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October 9th, 2011

BIRDS AS ART Instructional Photo-Tour (IPT) General Information

General IPT Information

BIRDS AS ART Instructional Photo-Tours (IPTs) are within the capabilities of everyone in good general health. If you would like more information as to the conditions on a given trip, please inquire via e-mail. When you sign up for a trip, you certify that you are in good general health and that you do not have any physical or other disabilities that would place either you or other participants in danger. It is the trip leader’s decision as to whether you will be permitted to embark on or continue a trip.

IPTs include morning and afternoon photography sessions totaling four and one-half hours or more (weather permitting), in-the-field instruction, a meet and greet and/or an introductory slide program on the evening before the tour begins, a critiquing session on the night of the first full day of longer trips, and additional slide programs and/or Photoshop sessions. Days include a midday break (also know as INT — instructor nap time) and all lunches. You are generally on your own for breakfast. At most locations, there are motel-lobby continental breakfasts.

There is no extra charge for humor or expert natural history commentary. The quality of both the in-the-field and the in-classroom instruction is unsurpassed.

Do know that the leader, that’s me: Arthur Morris (and the co-leader if any), photographs during IPTs. I will always let you know what I am doing and why and am always available to answer your questions. I often teach by example. In addition to the in-the-field sessions, there is much teaching done during the lunches (and even during dinners on rare occasions as most evening meals are on your own so as to save time…). Many folks take advantage of these times to ask a multitude of questions on a great variety of photography topics. In addition, many folks (including me) often learn a ton from skilled IPT participants.

Do note that BIRDS AS ART reserves the right to exceed the advertised limit by one photographer on all trips.

Please note that entry fees and the cost of park passes on US-based IPTS are not included in the fee. Regularly scheduled BAA IPTs do not include the cost of lodging or air or ground transportation. Bear Boat IPTs, Galapagos Photo-Cruises, and some international IPTs often include the cost of lodging and ground transportation (always as noted). On most of these trips, a single supplement is available for those who desire their own room. Please note, however, that if we cannot find you a same-sex roommate you will be charged the single supplement fee.

Ground transportation with the leader is available on some tours on an extremely limited, first- requested, first-served, pay-in-advance, $50/day, space-available basis. Please e-mail to check availability.

Additional IPT Information

Non-photographer spouses/companions may join most North American IPTs tours for $100/day. This fee includes all slide programs, lunches, and in-the-field sessions. Non-photographers are welcome to use only point and shoot gear or their cell phones to photograph or create video during the in-the-field sessions.

Extensions and individual or group tours can be arranged on request.

Private Instruction

Individual instruction on location is available for $1000.00 per day. $750.00 per day/per person for two photographers. If a single photographer signs up I reserve the right to take two folks out on that day thus reducing the cost for each. In the event of rain, private days may not be canceled; we will work indoors viewing slides via laptop computer and handling equipment. If conditions improve (as they almost always do) we will head out to photograph. The above includes two three hour photo sessions and one hour of image review and Photoshop instruction during and after lunch. That leaves from 1pm till about 3 pm for Instructor Nap Time.


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