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BIRDS AS ART 2nd International Bird Photography Competition Flight Category Winners & the Readership Vote


First Place: Great Grey Leaving Perch/34 points

Great Grey Leaving Perch

Congratulations to Pierre Giard.


Second Place: Snowy Owl on Snow/30 points

Snowy Owl on Snow

Congratulations to Jory_Griesman.


Third Place: Parakeet Flight/29 points

Parakeet Flight

Congratulations to Vladimir Michael Kogan.

Flight Category Prizes

Thanks a stack to our great sponsors. Please note that prizes will not be sent until all of the category winners and the Grand Prize winner have been announced. That should be in less than 2 weeks.

First Prize Second Place Highly Commended Sponsor
Mongoose M3.6 . 4th Generation Design
$150 Gift Certificate $75 Gift Certificate $40 Gift Certificate B&H PHOTO VIDEO
$60 Gift Certificate $40 Gift Certificate $25 Gift Certificate Delkin Devices
Level 3 Gift Subscription Level 2 Gift Subscription Level 1 Gift Subscription Nature Photographer Magazine
$75 Gift Certificate $50 Gift Certificate $25 Gift Certificate Lens Coat


First Runner-up: Incoming Fish-laden Puffin/27 points

Incoming Fish-laden Puffin

Congratulations to Andy Trowbridge.


Second Runner-up: Starling Creature/26 points

Starling Creature

Congratulations to Bill Coster.


Third Runner-up (tie): Flat Flight Great Grey/24 points

Flat Flight Great Grey

Congratulations to Steve Mattheis.


Third Runner-up (tie): Mountain Ridge Eagle/24 points

Mountain Ridge Eagle

Congratulations to Clemens Van der Werf.


Fifth Runner-up (tie): Blue Sky Snowy Owl/23 points

Blue Sky Snowy Owl

Congratulations to Gail Bisson.


Fifth Runner-up (tie): Dunlin After Bath/23 points

Dunlin After Bath

Congratulations to Mike Landwehr.


10th place: Midair Dispute/22 points

Midair Dispute

Congratulations to Bence Mate.


11th place (tie): Wood Stork T-shot/20 points

Wood Stork T-shot

Congratulations to Dave Klein.


11th place (tie):White Sky Peregrine/20 points

White Sky Peregrine

Congratulations to Karen Maloy.


13th place: Flared Falcon/19 points

Flared Falcon

Congratulations to Andy Trowbridge.



Getting even a single image to the final round of judging in any category is a huge accomplishment. All of the photographs in the Flight category finals were killer good. I’d be proud to have created each of them. Congrats again to all the winning and honored photographers. To the public voters: for what it’s worth: I loved the Razorbill creation 🙂

Thanks to all the readers who voted. And thanks again to our sponsors and to the panel of judges. Special thanks to Denise Ippolito and Peter Kes who helped me with the early rounds of judging. Please feel free to comment on the any of the images or to analyze and compare the judging; please remember that judging any contest or voting on the images is purely subjective.

The Public Vote

1-Parakeet Flight: 113 points.
2-Great Grey Leaving Perch: 90 points.
3-Incoming Fish-laden Puffin: 82 points.
4-Dunlin After Bath: 71 points.
5-Flared Falcon: 57 points.
6-Starling Creature: 45 points.
7-Snowy Owl on Snow: 27 points.
8-(tie)-Blue Sky Snowy Owl: 24 points.
9-tie)-Midair Dispute: 24 points.
10:Wood Stork T-shot: 18 points.
11-Mountain Ridge Eagle: 17 points.
12-Flat Flight Great Grey: 13
13-White Sky Peregrine: 4

Just for the record books, I love, love, love White Sky Peregrine….


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