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Switching to Nikon. Used Canon Gear at Below Fire Sale Prices ...

Used Canon Gear at Below Fire Sale Prices

Please see the list of items sold cheap below

Please note today’s date. It is not April 1.

As many have surmised, I am — after 34 1/2 years of using Canon gear, after about 18 years as a Canon Explorer of Light (not many know that I was fired from that role about four years ago), and after 17 years of using Canon digital gear, switching to Nikon. If you do lots of flight photography, you should switch too. If not, I far prefer my Canon gear. Some of the AF stuff with Nikon — such as switching the AF patterns — is horrifically designed. But if you want sharp images of birds in flight then you should/will switch to Nikon. The funny thing is that I recently figured out — with help from Arash Hazeghi — how to make the most of the AF systems of my 5D Mark IV bodies and especially with my newly replaced EOS-1DX II. But for birds in flight Nikon is light years ahead. After 30 seconds of working with the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR lens and the blazingly fast professional digital camera body, the Nikon D5 DSLR camera body with dual XQD slots), I was pretty sure that I was gonna switch even before I saw the images. To make sure that I not was crazy, I had Patrick Sparkman try out the Nikon rig. After one bird flew by he said, “I am switching.”

More on the plusses and minuses of both systems will follow in future blog posts. The Nikon stuff is not all positive.

Here is the important stuff: I am selling all of my Canon gear now. I have three 5D Mark IV bodies for sale I have an almost new 1DX II that does not have oil spatter on the sensor problems. I am selling my 600 II, my 500 II, my 400 DO II, my relatively new 100-400 II, my my 24-105, my like-new circle lens, the 8-15mm, the 180 macro, a like-new 100mm L IS Macro, and a like new 16-35mm. I have likely forgotten a few items. Several Series III teleconverters for starters.

I use my gear hard. Some of it shows signs of wear. The 600 II has a ding on the proximal lens barrel. The great news is that it all works perfectly. I price it to sell quickly. If anyone is interested in a long lens and one of the camera bodies I can likely sell them a micro-adjusted match set. I am at the Ramada San Diego North Hotel & Conference Center in San Diego (5550 Kearny Mesa Road, Kearny Mesa) and am free for the next few days. I can of course ship the stuff anywhere when I get home.

The prices will be so low that I will not publish them. If you are seriously interested in buying something please shoot me an e-mail or call my cell at 863-221-2372.

If you switch to Nikon based on the above please be sure to use my generic B&H affiliate link on the right side of each blog post page. I will have lots more to say on both Nikon and Canon, especially when and if I ever get a Nikon D-850. Right now I am vouching for the D5 and would stake my life on the D-850 as well. They both have the same AF system.

Sold at Fire Sale Prices/Just In

The newer of my Canon 100-400 II lenses sold for $1399.
One Canon 1.4X III TCs sold for $229.
Another 1.4X III TC and a 2X III TC sold for $229 each.
$3500 for the almost new Canon 1DX II with < 11,000 actuations and $229 for the other 2X III TC. The older Canon 24-105 sold for $299. The Canon 600 II sold for $7500. With shipping to US. In very good to excellent condition with one serious ding near the red dot at the near end of the lens barrel, a less than 1/8 by 3/16 inch dent. It affects nothing. And a few other scuffs. The glass is immaculate and as seen on the blog every day it is in perfect working condition. The Canon 500mm f/4l IS II lens sold for the fire-sale price of $6799. One Canon 5D Mark IV in very good condition sold/fire sale priced at $1899. Another 5D Mark IV sold for $2099 and the almost-new one for $2349. Canon 16-35mm f/4 L IS for $549. Canon 8-15mm given away for $799! Canon 100 macro IS fire-sale sold for $449.

75 comments to Switching to Nikon. Used Canon Gear at Below Fire Sale Prices …

  • Marco

    Arte is not only a great photographer but also a clever man. He knows a camera is just a piece of plastic that and he is just picking up what he perceives being the best gear for the job. I have Nikon gear, Sony and Canon gear and if someone comes to the market with something better and I can afford it, I just buy it. What do we care about the brand?

  • Loren Waxman

    Holy Crap Arthur!!

  • graham

    I guess you got Rudy’s knickers in a knot somewhere some how.

  • Fern Trujillo

    Hello Artie;

    Trust me after much thought on the matter the ONLY thing that keeps me holding onto Canon is that I cannot afford to change at the present time.

    Enjoy the dark side amigo, be safe out there…

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      I had so much Canon gear that I am making a profit ๐Ÿ™‚ Do understand that unless you do lots of birds in flight there is absolutely no reason to switch; Canon has a great system with great lenses and great bodies.

