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Great News, for now ...

Great News, for now …

As of about 12:30pm Pacific time, the BAA Blog came back on line. If you were frustrated earlier this morning, you can see today’s post by clicking here.

As regular readers know, we have been having intermittent server/and or Word Press problems. We have been working on this issue, but as many of you know, dealing with such issues can be both frustrating and exasperating. Many thanks for your patience. We hope to be able to deliver our usual reliable service as soon as possible.

later and love from a somewhat wet San Diego,


ps: Be sure to check out Tuesday’s blog post, A Free to All San Diego Site Guide Update: Photographing Birds at La Jolla in the Rain

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  • avatar Frank Sheets

    Hi Artie,

    Tried to leave you a post this am but due to server issues could not. My message:

    Hate it when you try out new equipment that you like. Just kidding.

    When in Newport Beach, the locals said the pelicans tend to shy from the coast in incremental weather, but rather head up to the inland estuaries. Speculating; if they are not at La Jolla, you may find find them in Mission Bay or around Coronado. Just a thought. Good luck.


  • Awesome. Looking forward to Tuesdays blog post