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Sebastian Sucked. When Conditions are Tough, Don't Quit: Be Creative and Strive to Hone Your Low Light Skills

When Conditions are Tough, Don’t Quit: Be Creative and Strive to Hone Your Low Light Skills

Or you can stand around chatting with other photographers; bird photography, like life, is about choices.

Guido Bee: December 2, 2023 at 1:07pm

I’m with Joel. On-line d-o-f calculator shows 1200 mm at F/12.7 and 35 feet (just […]

Three From a Great 1200mm/BLUBB/X-5 Morning at Indian Lake Estates. Which is the strongest image?

Your Call?

Which is the strongest of today’s three 1200mm featured images? Please leave a comment and let us know why you made your choice. I have a very clear winner that I will share with your here soon.

Clockwise from the upper left back around to center: Osprey gaining altitude after […]

Perfect Conditions at Sebastian Coming Very Soon

What’s Up?

Yesterday Jim sent DB III, Volume I/#2 to all who purchased the Digital Basic III Video series. If you wish to purchase the series at this point, you will receive the first two videos as soon as we process your order and the next three about one every week or so. I will […]