      Love you buddy, a

  • William Maroldo

    I am shocked at your switch Artie! Although I wasn’t a Canon shooter, I too was sold on Nikon a few years back (with the D810). The first day out I noticed every image in series of pelican and great blue heron flight captures were in sharp focus. Not fast birds, but it showed a remarkable keeper rate that held true in many other situations, and faster birds. Although mostly using the AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4E FL ED VR Lens, both hand held and with a tripod, a more recently acquired AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR (440 mm with the 1.4x tc ) is my go to lens for hand held flight captures. It is tack sharp, ultra fast focusing, and so light (1.65 lbs) that I almost feel I’m cheating!
    One thing worth mentioning, and maybe one of the greatest advantage of Nikon, is the sensor’s extraordinary dynamic range. This gives not only an impressive ability to pull details out of shadows, but more importantly, to me at least, a great clipped highlight recovery potential.
    I have a bad habit of staying up way too late, but it was a big advantage when I noticed at 2:10 AM last August that B&H had finally received D850s, and lucky me ordered it 15 mins later. Received the camera a month later. I really try not to mention how incredible this camera is, at least until it is readily available!

  • Cindy

    Try assigning your PV button to single point AF. This will allow you to toggle between your default AF and single point. Works great!

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      My understanding is that it does not toggle and that you have to hold the Pv button down …

      with love, artie

      • Cindy

        Yes not a true toggle, but better than having to change manually. Enjoy your Nikon gear! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

          Not a toggle at all and a very dumb design. You can’t love everything.

          Do you know if you can assign AF stop to the AF-ON button???

          with love, artie

          • >>Do you know if you can assign AF stop to the AF-ON button???

            Yes indeed you can, and that’s how I have it set up on both my D850 and D500.

            BTW you don’t know (remember) me but I’ve known you since you lived in Brooklyn and presented to the Brooklyn Bird Club. Pre-digital! First met you at PEEC even before that. Anyway, I will probably be here more now that you are a Nikon convert ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

            How do I do it please? PEEC, that seems lifetimes ago. You must have met my Elaine …

            with love, artie

          • I see someone already explained how to do this and you’ve got it ๐Ÿ™‚

            BTW you can also assign AF-lock/stop to the memory buttons on the pro Nikon lenses (I’ve got it set on the 500F4 and 70-200F2.8). Very handy, unfortunately the 200-500 doesn’t have these buttons. But the 600 must.

            Yes, of course we knew Elaine…not well but I do remember meeting her with you I believe it must have been at PEEC.

  • Hi Artie

    I feel a bit Emotional about this, I have followed you since I met you in the Everglades in think it was 1998, as you know I am from the UK, you did not know at the time, but you still helped me with a nest site of a Osprey and have followed ever since here at home. I will still follow your blog you are good human being and good to know. You would be welcome in my home any time

    Best and love

  • Welcome to Nikon. I recommend Capture NXD (Nikons proprietary raw converter) to convert raws to 16 bit Tiffs. Then polish the Tiffs in Photoshop. As some have said the D500 should be on your menu as well. I prefer it over my D5 when reach is a factor. Both bodies with the new super light
    300 F4E are killer combos for BIF. I switched to Canon for a short time for the 7D2 due to Nikons lack of making a D400(D500). Boy was I glad to get back to Nikon. For flight shots you will have a hard time choosing the 850 over the D5 because of the FPS even with the expensive grip. Unless you shoot a lot of landscapes I would say add the D500 before the 850. Enjoy the ride!

  • John Abeggleni

    Had you not been fired years ago would you still be switching to nikon

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      That is an excellent question that I am glad I do not have to face. I have always been a loyal guy …

      with love, artie

  • On the flip side to Ken’s comments, your site will have a whole new appeal to people like me who are Nikon users and have been following you for some years.


    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      I will continue to share Canon tips and techniques and to feature images made with Canon gear. But I already have some good Nikon tips for the boys and girls. So yes, wider appeal overall.

      with love, artie

  • Hi Artie

    I can’t believe that Canon let you go, after all the years of promoting there product free.
    It is a disgrace to say the least. The negitive side of this is I can’t afford to change over to
    Nikon system it is not a option for me, which means your great site will not have the same appeal to me any more.

    Love and best thanks for all time



    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks for your support Ken. But before you give up on the BAA blog stick around for a while. Probably 75% of the material covered here is not product specific ๐Ÿ™‚

      with love, artie

  • I’ve been shooting with Nikon cameras and lenses since 1979.

    Once you get used to Nikon’s menus and such, you’ll find it’s pretty simple. Since I’ve never shot with a Canon, I can’t speak to how they change focus patterns, but I only change when I change subjects.

    I don’t know anyone who has switched who ever regretted doing so.

  • Herman Lugo

    You must be having fun Art. Like with new toys? Enjoy. I’ll stick with Canon but will keep following u. Good health and long life.

  • Justin

    Looking forward to seeing the results from the switch over. I’m a nikon shooter and always loved the blog. thanks

  • Jim U.

