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Palouse Group Infrared Wind Turbine Image & Kolari Vision Discount


Lots more work done yesterday. But still time for getting teeth cleaned in town, shopping, core exercises, a great swim, and an ice bath. This blog post took about two hours to prepare and was published from my home at Indian Lake Estates, FL just before 7:00am on Wednesday, August 5, 2015. Enjoy and learn.


This image was created on the second 2015 Palouse IPT with the hand held Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM lens (at 15mm) and a 5D Mark II converted to IR by Kolari Vision. The 5D II had been replaced by the Canon EOS 5D Mark III . ISO 300. Evaluative metering +1 2/3 stops: 1/500 sec. at f/7.1. Custom white balance set off green vegetation.

Center AF point (Manual selection)/One Shot/Shutter button AF on the nearest photographer and re-compose. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Image #1: Palouse IPT group photographing wind turbine farm

Denise Ippolito is sixth from the right, in blue.

720 Nanometer Infrared Capture

My Canon 5D Mark II was converted to IR by Kolari Vision. After much study I opted to go with the he Standard IR Filter (720nm). As you can see in the image above, 720nm yields images with a bit of color, usually blues and bronzes. You can learn more about the various filter options by clicking here.

Why do I continue bringing my IR camera on every trip? There are several reasons:

#1: it is great fun.

#2: it is intriguing to try to learn which subjects and scenes might work well with IR and which will not. I am still learning.

#3: it is a challenge to learn to work in a new medium.

#4: using IR teaches you to see in Black and White and teaches you to better understand contrast….

#5: the images can be quite beautiful, interesting, and different.

Why do you like IR?


Image #2: Another version

Another Version

To create this image from the image above I simply desaturated the BLUE and the CYAN channels. An option would have been to bring the image into NK Silver Efex Pro and experiment withe my favorite B&W presets. Denise Ippolito has explored and discovered many additional ways to play with both color and B&W versions of IR images. We started on an IR Guide but that is currently on the back burner.

Image Design Question

Do you like the little black triangle in the lower left corner? Why or why not?

Your Favorite?

Which version do you prefer? Why?

Coming Soon

I will be featuring a really cool wind turbine image made by Palouse IPT participant Phil Frigon. I think that Phil was off-camera right when the group photo was created.

Kolari Vision BAA Discount

Get your camera converted to IR and enjoy a $10 discount by entering the code morris2015 in the Coupon code box at checkout. Then hit Apply Coupon and Update Cart. You will need to scroll down to see that your discount has been applied.

Note: denise and I share the small affiliate fee that we receive when you use our Kolari link.

Kolari Infrared

Kolari Visions Infrared Camera Conversions

If you are ready to join the fun and have a camera converted to Infrared, use either the Kolari Vision logo-link above or the LifePixel logo-link below to order your conversion we will gladly send you our simple guide to properly setting a Custom White Balance for infrared photography at 720nm. Simply e-mail us your receipt and we will be glad to shoot you the PDF once your order appears in our affiliate account.

Kolari Visions prides themselves on their fast turnaround times and excellent customer service; they are getting better and faster as they employ several full time technicians to service everything as quickly as possible. The filters they use have been specifically designed for each camera and filter combination to be the optimal thickness for best autofocus performance between lenses, and the best corner sharpness. The filters also fit directly into the frame making the conversion non-damaging and reversible if needed. Others uses a few standard-sized thick filters that they calibrate the camera around. Doing this reaches accurate autofocus with their test lens. But when a filter is too thick for what the optics were designed for, the sharpness can suffer, particularly in the corners, and other lenses will not consistently focus accurately. Some other IR converters glue their filters directly to the sensor; that makes it almost impossible to revert back or to change the filter.

Kolari offers a comprehensive shop for infrared bodies; customers can order converted cameras directly from KV. Their focus on optical quality built from the ground up has allowed them to recently offer a service that improves the performance of Sony A7 series cameras to the level of the Leica M240 cameras. Content-wise, Kolari has a very comprehensive article list and an exhaustive lens performance database chock full of technical details. Soon, KV will feature an interactive gallery that will showcase different camera/filter picture combinations to get rid of some of the mystery of picking a camera to convert.

Choosing a Filter

Filter Choices

The text below is cut and pasted from an informative Kolari Visions’ article. You can access the complete photo illustrated tutorial by clicking here.

We currently have 6 filters to pick from. We offer the 720nm standard infrared, the 850nm deep infrared, the 665nm extra color infrared, the 590nm infrared, a full spectrum filter, and a two spectrum filter. All filters are the same price.

The Standard IR Filter (720nm) allows for good false color, and good contrast for black and white. This is equivalent to the Hoya R72 and the Wratten 89b.

The Ultra Color filter (590nm) lets more visible light in. It produces the most vibrant colors: leaves are golden yellow, skies are bright blue.

The Enhanced Color filter (665nm) has an effect between the 720nm and 590nm, producing more vibrant colors than the 720nm for pale yellow leaves and soft blue skies.

The Deep Black and White filter (850nm) is good for a dedicated black and white IR. The camera and will produce bright whites and pronounced blacks. It is Equivalent to the Wratten 87c.

As above, after some serious thinking I converted my camera at 720nm. We did get a chance to experiment with Catherine Costolo’s super-color IR camera and had great fun. I will share an image or two made with her camera here with you at some point.

LifePixel Infrared Camera Conversions

LifePixel has an extensive IR tutorial section. You can access it by clicking here or on the logo-link above and then clicking on the fourth tab: IR Primer. LifePixel offers excellent Digital Infrared conversions as well.


