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Right Place, Right Time, Right Lens, 2X TC, Right Camera Body, Right Squirrel...

What’s Up?

I am somewhere in Japan. I will likely have good internet access every day. I get home late on 28 FEB.

Please note the correct date (and day of the week) for the Fort DeSoto Spring In-the-Field Cheap Meet-up Workshop (ITFW): the morning of Sunday, April 23, 2017. Scroll down for complete […]

Thirty Great Minutes in the Fourth Albatross Gulley ... Part I. And Still More 100-400 II Versatility

What’s Up?

It was so cold here for the past two days that the pool dropped from 85 to 76 degrees in less than 48 hours. Thus, I skipped my swim and my walk while concentrating on my core, shoulder and hip flexor exercises and stretching.

Please call or e-mail for San Diego IPT […]

Patience Rewards Dr. Fish With a Great 7D Mark II Image ...

What’s Up?

It was cold and windy here on Friday morning. I put on my warmest sweatshirt and a wool hat. It was pretty much colder than most days in the Falklands … I walked for half and hour and then got back to work. I will skip my swim today but continue with the […]