    This never would have happened if Hillary would have been elected.

  • Harold Klein

    Art, good to see you again…its been a severals years since the Bear Boat trip and Bosque!! As I mentioned when we talked I had recently switched to Nikon myself…lenses and zooms that rotate the wrong way and all the other stuff…but…wait until you get your hands on an 850…absolutely stunning!! With your skills and techniques it will be amazing what you can produce!! In Tucson now, on the way to Kissimmee and then Naples…maybe cross paths again in FL!?. BTW…take a look at the Nikon D500…their crop sensor…simply amazing!! I went thru the 7D & 7D2 (twice!!) with some occasional GR8 results, but inconsistent…the D500 is in a class all by itself in the crop sensor world…far, far exceeding the 7D2…I used it at the cliffs with terrific results too!!

  • Guido Bee

    Welcome to the dark side.
    There is life beyond Canon. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.
    All the best. I’ll be waiting for the users’ guides….

  • Welcome to Nikon sir ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ha, interesting, I was shooting with Nikon for the 1st 12-13 years, switched to Canon for about 3 years and switched back to Nikon about a year ago, glad I did. Shooting with the D4 and D500 with 600mm and 500mm lenses. Selling one of them Artie if you have a need. Email me direct if there is any interest. The 500mm is brand new!

  • Hey Artie, welcome to Nikon. After you become accustomed I think you will not regret the decision. Check out the new Lightroom Classic CC, major improvements in the last few updates. I do 90 to 95 percent post processing in Lightroom. I have your post processing guides, I can much of it easier in Lightroom.

  • Mike Cristina

    Good for you Artie. Go for it. Funny, I switched from Nikon to Canon years ago because of the autofocus.


  • Tom Applegate

    Nothing wrong with Nikon. I’d be happy with either system. I was using a 1DXII, a few months back taking “inflight dragonfly photos” at Santee Lakes at 14 frames per second and most were tack-on. The 1DX focus lock and tracking did a good job photographing bugs going 500mph with contrasty backgrounds. I admit that the D5 does certain things better than the 1DX, but overall I think you will agree that both are fantastic cameras. That being said, I wish you all the luck Arthur. Then again, with your skill, you don’t need luck….. Anyway, get out there and take some great photos and enjoy that new Nikon.

  • Robert Boner

    I would like one of the 5 D IV if one is still available. Email me the price?

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Sorry Robert, all sold.

      with love, artie

    • Michael Tapes

      Robert…I have a mint condition 5D4 for sale. Email me if you like mtapes@mtapes.net.

      Artie…Always have a trick or 2 up your sleeve. You are the master regardless of camera. Best of luck with your new partner…

      Michael Tapes

  • Michael Schnell

    Hi Mr Morris,

    Congratulations to your decision, witch, I’m shure, you won’t regret..so as I did not, some years
    ago…I’m using the same rig (D5&200/500) for hand hold flight aktion, with great success.
    My recomandation when using the 200/500 from a tripod, is to replace the stiff&shaky nikon collar to the really right stuff version, witch is build much more solid and makes it a joy to switch from horizontal to vertikal.

    All the best, stay healthy

  • Michael Quigley

    Is the 400DOII gone Artie??

  • Hey Arthur, Is this some type of elaborate practical joke? How can canon fire you? Did you have some type of contract with them?

  • “Geoff

    You have to hold the button and allow it to do Back button focusโ€ฆ”

    No, not at all. I focus with the trigger, and use AF-ON only to activate a pre-selected AF mode.

    • Geoff

      Don’t you still have to hold the button to activate the pre-selected AF mode? I know you don’t have to have it perform AF and can have the shutter do AF but I’m pretty sure you have to keep that button held down to have it use the pre-selected AF mode.

      • Yes, that is correct. But I much prefer it that way.
        Sorry if I misunderstood you.

        • Geoff

          No misunderstanding. My post was partly incorrect as you don’t have to use it as an AF button at the same time. You were correct in that you can still use it with shutter button AF instead of back button focus. I actually was using it that way for a short time but I’m still addicted to back button focus.

          What Artie wants (and what I would like also) is a button to change AF modes in a more ergonomic location for long lenses. Canon has this and once you get used to it Nikon’s button placement seems horrible.

  • Frank Sheets

    Good luck with all this Artie. I look forward to more of your comparisons. I will really interested in your comparison of the Nikon gear to the 5DIV. It seems what is driving you is the flight success. Are you telling us that the IQ is better on the Nikon vs the 5DIV. I would guess so if you are getting rid of all of you 5DIV bodies. Anyway, best of luck on a quick decision. But, you only live once!

