

    #5 Flared Falcon
    #4 Incoming Fish-Laden Puffin
    #3 Flat Flight Great Grey
    #2 Wood Stork T-Shot
    #1 Starling Creature

  • avatar Bob Smith

    Blue Sky Snowy Owl:5
    Parakeet Flight:4
    Starling Creature:3
    Dunlin After Bath:2
    Incoming Fish-laden Puffin:1

    A difficult choice—that will probably be different tomorrow.

  • Dunlin After Bath-5
    Snowy Owl on Snow-4
    Incoming Puffin-3
    Parakeet Flight-2
    Wood Stork T-1

  • avatar Rick Ulmer

    Parakeet Flight 5
    Great Grey Leaving Perch 4
    Mountain Ridge Eagle 3
    Blue Sky Snowy Owl 2
    Flared Falcon 1

  • Incoming fish laden Puffin 5
    Grerat gray leaving perch 4
    Wood Stork T shot 3
    Starling creature 2
    Dunlin after bath 1

  • Great Grey Leaving Perch: 5
    White Sky Peregrine: 4
    Blue Sky Snowy Owl: 3
    Flared Falcon: 2
    Mountain Ridge Eagle: 1

  • avatar Gail Beerman

    Great Grey Leaving Perch: 5
    Parakeet Flight: 4
    Incoming Fish-Laden Puffin: 3
    Flared Falcon: 2
    Dunlin After Bath: 1

  • Great Gray Leaving Perch: 5
    Dunlin after bath: 4
    Snowy Owl on snow: 3
    Wood Stork T: 2
    Parakeet Flight: 1

  • avatar Eddy Vaes

    5.Parakeet Flight
    4.Flared Falcon
    3.Mountain Ridge Eagle
    2.Dunlin after Bath
    1.Midair Dispute

  • 5 – Parakeet flight
    4 – Great Grey leaving perch
    3 – Flared Falcon
    2 – Dunlin after bath
    1 – Midair Dispute

    Great shots everyone

  • avatar Marvin Falk

    Parakeet Flight: 5
    Great Grey Leaving Perch: 4
    Puffin: 3
    Flared Falcon: 2
    Dunlin After Bath: 1

  • avatar Gary Axten

    Dunlin After Bath: 5
    Parakeet Flight: 4
    Great Grey Leaving Perch: 3
    Snowy Owl on Snow: 2
    Incoming Fish-laden Puffin: 1

  • avatar Fain Zimmerman

    5. Parakeet Flight
    4. Flared Falcon
    3. Incoming Fish-laden Puffin
    2. Great Gray Leaving Perch
    1. Dunlin After Bath

  • Incoming Fish-laden Puffin: 5
    Great Grey Leaving Perch: 4
    Parakeet Flight: 3
    Flat Flight Great Grey: 2
    Flared Falcon: 1

    So hard to choose! All are beautiful!!

  • Puffin : 5
    Wood stork: 4
    Mid air dispute : 3
    parakeet flight: 2
    blue sky snow owl: 1

  • Parakeet Flight- 5
    Incoming Fish-laden Puffin – 4
    Great Grey Leaving Perch – 3
    Mountain Ridge Eagle – 2
    Flared Falcon – 1

  • avatar Tom Lamb

    Dunlin After Bath: 5
    Parakeet Flight: 4
    Midair Dispute: 3
    Flared Falcon: 2
    Blue Sky Snowy Owl: 1

    All the images were very strong and it was difficult to just pick five. Good luck to all.