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Lunchtime Prediction Comes True.... And Goose ID Challenge

What’s Up?

Bosque was terrible before we arrived but things are looking much better right now. Again I enjoyed a horrific night’s sleep and can finally say that I feel pretty lousy with a stuffed nose, chest congestion, and a dry hacking cough, all of which kept me up most of the night. I gave up on sleep at 3am and went to work on the laptop. Still no sore throat. I am hoping not to wind up in the hospital but till then I will be out there teaching and photographing….

If however, I still feel this lousy by Wednesday, I may take a few days off to rest between IPTs….

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This image was created on the first afternoon of the first Bosque IPT on the morning of Sunday, November 22, 2015 with the hand held Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO IS II USM lens, the Canon Extender EF 1.4X III, and the amazing Canon EOS 7D Mark II. ISO 400. Evaluative metering +1 stop off the light blue sky: 1/3200 sec. at f/7.1.

Center AF point/AI Servo Expand/Shutter Button AF as framed was active at the moment of exposure (as is always best when hand holding). Click on the image to see a larger version.

Four White Geese…

The Intermediate View

99% of the avian images that I have created over the past 32 years fall into one of these categories: images of a single bird; images of a single bird in flight; images of two birds interacting; tight head portraits or body parts images; bird-scapes featuring a small-in-the-frame subject or a small flocks of birds set in beautiful habitat (many folks call these environmental or habitat images); or large frame-filling images of flocks of birds in flight, often intentionally blurred, and often referred to as pure pattern shots.

What’s missing? Images featuring 3-10 avian subjects in the same frame. These intermediate views are very difficult to pull off successfully for a variety of reasons:

1-The subject often overlap creating unpleasant merges.
2-coming up with a pleasing arrangement or grouping without clipping any wingtips or subjects on the edge of the frame is a big challenge. Zoom lenses help here of course.
3-getting 3 or 5 or 8 good head angles in a single frame is nearly impossible.
4-with images of groups of birds in flight, it is nearly impossible to come up with all good wing positions.

Lunch Time Comment Hits Paydirt…

During our first image review session I showed about 25 images of groups of geese with about 6-10 birds in each image. All of the images were deleted for a variety of reasons:

1-the image was poorly framed.
2-one or more (often many) of the birds showed less than ideal wing positions.

I said to the group, “Why take so many images like these when the chances of success are miniscule? ”

The answer: “Once in a while you hit bingo!” I advised them to frame the images as well as the could after acquiring focus and then hold the shutter button down for at least a few images. I said to them, “You have many thousands of dollars (if not tens of thousands) worth of gear and you spent a lot of money to get here. What does it cost you to push the shutter button when a situation offers a potential payoff in the form of a good image?”

Then I went out and hit bingo.

ID Challenge

Can you identify each of the four adult birds in today’s featured image to species starting with the leftmost bird and going clockwise?


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19 comments to Lunchtime Prediction Comes True…. And Goose ID Challenge

  • avatar Bob Spector

    How do I make a contribution to you on behalf of the website and blog, which I try to read every few days. Thanks, feel better and Happy Turkey day.

    Your exposure pest

  • avatar Wayne Lea

    L to R: Snow, Snow, Ross, Ross. Hope you get well soon! Happy Thanksgiving……………

  • avatar Richard

    No problem I figred the price was a mistake. Thanks for the great blog everyday. I appreciate your time in educating me everyday in photography. Also do you know when b&h is going to put up the video of your last visit there? Thanks

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      YAW. From Wednesday’s blog post:

      For a limited time only the Induro GIT 404L is being offered for the ridiculously low price of $470 (including the $50 instant rebate). I apologize for the $370 typo that appeared in yesterday’s blog.) The best news is that the $470 price will be offered for at least a few days more.

      The Induro GIT 404L is a 4-leg section Grand Series tripod. It is slightly bigger and one pound heavier than the GIT 304L; it is the perfect tripod for those using big glass who would like a bit more stability.


  • avatar Richard

    It says above For a limited time only the Induro GIT 404L is being offered for the ridiculously low price of $370. But when I go to the site its $520 is what you have on your page correct or is it a misprint. Thanks

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      I think that I screwed up on the $370 and that that should have been $470 (for a limited time only). I am checking with Chris via e-mail and will get back to those who asked 🙂 a

  • avatar Chuck

    Correction: Snow ROSS ROSS Snow

  • avatar Chuck

    Nice shot!

    Snow, Snow, Ross, Snow

  • avatar Mike Cristina

    John, Paul, George, and Ringo

  • avatar Warren Robb

    Snow, Ross, Ross, Snow. Very nice grouping. Hoping you will be feeling much better very soon!

  • avatar Jeffrey Friedhoffer

    I agree with Dave Klein, left two are snow geese, they have the black grin patch, the right two are Ross’s geese, the base of their bills are bluish. As usual beautiful pictures. Hope a few days off take care of your cold, get well soon.

  • avatar Tom Lamb

    Hi Artie,
    Great image as usual. I recently struck out at the Venice Rookery trying to get a good flight shot. Regarding the ID of the bird in the feature image, I say they are, left to right, Snow Goose, Snow Goose, Snow Goose and Ross’s Goose. Hope you’re feeling better.

  • avatar Dave Klein

    Greetings Artie – great suggestion about small group images and their inherent difficulty. The success rate is likely lower than creating pleasing blurs though worth the effort when you succeed. L to R: Snow Goose, Snow Goose (lower), Ross’s Goose (upper), Ross’s Goose. Greetings to Denise as well. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you 🙂

  • avatar Stu

    bravo on the image of the flying quartet, and thanks for the suggestion that capturing several consecutive images of birds in flight is a good idea.
    Happy Thanksgiving.