Kolari Vision offers more economical IR conversions than LifePixel and did a great job with my camera.

Denise’s Infrared Gallery

If you are developing an interest in Infrared photography be sure to check out denise’s Infrared gallery here. See if you can figure out how she created the Milwaukee Road image. We would be glad to try to answer any basic IR questions that you have via e-mail as follows: artie or denise.


Subject and focal lengths from upper left to right and then around to center.

Palouse Falls: 11mm; homemade kiddie race car: 105mm; barn siding pan blur: 798mm; Rolling fields diorama: 110mm; Crayola drums: 343 mm; Hay barn interior: 19mm; vintage gas station: 40mm; Dilapidated farm building: 13mm; Denise’s tree Infrared: 20mm.

Images and card design by Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART.

The Palouse ~ A Creative Adventure/BIRDS AS ART Instructional Photo-Tour (IPT)/Eastern Washington State. June 3-7, 2016/5 Full Days: $1699/Limit 12

The Palouse ~ A Creative Adventure/BIRDS AS ART Instructional Photo-Tour (IPT)/Eastern Washington State. June 10-14, 2016/5 Full Days: $1699/Limit 12

Double Header!

Maximize both your travel dollars and your learning experience by signing up for both IPTs.


Images and card design by Denise Ippolito/A Creative Adventure.

The Palouse IPTs

Rolling farmlands provide a magical patchwork of textures and colors, especially when viewed from the top of Steptoe Butte where we will likely enjoy spectacular sunrises and possibly a nice sunset. We will photograph grand landscapes and mini-scenics of the rolling hills and farm fields. We will take you to some really neat old abandoned barns and farmhouses in idyllic settings. There is no better way to improve your compositional and image design skills and to develop your creativity than to join us for this trip. Two great leaders: Denise Ippolito and Arthur Morris. Photoshop and image sharing sessions when we have the time and energy…. We get up early and stay out late and the days are long.

After 6 days of back-breaking scouting work in early June 2014 we found all of the iconic locations and, in addition, lots of spectacular new old barns and breath-taking landforms and views. On three additional scouting days in 2015 we discovered several more truly amazing locations. We will teach you what makes one situation prime and another seemingly similar one a waste of your time.

What’s included: In-the-field instruction, guidance, lessons, and inspiration, our newfound but very extensive knowledge of the area, all lunches, motel lobby grab and go breakfasts, and Photoshop and image sharing sessions when possible. There will be a meet and greet at 7:30pm on the evening before each workshop begins.

You will learn and hone both basic and advanced compositional and image design skills. You will learn to get the right exposure every time. You will learn to develop your creative eye. You will learn the basics of HDR (high dynamic range) photography. You will learn a variety of in-camera creative techniques. Most importantly you will learn to see the situation and to create a variety of top-notch images. Do see both of our blogs for lots more on that in the coming weeks. You will learn how the quality and direction of light combine to determine the success of your images. And–please don’t gasp–we will be working quite a bit with sidelight when creating landscapes. Lastly, we will be doing some infrared photography.

To Sign Up

A non-refundable $699 deposit is due now. The balance will be due on February 15, 2016. If we do not receive your check for the balance on or before the due date we will try to fill your spot from the waiting list. Whether or not your spot is filled, you will lose your deposit. If not, you can secure your spot by paying your balance.

With the spectacular success that we enjoyed in 2015 it seems quite likely that this one will fill up very quickly. Please let me know via e-mail that you will be joining us. Then you can either call Jim or Jennifer at 863-692-0906 during business hours or send us a check to leave a deposit; the latter is preferred. If by check, please make out to “Arthur Morris” and mail it to: Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART, PO Box 7245, Indian Lake Estates, FL, 33855. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail: artie or denise.

Travel Insurance Services offers a variety of plans and options. Included with the Elite Option or available as an upgrade to the Basic & Plus Options. You can also purchase Cancel for Any Reason Coverage that expands the list of reasons for your canceling to include things such as sudden work or family obligation and even a simple change of mind. You can learn more here: Travel Insurance Services. Do note that many plans require that you purchase your travel insurance within 14 days of our cashing your deposit check. Whenever purchasing travel insurance be sure to read the fine print carefully even when dealing with reputable firms like TSI.


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5 comments to Palouse Group Infrared Wind Turbine Image & Kolari Vision Discount

  • Colleen Malley

    Hi Art! Thanks again for such a wonderful trip to the Palouse. Learned so much and had so much fun all at the same time, what more could one ask for? Oh and I easily picked myself out of the line-up in this pic. Hehe.

  • James Saxon

    Yes I did and it was helpful. It is a good starting point for whichever camera body is converted. My Nikon used a little different WB setting and I found using an Expo Disc can help. You just have to play with the settings and practice in different lighting to get comfortable with the results. Still need to post process to taste, but not to a great degree.

  • James Saxon

    I used your link to have Kolari vision convert my Nikon d7000 to the 720 IR. Kolari performed the work in approximately 10 days. They sent emails letting me know my camera was received, when the work would begin and when it shipped back. I recommend them. IR takes some practice but I found on bright sunny days if I set a white balance around 6800K the image on the back of the camera will be in B&W. Still have to do some post processing. As you stated before the white balance has to be watched and played with some for each camera and lighting condition.

    • Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

      Thanks James. Did you get our Custom WB Guide? It is free with every KV conversion via our link. artie