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Creating Pleasing Juxtapositions and Dealing With Too-dark Tones ...


It was a beautiful, still, clear morning on Thursday but there were no birds on the perches. And few elsewhere. Using my hand held 400 DO II/1.4X III/1DX II I had some good flight chances with both Black and Turkey Vultures while working out of the car, and then again when I took my […]

Sandwich Tern Landing Thoughts and Versions ...

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There was not much going on at the lake on Wednesday morning but I did make some nice images of both a Great Egret and a Great Blue […]

Lucky Look-Back and Lots of Questions for You


As most of you know, I finally put the icing on the 5D Mark IV User’s Guide on Tuesday. Even that took longer than I had expected. You can order a copy here or learn more below. It sure was a lot of work. 🙂 Remember: if your purchase a 5D IV now using […]