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A Stealthy Approach Pays Off Big Time

Your Call?

What do you think of today’s featured image?

What’s Up?

Monday morning was superbly perfect for bird photography with sunny skies and a variable east wind. I did not, however, do much in the first hour. Walking the pier, I created some blurs of two juvie Ospreys playing tag and tried and […]

Wave Hello to Punta Suarez — Espanola (Hood Island)

Which Do You Like Best?

Which do you like best, the flight shot, the video, or the clacking head shot? Why?

What’s Up?

Sunday morning dawned cloudy. The sun came out for ten minutes early on. I was out for an hour and a half; it was my least productive morning in the last four […]

Lots to Learn for Everyone Thanks to Eagle-eyed Joel Eade

What’s Up?

Friday morning was gorgeous with clear skies and a wind from the east. I spent the first hour plus dealing with my Green-Heron-fishing-on-the-short-pilings-next-to-the-pier obsession. I did some blurs and got at least one great video. I photographed a tame Limpkin on the pier railing and ended my morning with a caracara family dining […]