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Adobe Camera RAW Updated Successfully & Sony Alpha a7R II Questions

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With a cold northwest wind, we nearly froze atop Steptoe Butte this morning. But we had lots of great clouds and the boys and girls learned a ton.


birds as art: The Avian Photography of Arthur Morris/The Top 100
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birds as art: The Avian Photography of Arthur Morris/The Top 100

My latest e-book, created on a wing and a prayer in less than two weeks–see Harebrained Scheme here–includes the 67 spectacular images that will hang in the Ordover Gallery at the San Diego Natural History Museum in a career-retrospective solo exhibition. In addition, there are an additional 33 images in the spectacular e-book that barely missed making the show.

This exhibition companion e-book makes it possible for everyone to “visit” TheNAT gallery and, in addition, to enjoy seeing my top one hundred bird photographs under one roof. Each image includes a title, the species name, the location, relevant EXIF data, and an anecdotal caption.

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The new e-book via is also available via convenient download for $20 by clicking here.

birds as art: The Avian Photography of Arthur Morris/The Top 100: $20 via convenient download.

Overseas folks, and anyone else as well, can purchase the e-book via convenient download for $20 by clicking here.

Adobe Camera RAW Updated Successfully

Thanks to all who left comments and e-mailed trying to help. When I did the Top 100 e-Book, I purchased Creative Cloud 2015 so that I could get my hands on InDesign. I had previously purchased CC 2014. I believe that I am still paying an annual subscription for both. Bad on me…

As it stated in the original post, when I attempted to update CC 2014 I saw no changes even after re-booting and the old version of Adobe Camera RAW was still there. I kept surfing and was able to update CC 2015 and when that was successful, Adobe Camera RAW was installed and up and running. I did not have to place any files in a specific folder.

Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera

After hearing so much about the great image quality, improved dynamic range, and high ISO noise performance, I borrowed a Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera and the T Smart Adapter Mark IV for Canon EF or Canon EF-S Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount cameras. With the Metabones adapter, I can use all of my Canon lenses with functioning AF and no vignetting, even on the wide angles.

Sony Alpha a7R II Questions

#1: Is it possible to set the camera so that you see blinkies in the large image?

#2: Is it possible to set the camera so that you see both the in-viewfinder level and the live histogram in the viewfinder at the same time?

#3: I used the camera and the Canon adapter successfully yesterday with the Canon 70-200mm f.4L IS lens and everything worked fine. Today, I tried to do the same thing without success; I had the camera in Manual mode and was able to change the shutter speed. But the aperture show up simply as “f” and when I spun the correct wheel that did not change. At that point I went back to me 5DS R…


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6 comments to Adobe Camera RAW Updated Successfully & Sony Alpha a7R II Questions

  • avatar Rick

    Does the AF on the Canon lens (using the Metabones Mk IV converter) work as fast on the SonyA7RII as on Canon? In most of the early write ups it suggested that the A7RII would not be as good for birds and wild life and I’d appreciate some comment on that?

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      AF works well with the shorter lenses. With the 200-400 with the TC engaged is is not as sure… In general, the AF system and the whole camera drives me bonkers ๐Ÿ™‚


  • avatar Tom Applegate

    I have the a7RII and love the IQ with the Sony G glass….. I also use the Metabones adapter with my Canon glass and found that the camera loves Canon lenses.
    It doesn’t keep up with my 1DX for “In Flight Bird” photography but it’s fine for everything else. The problem mentioned above is usually solved by reinstalling the adapter and/or lens. Maybe it might help if you clean the contacts.

  • avatar Mike Ross

    Question #3

    That happened to me once. I loosened the adapter from the camera and reattached it and it went back to working normally. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed. Here is how you check which version you have:
    Here is the firmware download page for MAC:

  • Question #2
    It is not possible to see the Level and the levels histogram at the same time, but there is a setting where you can toggle them back and forth which I find perfectly reasonable.

    That’s a shame about the metabones adapter not working correctly, but that is not the fault of the camera.

    I am about to sell my last Canon lens and the adapter as Sony has now come out with their own macro lens. I now have all the Zeiss and Sony G lenses I need and the quality of my captures has never been better, ditto my body. ๐Ÿ™‚