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Do As I Say.... A weather story

Despite a somewhat scary weather forecast, I photographed this morning at Fort DeSoto Park south of St. Petersburg, FL with Chris Dodds ( and Linda Robbins, the Hummingbird Queen. It was cloudy and dark so we were all using high ISOs and fill flash. By about 9am a huge black cloud was creeping up on […]

More DeSoto Images As Promised & Some Head Angle Fine Points

As mentioned in the last post, the wind and weather on the morning of the 3rd made it one very tough morning. With the wind quite strong from the west, there were fewer birds on the exposed beach, and most of the birds were taking advantage of the small bit of shelter offered by the […]

Strong Wings Plus Clouds and Drizzle = Great Images

When I used film-yuck, yuck, and more yuck–I refused to photograph unless it was a clear sunny day. Now I pray for clouds and overcast. Digital outperforms film by light years in gloomy or cloudy bright conditions. It is important to remember that if you are exposing to the right (as you should be) that […]