BIRDS AS ART 2nd International Bird Photography Competition Grand Prize and Action & Behavior Category Winners & the Readership Vote « Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

BIRDS AS ART 2nd International Bird Photography Competition Grand Prize and Action & Behavior Category Winners & the Readership Vote


Grand Prize Winner: Kung Fu Eagles/36 points

Grand Prize
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Kung Fu Eagles

Congratulations to Clemens Van der Werf, winner of the overall Grand Prize in the BIRDS AS ART 2nd International Bird Photography Competition.


First Place: Glaucous Gull Predation/32 points

Glaucous Gull Predation

Congratulations to Niko Pekonen


Second place: Gulp/31 points


Congratulations to Bence Mate


Third Place: Mallard Head/30 points

Mallard Head

Congratulations to Bence Mate

Action & Behavior
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Grand Prize and Category Prizes

Thanks a stack again to our great sponsors. Please note that the task of getting the prizes into the hands of the winners is a daunting one. We will begin the process this week. Overseas winners can speed things up by shooting us a US ship-to address via e-mail. In any case, please be patient.


Kingfisher Feeding: First Runner-up (tie)/29 points

Kingfisher Feeding

Congratulations to Vladimir Michael Kogan


Osprey: First Runner-up (tie)/29 points


Congratulations to Vladimir Michael Kogan


Peregrine Breakfast: Third Runner-up/28 points

Peregrine Breakfast

Congratulations to Mike Landwehr


Displaying Prairie Chicken: 7th place: 27 points

Displaying Prairie Chicken

Congratulations to David Neilson


Displaying Goldeneye: 8th place (tie)/25 points

Displaying Goldeneye

Congratulations to Andy Trowbridge


Goshawk Meal II: 8th place (tie)/25 points

Goshawk Meal II


Bateleur/Jackal Standoff: 8th place (tie)/25 points

Bateleur/Jackal Standoff

Congratulations Michael Viljoen


Backlit Egret: 11th place (tie): 24 points

Backlit Egret

Congratulations to Bence Mate


Wrong Way Gentoo: 11th place (tie): 24 points

Wrong Way Gentoo

Congratulaions Espen Lie Dahl


Red-necked Grebes: 11th place (tie): 24 points

Red-necked Grebes

Congratulations to Gail Bisson


Goshawk Meal I: 14th place (tie)/23 points

Goshawk Meal I

Congratulations to Andy Trowbridge


Red-capped Plover: 14th place (tie)/23 points

Red-capped Plover

Congratulations Duade Paton


Prairie Chicken Lek Battle: 14th place (tie)/23 points

Prairie Chicken Lek Battle


Great Grey Landing: 14th place (tie)/23 points

Great Grey Landing

Congratulations to Steve Mattheis



Getting even a single image to the final round of judging in any category is a huge accomplishment. All of the photographs in the Action and Behavior category finals were beyond outstanding. I would be quite proud to have created any of them. Congrats again to all the winning and honored photographers. To the public voters: for what it’s worth: I loved the Red-capped Plover image.

The overall Grand Prize went to the image that accrued the most points in the judges’ voting.

Thanks to all the readers who voted. And thanks again to our wonderful sponsors and to the panel of judges. Special thanks to Denise Ippolito and Peter Kes who helped me with the early rounds of judging. Please feel free to comment on the any of the images or to analyze and compare the judging; please remember that judging any contest or voting on the images is purely subjective.

The Public Vote

1-Gulp: 66 points.
2-Kingfisher Feeding: 66 points.
3-Red-necked Grebes: 53 points.
4-Mallard Head: 47 points.
5-Prairie Chicken Lek Battle: 36 points.
6 (tie)-Goldeneye Displaying: 30 points
6 (tie)-Osprey: 30 points.
8 (tie)-Kung Fu Eagles: 25 points.
8 (tie)-Glaucous Gull Predation: 25 points.
10-Backlit Egret: 22 points.
11:Goshawk Meal II: 18 points.
12-Wrong Way Gentoo: 16 points.
13-Goshawk Meal I: 14 points.
14-Displaying Prairie Chicken: 13 points.
15-Peregrine Breakfast: 12
16-Red-capped Plover: 11 points
17-Great Grey Landing: 10 points
18: Bateleur/Jackal Standoff: 4 points.

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8 comments to BIRDS AS ART 2nd International Bird Photography Competition Grand Prize and Action & Behavior Category Winners & the Readership Vote

  • Amazing images! Congratulations to all of the winners. A special shout out to Clemens-way to go!!

  • Ted Willcox

    Great stuff. Quite a gathering of outstanding images. Congratulations to Clemens Van der Werf for an spectacular image, very worthy of the Grand Prize!!

  • Wow, absolutely fantastic! A big thank you to everyone involved.

  • Hi Artie….I noticed that some of the fabulous shots were taken with an off camera flash. Do you photo shoot birds with an off camera flash, such as Canon 600, or 580? Regards, Ian

  • Cheri

    Hi Artie…been blog stocking you for about a year now and just want to let you know that your daily posts are what I look for each day when going thru my emails. Great content and tips..tricks..etc. Congrats on another successful photo contest. I really enjoyed viewing all the photos submitted. Any idea on how this compared to your first as far as number of images submitted??

  • David Policansky

    Hi, Artie, and thanks as always. Those are truly spectacular images all. I wonder if you’d be willing to expand on your statement that “judging any contest or voting on the images is purely subjective.” It certainly is partly subjective, but aren’t there factors like sharpness, digital handling of the image, color, composition, focus, and so on that almost all judges and voters would agree on? Aren’t those factors objective, or at least not totally subjective?

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Both Denise and I feel that judging is 100% subjective. And that includes all of the factors mentioned. There is no practical scientific way to measure sharpness> And color, composition, and the rest that you mentioned are subject to what the individual judges think.