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Action on the Lek!

What’s Up?

We enjoyed a third straight great morning with the prairie chickens. Sunny and not too cold with about 60 birds on the lek. After two straight days of being in a pretty good spot by pure luck, both Kevin and Anita enjoyed the lion’s share of the action today, Friday 12 April 2023. […]

First Blood: Greater Prairie Chickens in South Dakota

What’s Up? Excitement on the Prairie

On Wednesday afternoon the wind picked up considerably so Kevin decided to take a ride to our shooting location to check on the blinds. He should have been back in about an hour. Two and a half hours later he walked into our AirBnB in his very wet underwear! […]

Huguenot Memorial Park Royal Tern AirBnB Opportunity


If you are interested in sharing an AirBnB with me near Huguenot Memorial Park east of Jacksonville, FL during the second week of July, or in doing an IPT that week, please stop what you are doing and shoot me an e-mail. Here’s wishing you great light and better photography.

Your Calls?

Which of […]