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Hi Frank,

      Many thanks. Yes, AF for flight kills Canon six ways to Sunday at least for someone with my (deteriorating) skill levels. Maybe for everyone … 5D IV IQ is still great. I am pleasantly surprised with the D5 IQ and the D-850 will surely blow that away. See tomorrow’s blog post for one of my famous tight detail crops ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, the whole thing is a bit scary but once I make up my mind I am good to go.

      with love to you both, artie

  • Bill Hill

    Same guy who was going to be buried with his film camera if I remember correctly. Some of us in the low rent district will have to stick with Canon. The future of all the Canon guides is in doubt no doubt.

    Good luck, I will still be faithful to the blog and the guides, all except the Nikon part. Don’t know who I will send my stupid Canon questions to.

    Love and light

  • Carlotta Grenier

    I would be interested in your 600II

  • Scott Borowy

    Best of luck on your journey with the Nikon gear, Artie. I’ll be keeping an eye on your thoughts.

  • mark harrington

    Ouch. I just bought a second 5D Mark IV over the Holidays.

  • will there be a Blog Post what made you to change Systems?

  • Very interesting – very very interesting. Never thought that such a Canon bank as you Artie would switch to Nikon.

    Some months ago i changed over to Olympus. And hell yeah the Olympus 300mm f4 IS is a stunning lens

  • Jack Goodman

    Artie, Will you being using Nikons at your workshops? What body(s) will you start with?. What will be your 3 most useful lenses?

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Yes as I have already sold most of my Canon stuff in the last two hours ๐Ÿ™‚

      Right now I have only the 200-500. I am getting the 600 and the 24-120mm. I have one D5 and am trying to get a D-850. A nice simple kit for now.

      I will always be able to instruct on Canon bodies — it’s like riding a bike.

      with love, artie

  • Geoff

    As you have noted, for BIF the Nikon AF is a ways ahead. I’ve been able to capture some very small and fast birds IF this past year that I could never get with my 1DXII or at least would get 5x more keepers out of the D500 vs the 1DXII.

    If you are okay without a zoom, have a look at the Nikon 300 f/4 PF (ie DO) lens. It is the best I’ve used for BIF and usually I have the 1.4x on it. The AF is a lot quicker than the 200-500.

    I will be interested to see what bodies and cameras you add to your Nikon collection. The D500 is an impressive body for its price if one is in need of more pixels on the subject. A ways ahead of the 7D2 in IQ and AF (same as D5 for the most part). Of course similar pixels are available with the D850 and adding the grip and D5 battery gets you to 9FPS.

    I’ll once again recommend Steve Perry’s Nikon AF guide if you want to get up to speed with all the customizations as fast as possible.

    Good luck with the new gear.

  • What will you be using for post processing now?

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      ACR for the RAW conversions and probably Capture One when I get my D-850.

      with love, artie

  • Kathy Kunce

    do you have a 70-200mm canon IS for sale.

  • Congrats, and welcome aboard! Once you get used to working with the Custom Settings Menu and setting the function buttons as you like, youโ€™ll find working the rig easy-breezy. You can also use the Photo Shooting Menu Bank to switch between your custom settings for BIFs and any specific shooting formats you like.

    Good luck!

  • Tom Applegate

    LOL….Waiting for the punch-line?

  • WOW!!!

    Welcome to the dark side! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t know if you noticed but you can assign different buttons to specific AF modes.
    I (for 90% of the time) have Group Area Focus assigned to AF-ON, but you can select any mode. Now you can activate another mode by pressing one button, in an instant.

    You not pulling our leg, are you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      No leg pulling. Do you need to hold a button in or can you toggle back and forth?

      with love, a

      • Geoff

        You have to hold the button and allow it to do Back button focus…basically making more than one BBF button. The AF joystick can be one of those buttons. Push in to AF (and use a different mode). It works fairly well but sometimes you don’t end up pushing it straight in and it doesn’t work (and on D5 it will still move the AF points while pushed but not on D500/D850). Would be better to have two dedicated buttons like Canon and to have the AF mode change button next to them like Canon. Canon still has a better button/ergonomic system IMO.

  • Oh my.. so you are finally going to switch to Nikon. Great to hear that you like the D5 camera and the system. You will like some things and hate some things in Nikon.
    Interesting to know your opinion on what you like and don’t like in Nikon System, specially on 80-400 mm and 300 f/4 PF lenses in Nikon.
    I hope to get a D850 soon as well.

  • George Cottay

    Just make sure you don’t mess with the area immediately behind the camera and all should go well.

  • Pouyan

    you damn kidding me Artie?

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Not kidding. What is the damn for?

      with love, artie

      • Pouyan

        I have been following you since i was 15 at high school.Now i am 28 ! back then i never had the money to buy gears.your “the art of bird photography” book was my inspiration. a couple of years later ,i started with Canon.I chose Canon over Nikon because of you.apart from the technical part , what you did was like grandpa selling that beautiful old house in which grandchildren grew up and moving into a NYC penthouse apartment ! ๐Ÿ™‚