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Fort DeSoto is Rocking! When f/18 Is Not Enough ...

What’s Up?

Folks on the first DeSoto IPT enjoyed a second consecutive fantastic morning on Monday. We photographed five totally tame Roseate Spoonbills standing in still blue water until folks got tired of them. We had lots of good behavioral stuff including preening, wing stretching, and sky pointing among others. On the beach we had […]

Tons of Bait. And a Topaz Sharpen AI Sandwich Tern Save

This Just In! 10:21am, Sunday 19 September 2021

The first morning of the first DeSoto IPT was mega. We had more than a hundred wading birds feeding in Hidden Lagoon including about a dozen spoonbills. All of the birds were ridiculously tame. They were soon joined by a gorgeous young Red Knot and a perfect […]

Slow Shutter Speed Prothonotary Warbler and Central Park Barred Owl Re-do, Images by Anke Frohlich

Greenwich Village Restaurant Recommendation Three of Cups

I enjoyed a superb meal at a new restaurant in Greenwich Village, Three of Cups. My rare hangar steak was perfectly complemented by roasted potatoes and charred Brussels sprouts. I had the pleasure of being waited on by the owner, Michael Polesny, the former owner of both Doma […]