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IPT Reviews. A Like-New Sony 600mm f/4 GM Lens for Sale. Announcing the Summer 2023 Nickerson Beach Terns, Skimmers, & Oystercatchers Instructional Photo Tour (IPT). And More American Oystercatcher Family & Chick Images

Via Text from Andrew Schonbek

Thanks for the great DeSoto IPT, Artie. It was an eye-opening experience in many ways. I have lots to work on and practice in the aftermath. Looking forward to learning more in the future. Andrew

Via Text from Stu Goz

Much love and respect to you. On the 3rd DeSoto […]

Flight Photography at Nickerson in June. With Lessons!

Thursday’s Blog Post

Kudos to John Storjohann who was the only one to note that I added a catchlight to the chick’s eye in Image #1.

As I love both of them, I could not choose between the two featured images. As I do like the position of the crab and the egg case best […]

Oystercatcher Chick Downs 45,000 Sand Crab Eggs!

What’s Up?

With a tame American Oystercatcher family with two chicks along with several thousand Black Skimmers and Common Terns, Nickerson has been great. In addition to working the oystercatcher chicks, there has been lots of great flight photography with both the terns and skimmers. And at most, there have been only a handful of […]