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Soup From a Storm: Part II. A Creative Choice of Perspective ...


The left knee continues to feel a bit better each day. The daily rains and thunderstorms continue. I am thisclose to finishing the A Bird Photographer’s Story Memphis keynote program.

Three folks have sent deposit checks for the 2019 Galapagos Photo Cruise of a Lifetime. We need seven more folks in the next few months for the trip to go. Click here and scroll down a bit for the details.

It is rare that a blog post goes two days without a single comment, especially when a question is posed. I am wondering if folks received notice of and/or saw Friday’s Tenacity. Simplicity. blog post here.

Long Island Small Group Instruction

I will be returning to my old haunts on Long Island from 15-27 August, prime time for bird photography. The schedules below may be expanded based on demand.

Skimmer Sessions

Join me at Nickerson Beach to photograph Black Skimmers and lots more. Gull predation of young skimmers is likely. With full frame bodies, a minimum of a 500mm lens with TCs is recommended. 400mm OK with crop factor bodies.

Skimmer Mornings: AUG 16 & 17, 2018. 5:30 – 9:00am plus a working brunch: $375/session. Limit 4.

Skimmer Afternoons (usually best for flight): AUG 16 & 17, 2018. 5:00pm till sunset: $250/session. Limit 4.

Please inquire e-mail for multiple session discounts.

Shorebird Sessions

Join me at the East Pond at Jamaica Bay WR on the ideal tides to photograph southbound migrant juvenile shorebirds. With full frame bodies, a minimum of a 500mm lens with TCs is recommended. 400mm OK with crop factor bodies.

Important note: The Shorebird Mornings are dependent on suitable water levels at the East Pond. If the pond is flooded, the sessions will be conducted at Nickerson Beach.

Shorebird Mornings: AUG 24 & 25, 2018. 6:00 – 9:30am plus a working brunch: $375/session. Limit 4.

Please inquire via e-mail for multiple session discounts.

To register, please call Jim or Jen with your credit card in hand: 863-692-0906. I hope that you can join me.


If you missed the PHOTOEXPO 2018 announcement and live anywhere within driving or flying distance of Memphis, TN, click here for the info. I have rides to Beale Street for both nights. If you are attending, please stop by the BAA table for a handshake and a hug.


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Image #1: the ILE pier on a stormy morning
i-Phone 8+ image

The Situation

Though it was a dark, rainy afternoon I asked Amy if she wanted to head down to the pier and try some photography between the raindrops. So we did. As we learned in the recent Duck Soup From a Storm: Part I. Duck Eating Bicycle Tire? blog post here, you will not make any photos at all if you opt to sit in your living room or in the hotel when you are traveling …

This image was created on July 23 at Indian Lake Estates with the hand held Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR lens (at 500mm) and my back-up Nikon D850. ISO 1600. Matrix metering +1 stop: 1/1000 sec. at f/6.3 in S mode( Shutter priority in Canon). NATURAL AUTO WB at 6:09pm late on a cloudy, drizzly afternoon.

Single AF point one below and two to the left of the center AF point (AI Servo in Canon)/Shutter button AF as originally framed was active at the moment of exposure. The selected AF point was on the face of the grackle right below and on the same plane as the eye.

Focus peaking AF Fine-tune: +4. See the Nikon AF Fine-tune e-Guide here.

Image #2: Boat-tailed Grackle, immature with immature Anhinga on railing

Thinking Creatively

Good photos are often a result of putting your lens in a less-than-typical spot. When trying to photograph birds on the railing of the pier the usual strategy is to get close enough and high enough so that the T of the pier does not appear at the top of the frame. Instead, noting that the two birds were somewhat lined up, I decided to put the back of my left hand on the railing of the pier and see how things looked. In retrospect, I think that the idea and the resulting juxtaposition worked out very nicely. This image would not have succeeded on a sunny morning even with the sun right behind me; if you look beyond the tail of the Anhinga you will see a big yellow sign. With the soft barely existent light the sign was nicely muted. Sun on that sign would be an image wrecker.

Careful Choice of Perspective

Once I had the concept in mind, why was it vitally important that I choose my perspective precisely?

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7 comments to Soup From a Storm: Part II. A Creative Choice of Perspective …

  • avatar Stu

    The head and beak of the bird in the foreground need to be within the shape of the body of the bird in the background โ€” not protruding from the shape of the bird in the background. That is why you needed to precisely choose your perspective, in my humble opinion.

  • avatar Jim Buckley

    It seems that the links provided on the right side of the page do not work. i.e. Fractalius Fun

    Using Chrome on my Mac Mini

    Just a heads up

    • avatar Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks. That has been discontinued. I will have it removed.

      with love, artie

  • avatar Carol Nichols

    I love juxtaposition photos, usually done with two similar birds or animals. I would never have thought to try it with two dissimilar birds, but it came out very nice! Another lesson learned.

    • avatar Warren Robb

      Precision is required because once committed to juxtaposition, it’s all or nothing.

      A very impressive pier your community has there!