A Not-so-Secret and Very Effective Wide Angle Weapon for Telephoto Photographers… And coming soon, a new e-guide to cell phone photography. « Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

A Not-so-Secret and Very Effective Wide Angle Weapon for Telephoto Photographers... And coming soon, a new e-guide to cell phone photography.


Walked eleven plus miles on Thursday, 8+ on Friday. And a bit of easy swimming. I have been getting some work done and continue playing a bit of golf and getting some work done.


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Image #1: The Pinnacles, Staple Island, Northumberland, UK
i-phone 8+ image

A Not-so-Secret and Very Effective Wide Angle Weapon for Telephoto Photographers…

While I loved my Canon 24-105mm short zoom lens (now replaced by the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II) and used it often, it was a pain having to carry it in my vest (or elsewhere) and then change lenses, mounting it on the body that had been on my big lens. When I switched to Nikon it was the same story with the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VR. It too is a sharp versatile lens that needs to be carried into the field separately from your telephoto or super-telephoto rig. And thus, can be challenging to use.

I owned an Android phone for forever but inspired by my good friend, Dr. Cliff Oliver of La Jolla, CA, I purchased an i-phone 8+ two years ago. But I tarried in getting started using my i-phone for photography. When I was in San Diego last January Cliff taught me the basics of i-phone photography while we were having dinner at the sit-down Promiscuous Fork in La Jolla. But the lessons did not stick. On the Norway trip I was again cell phone photography inspired by Amy Novotny. Both Amy and Anita North helped me to actually begin making images. By the time we got to the UK, I had the basics down. Thanks to Amy and Anita. Amy uses tons of cell phone images on her blog, Amy’s Impressions.

When I made the image above, we were on Glad Tidings IV on the sight-seeing portion of the trip. As there was no way to make a decent image of the Pinnacles I simply reached into my pocket, grabbed my i-phone 8+, and made a few images. The one above is my favorite of the series. The clear blue skies and bright sun were great for the tourists but not what the serious photographers had been hoping for; we had too, too many sunny days and the unprecedented warm, sunny weather in eastern Europe continues. See Day One of the British Open for another example …

Image #2: The Nesting Ledge by the Shed, The Pinnacles, Staple Island, Northumberland, UK
i-phone 8+ image

This is More Like It!

We had very few cloudy days on the 2018 UK Puffins and Gannets IPT. This was the best of them. I made Image #2 while actually on Staple Island, on the opposite side of the Pinnacles. The clouds of course make the image. With the wind from the west northwest we had great chances all morning long with landing Common Murres (Common Guillemots on that side of the pond) and with the puffins in flight. If the skies had been blue we would have been looking right into the sun … The big nesting ledge is topped by many hundreds of pairs of nesting murres while the cliff walls are home to hundreds of kittiwakes and dozens of Razorbill pairs.

The originals from my i-phone 8 are of a rather boxy format, as seen with Image #2. I often crop towards 3X2 as I did with Image #1. The i-phones do a remarkably good job with the exposures and the image quality is surprisingly good. And the ease of making images and the convenience are off the charts.

Coming Soon

Dr. Cliff Oliver owns the old Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens and was a more than respectable nature photographer with film. But a long time ago, he transitioned completely to cell phone photography. He attended a course in Hawaii (I think …) taught by Dewitt Jones. Over the past few years Cliff himself has taught i-phonography courses in a variety of prestigious settings. He is current finishing up work on an yet-to-be-titled e-Guide to cell phone photography that will be available only from BIRDS AS ART.

That brings up an interesting point: if you are a lousy photographer who is unable to design pleasing images getting and learning to use a cell phone for photography will not make you a better photographer. These is not magic. But if you have a good eye and are interested in learning then you just might find using your cell phone for photography to be both great fun and highly rewarding. My i-phone 8= serves me well as a wide angle scenic lens and creates images that are more than suitable for my two main purposes: sharing beauty and education. And I look forward to learning to be much more versatile with my i-phone once I get my hands on Cliff’s new guide.

Your Favorite?

Which of today’s featured images do you feel is the strongest? Why?

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5 comments to A Not-so-Secret and Very Effective Wide Angle Weapon for Telephoto Photographers… And coming soon, a new e-guide to cell phone photography.

  • avatar Pat Dunnuck

    Welcome to the “really dark side”! Lol

  • avatar Richard Curtin

    Believe #1 is my favorite. The formations, birds, contrast are pretty striking and unusual. Then again nothing usual about the second either. Still #1 though. 11 miles. Wow. Good on you!

  • avatar Mike Sorsky

    I personally like the first image the best, mostly due to the fact that it pops, due to the brightness, and color of the image.

    I will say that the second image is more interesting to me, but I’d like it better under blue skies.

    We all have to photograph our wildlife under cloudy skies at times, but I love a blue sky with puffy clouds best. I love shooting BIF, and if I can incorporate some clouds with blue skies, I’m a happy camper.

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      My problem with sunny day flight photography is that nine out of ten images will have dark shadows on the subject. All is good if you can avoid those …

      with love, artie

  • avatar Pat Fishburne

    Really looking forward to Cliff Oliver’s I-Phone guide!