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Important Notice. And On the Way Home

Important Notice

When we arrived in Guayaquil on Tuesday afternoon, I got a text from Jim at the office stating that a storm had down a tree in our backyard and left us without power, phone, and internet. Power has been restored and phone and internet services are scheduled to be up and running on August 8. Please accept our apologies for any mail order delays or other inconveniences.

On the Way Home

After a truly superb Galapagos trip rife with amazing photographic opportunities, the alarm was set for 1:45am on Wednesday morning. I arrived at the gate at 3:00am for my 5:44am flight to MIA. If I make my connection, I should arrive in Orlando at 2:45pm and then home in time for an early dinner. Lots of photos and lessons soon.

with love, artie

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