Revealing, Killer-Good Podcast Interview, Part I « Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Revealing, Killer-Good Podcast Interview, Part I

The Edge of Innovation Podcast

Episode 74 — the Art of Bird Photography with Arthur Morris

Apologies for being a bit late in publicizing this. I was listening to it as I typed. I gotta say that every other line is cracking me up. You can learn at lot about me: my college history (including flunking out of Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute); kids sketching birds from my photographs during the later years of my career as an elementary school teacher in New York City; how I got hooked on birds — that first skimmer, the first American Kestrel, and that first Marbled Godwit, the bird that changed my life; and the two older-than-me guys at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge who inspired me to begin photographing birds.

Thanks to IPT veteran Paul Parisi of Savior Labs who skillfully conducted the podcast interview; he is blessed with a great voice. The whole thing is only 21 minutes; many of you might enjoy it. Info on the next two episodes will follow.

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