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Cheap Blog Post...

What’s Up?

Stayed up on Steptoe Butte for a great sunset after a great afternoon of canola field photography and learning. Got back to the room at 10:07pm. Started and finished this short blog post before bed at 10:40pm. My alarm is set for 3:30am. Gotta hit the sack.

The Streak

Today’s blog post marks a totally insane completely ridiculous 218 days in a row with a new blog post. And I still have dozens of new topics to cover; there should be no end in sight until my big South America trip next fall. As always-–and folks have been doing a really great job recently–-please remember to use our B&H links for your major gear purchases. For best results use one of our many product-specific links; after clicking on one of those you can continue shopping with all subsequent purchases invisibly tracked to BAA. Your doing so is always greatly appreciated. Please remember: web orders only. Please remember that if you are shopping for items that we carry in the BAA Online Store (as noted in red at the close of this post below) we would appreciate your business.


This image was created on the evening of Day 3 of the second Palouse IPT with the Induro GIT 304L/Mongoose M3.6-mounted Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens (at 70mm) and the mega mega-pixel Canon EOS 5DS R . ISO 400.

Sunset clouds…

Whaddya Think?

Like, hate, or otherwise. Critique it. What do you think about the color, the image design, the impact? In all cases, let us know why. Good night!

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15 comments to Cheap Blog Post…

  • avatar Kathleen Graff

    The fact that it is a sunset is typical Arthur Morris since you really enjoy photographing sunsets. Other than that, it is not typical Arthur Morris but I kinda like it. I like all of the colors and the soft dreamy bands of clouds.

  • avatar Kevin P Hice

    Artie I like your picture and the colors. But I have seen too many sunrises and sunsets. When I take one I try and add something lone tree or windmill. As for the colors Ruth they probably are very real I have taken sunsets in the Ne Sand Hills and the colors are very unreal fantastic hard not to shoot when you see those colors.I know probably nothing that you could have added to this scene .As always like the Blog .

  • avatar Mike

    I think the color fits the theme you have with the genre of shooting and as such fits. However, I would have preferred to see this scene with the sun on the horizon (last light sunburst)… granted that would have been a good bit more problematic for an in camera HDR shot though.

  • avatar Brendan

    I don’t know…. I don’t love it. It seems like a sunset/sunrise picture. I’ve seen many with similar colors/composition. It doesn’t pop to me as special, the way the vast majority of your work does.

    It seems like an exceptionally magical moment. Not a magical picture. To me, the magic of a sunrise or sunset is in its constant changing colors/clouds/light. Its awfully hard to capture that ephemeralness, the fleeting nature of it, in a picture. I don’t really get that from this picture.

    Its really lovely, but amongst the great stuff you show, it feels kind of pedestrian.

  • avatar Tony Botelho

    Nice composition, but not a big fan of how the colors look. I have tried used HDR on my 7DMK11 with scenics and had the same results. The colors were way too saturated and not a true representation of what I was looking at. This photo looks like I brought the imagine into lightroom and moved the vibrance, and saturation sliders way to the right. Other than that what’s not to like about the photo!

  • The composition is good, but the image looks like it has had a “posterize” filter applied. I am not a fan of this look, sorry.

  • avatar James Saxon

    Love the composition, the color differences divides the image into thirds. I have been to Steptoe many times but never had a sunset this vivid. Reminds me of a sunrise at Bosque. Love the saturated colors.

  • avatar Kerry Morris

    How long was the exposure and at what f/stop?

    Absolutely gorgeous sunset image!
    Looking at it from top to bottom, I love how the top darker cloud is very washed, and as your eye goes down towards the horizon, it gets sharper. Also, I like the tiny amount of distant mountains on the right – makes it more interesting than if it were just a completely level horizon. simply breathtaking shot!

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks. In-camera HDR +/- 2 stops around +1 2/3 stops was a base exposure of 1/15 sec. at f/6.3.


  • avatar Hermann

    I like the overall design and composition. The anchor band definitely adds to the image. The vivid colours appear “overly purple” and seemingly unnatural, but is it so?

  • avatar John Patton

    I like the bands of color. The darker band at the bottom serves as an anchor. As for the colors themselves they are similar to what I see over the Atlantic just prior to sunrise or over the gulf after sunset.

  • avatar Roger

    We get these colours in Scotland! For me the impact might be greater if the blue at the top were reduced by a wider crop,say 16:9? Perhaps a shot with more of the orb of the sun showing, ie taken earlier, although I recognise the light might not have been as good then.

  • avatar Ruth Schueler

    I simply do not believe it. The colors seem to me exaggerated and artificial.