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Happiness Is...

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The Smiling Scallop

(As always you can see a larger sharper version of an image by clicking on it.  For technical info and comments on the image above, check out “Happy as a Scallop???”, my BPN thread here:  http://www.birdphotographers.net/forums/showthread.php?t=58322)   

On to Happiness Is….  Since we spend tons of credit card money at BAA each year buying costly tripod heads, tripods, and tons of the rest of the stuff that we sell, I always use air miles to fly first class to the west coast.  For the Hawaii/Midway trip I did not hesistate to cash in for a big, reclining bed American Airlines seat for both legs.  Anyway, I had some time to kill in Dallas and the Admiral’s Club at C23 was right next to the gate for my flight to HNL, gate C24.  I checked in at the desk and the woman noted my flight and entered it on the computer.  My boarding pass noted 10:40 am boarding so I head to the gate at 10:38 anxious to charge my laptop as fully as possible.   I was confused as I approached C24 as it said, “Los Angeles.”  I asked the gate agent and she said that there had been a gate change to D22.  In Dallas that means a ride on the Sky Link.  Yikes.  I asked her to call the gate and have them hold the flight for me since nobody in the Admiral’s Club had announced anything or paged me.  She said, and I quote, “I will call them and let them know that you are coming but they will not hold the flight for you.  You’d better hurry.  So I did, and was relieved to make it.   As I walked throught the door of the plane they slammed it shut it behind me.  Yikes!  The flight was great.  I worked on the laptop on “The Guide to Pleasing Blurs” that I am doing with Denise Ippolito, started reading Michael Chrichton’s “Airframe” (only to realize that I had read it long ago; I think that I remember the ending but it is great reading anyway), and slept and slept.  The 8 1/2 hours went by quickly.

As we were deplaning, there was an announcement:  “Passenger Arthur Morris, please see the baggage agent opposite bag claim G1”.   I knew immediately that they had taken my bag off the flight because I was late boarding.  I was right.   I slept OK from about 8:30 pm HI time until 3:30 am, dressed quickly, and went to the lobby.  I was quite pleased to see that American had delivered my bag to the hotel as promised.  Whew.  We head to the charter hangar at 1:30 pm today for the flight to Midway.

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